SMOKING HOT! HURRY! Fly From Most US Cities To Auckland Or Queenstown, New Zealand For Just $330 Round-Trip!

Travel & Shit from Brighton, UK [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
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Update, 1/28: All tickets booked have been cancelled, however some tickets were valid for up to 5 days before they were finally cancelled.

The DoT requires that airlines give passengers 24 hours to cancel a ticket if they made a mistake and the flight is at least 7 days away (Though agencies like Priceline give some extra time to cancel and waive the 7 day requirement). Air New Zealand knew about this issue within 24 hours, but they took up to 5 days to cancel tickets.

I don’t have a problem with airlines cancelling price mistake tickets, but they should at least do it in a timely fashion, before start making plans for their trip.

You can file a complaint with the DoT here about the cancellation if you feel that airlines should be held to the same 24 hour cancellation period that passengers are held to.

You should also file a DoT complaint if you booked any non-refundable plans in New Zealand, as those have to be reimbursed by the airline.

Update, 1/23 at 4:10pm: DEAD!

United and Air New Zealand have $330 round-trip fares from most US cities to Auckland or Queenstown on most dates in February, March, April, May, and June!

Check back soon for more sample dates and cities.

Sample valid dates:
February 5-12, March 5-13, April 16-24, May 7-15, June 4-12, and most other dates between February-June. Use Google Flights to help find other valid dates.

Sample valid departure cities:
Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Fort Lauderdale, Kansas City, Miami, NYC/LaGuardia, Newark, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, S. Louis, Washington DC, and much more. Use Google Flights to help find other valid cities.

Post what cities and dates you find!

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~$330 from ORD


what dates?


Feb 10-22 from Miami $343!! Just booked!!!


MIA – AUK $311 June 1-10


You bought tickets to AUK? IT SHOULD BE AKL!!

ish chai



Sorry, Couldn’t find any dates for June on United.


Can you get a good deal on Business/First too?




bwi-auk 04/22-05/06 $342 – hour stopover in houston


Only see for 537 on expidia.


Post says check priceline.


Some dates have long stopovers in honolulu!


From which airport in the US?

Something Fishy

Does this work for Pesach dates to TLV?


What do you mean???????


Yes. Call Singapore to book. May not receive travel credit though.


i found feb 14-20 with stop in hawaii


From which airport in the US?


booked 5 from Pittsburgh in June for $357 a person, love that they are cancelable, no shalom bayis issues.


Can i book this vice versa flying out from TLV to the US for pesach
Need 5 tickets


Didn’t bite since hard to do this trip with the kids. Here is a tip: use Google flights to help you find dates quickly. Also, this could be a cheap way for you to get to LAX or Hawaii during holidays


very true its very very far


“We’re currently confirming your tickets with the airline. Within the next four hours, we will update this page with your airline confirmation number, and send a confirmation email”

What does this mean….


Anything from LAX?


None from LA


I see to Auckland only for $3…is this a good destination? I got no idea where in the works this is..


You’re on the internet. Should be possible to get an idea 😀




I was able to book from EWR through SFO June 17-July 1and received a trip number, but looks like it is an invalid number now?


Thanks Dan!

June 21 – July 9. NYC – Auckland (through Houston)

Now, I just have to convince the wife to take our newborn on 24 hour plane journey. 😉


Seems to be dead 🙁


is it gone already? trying to book from pitt with no luck




Not dead! Just have to change your travel from city and you’ll find deals. Houston has available as of 12:42pm pacific.


Dan any Trip notes from New Zealand?


Forgot to book infant when booking,
do they charge 10% of adult fare on reservation or 10% of current price?


Current price


Is there a way to do this with a stopover (or united extra free segment) to Brisbane (BNE ) australia?


Dead 🙁


$ 334 Clt to ZQN, 4/7 – 4/18. Air New Zealand flights, though legs from and to CLT are United metal. Received email confirmation from, has Air New Zealand CN plus shows all seats confirmed with ticket numbers. Most are exit row seats. I hate to get my hopes up to much but, it looks good so far.

Thanks Dan!


I was able to book from EWR through SFO June 17-July 1and received a trip number, but looks like it is an invalid number now?


Can you book from Miami with a stop in LAX to New Zealand on Delta but only take the LAX flight to New Zealand with Air New Zealand or does it cancel because of no show even though it is from two different air lines?

Chad Brown

Phx too


March 8th is Purim


Scratch that march 1st is purim


$340 to Auckland from EWR March 21.


Did you actually book? It shows that till you try booking.


I even got a confirmation email.


Damn I’m jealous. I tried your dates as soon as you posted, didn’t work for me 🙁



What do i do if the wife is pregnant and will have a baby by then? any help would be appreciated! totally forgot about the addition:)


is it dead? not working for me may 28-june 11


If shows on google $3.. but then on Priceline 1500


I got to the check out screen and then it just spun for about 10 minutes. I went back to try again and it still wouldn’t let me checkout.


Dead? Google flights is showing me back up to above $1000 RT for jan-june from CLE, PIT, CMH and all three websites have been giving error messages when searching any date range for over 45 min.

Motty Klein

This was a great deal ….. But I wasn’t flying that long sardine class


Booking in Progress…
We’re currently confirming your tickets with the airline. Within the next four hours, we will update this page with your airline confirmation number, and send a confirmation email to……
Anyone get confirmation email?


I got one from Priceline

Ed Travel

Thanks Dan, I got x5 for the whole family during the summer months 🙂
I hope they don’t cancel…


334 from EWR. I hope they honor it!


Where would you credit these flights?


Got 2 for my husband and I in April, thanks Dan!


$328 from DFW!


Which dates and location???


From 5/11 to 5/20 to AKL


seems dead.

Dan the best

Thank you Dan
Msp to auc
X2 on May
We did help the world with dansdeals in the past 10 years…..
Most of them with all the kids:)
This time we going free……

Dan the best

* half the world…..:)


I wouldnt have booked it if it was free..Just curious to the ones that booked it, did you do it bc it was a “deal”, or you wanted to go here?



Dan the best

We like to see the world….
And Dan help to do it:)…..


I booked to Auckley but upon researching realized that auckey is 22 hour drive from queenstown…. and queenstown is where all the beautiful scenery is. Any possibilities to change to queenstown?


Look into a domestic flight, perhaps


Apparently Air New Zealand isn’t honoring it.

Anyone hear about it?


Just spoke to priceline and they told me air new zeland isn’t honoring it. Is this true?


Check your reservation with the airline. Mine is booked on United and I can still see the reservation on UA’s and NZ’s sites. And I can see the eticket number on UA.


Don’t call, you idiot!


Tickets not being honored. Disappointed, but seems fair to me. It’s within 24 hours, so they should have the right to back out of the deal.


How do you know?


Yes please add details like which site you used and if they were ticketed?


any updates? anyone confirmed


Yes. According to United my reservation has been ticketed and confirmed.
Used flexperks.

Ed Travel

I have my e tickets and reservation codes in which I can see them both on the Air New Zealand and United. Maybe you jumped too late.


Cancelled here too…. are they allowed to do that?


Which website did you use for booking? Did you get actual ticket numbers or were they stuck in limbo?


I was just notified that my tickets were cancelled.


Which website did you use? Did you get actual ticket numbers or were they stuck in limbo?


Did you use PRICELINE or Orbitz and get ticket numbers?


I actually didn’t use either. I used Momondo to book which brought me to some small OTA to book called SmartFares. Was never issued ticket numbers or anything, so maybe Priceline or Orbitz people will have better luck.


Pricline still saying “We’re currently confirming your tickets with the airline. Within the next four hours, we will update this page with your airline confirmation number, and send a confirmation email to…….”

However, i did get a United Confirmation # and i check and it seems for the minute its confirmed on their end, its the Air New Zealand i have no confirmation yet from.

There is a chance we will have to cancel anyway, but waiting until later to see if things pan out.

Trip was booked via Priceline, as you can deduce from opening word 🙂


Just got call from Leo, Priceline, Ticket not honored and canceled due to air nz. Worth a shot 🙂


I booked through Priceline, when I look on my booking on Priceline I have confirmation numbers and ticket numbers from United and Air New Zealand, does this mean that we’re good to go? Should I be planning this trip or waiting for a cancellation notice from Priceline? What happens if Air New Zealand cancels after the 24 hour Priceline free cancellation has expired, does that automatically cancel out my United tickets or will I be on hook for paying for those?


should i contact priceline or Air New Zealand for Conf#


I purchased connecting BUSINESS from AKL to SYD one way using BA miles on Qantas and return on LAN (Latam) 787-9 for cheap.
P.S I wonder if the MossadIL did this too?:)




Dan, can you shed any light on the situation. If fares are still ticketed, does that mean we are good?


The tickets can still be cancelled. I am waiting a few more days before I start making plans.

Muhammad Ben Rashi

I was able to call Air NZ and add a lap child to my itinerary. I didn’t get interrogated or warned about any potential ticket cancellation. It’s been over a full day and still no cancellation — I’m hoping I’ll get to keep my tickets. FYI – I used Momondo and (they were lightning fast). I got ticketed e-mail confirmation at 3:30 p.m.


I have also called Air New Zealand and Priceline and both have said we are confirmed and I’ve added children’s meals etc. I would think they would cancel me by now if they were going to

Dan the best

Dan can you please say somting…..
What do you think about the situation??
R this officially cancelled?
What we need to do to try reissue it?
Thank you


Got the cancellation, nearly 48 hours after the fact -_-


Orbitz just cancelled the international segments of my trip. I purchased continued flights to Australia past 24 hours


Orbitz just cancelled my international flights but not domestic. What can I do?


No email or call from Priceline yet here, currently 51 hrs after purchase. Do you think it’s safe to book flights onward to Sydney now? Certainly they can’t cancel confirmed ticketed passengers at this point right? I even selected our seats on Air New Zealand’s website.


ON past mistakes fare, took about 5 days to get mine canceled. Don’t book anything non-refundable.


Okay will wait until Saturday morning.
This is the third flash sale at this price point in past 5 months for Air New Zealand, I think it was a real sale but they accidentally oversold some planes. Too popular!


Booked with travelocity , i got my tickets 2 days ago was cancelled today ,Dan should i file a complaint with DOT ?


Got my notice tonight from Priceline. My tickets were cancelled. I had received ticket confirmation, ticket numbers and confirmed seats. Any recourse?

Mrs O

Seems that Air New Zealand just cancelled the tickets
Is there anything to do?


Oh oh 🙁

Manage Booking – Retrieve your booking

The booking you entered could not be accessed online.
If you wish to manage your booking, please call the Contact Centre on 1‑800‑262‑1234.


We are contacting you regarding your upcoming airline reservation, trip number………..

We were notified recently by Air New Zealand of a fare filing issue which resulted in invalid fares being ticketed for certain markets. Due to this airline fare filing June 17, 2018 and invalidated your airline ticket(s).

We are refunding all impacted tickets in full. We will refund the full purchase price to your original form of payment.


I think the only real recourse would be to file a DOT complaint. I plan to do this and also reference their Cyber Mon sale ($400s to $600s) which was similar and honored.


Just got notice that tickets have been canceled.
Dear ,

We are contacting you regarding your upcoming airline reservation, trip number……..

We were notified recently by Air New Zealand of a fare filing issue which resulted in invalid fares being ticketed for certain markets. Due to this airline fare filing issue, Air New Zealand has cancelled your itinerary for travel on 08 April 2018 and invalidated your airline ticket(s).

We are currently in the process of refunding all impacted tickets in full. We will refund the full purchase price to your original form of payment.

If you require additional assistance, please contact Air New Zealand directly 1-800-262-1234. Or you can contact us at 1-800-774-2354.

We regret any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding regarding this airline fare filing issue.


I think the best thing is to file a claim on DoT, they might honor, just like happened with Emirates to Maldives

Muhammad Ben Zonah

No cancellation e-mail yet for me. But I still get “The booking you entered could not be accessed online” on Air NZ. All still good on United, though.


I’ve been informed that my itinerary was canceled. The flights still show up on United.

I’ve complained to DOT. They won’t get away with this without an aloha snackbar from me!


just filed a complain with DOT , i urge everyone else to do the same and maybe Air NZ will give us back our tickets


Just filed a DoT complaint. Let’s see what happens.

On Tuesday January 23, 2018 Air New Zealand advertised a sale on all airfares to New Zealand from almost all cities in the United States. This sale in all intents and purposes appeared to be a genuine flash sale (a heavily discounted sale price for a very short amount of time lasting only a few hours at most). Air New Zealand had a very similar flash sale Monday November 27, 2017 in which all tickets were honored. This previous flash sale led many customers in the United States to assume this recent low price was also another similar sale. This flash sale lasted no more than 2 hours, however Air New Zealand waited more than 48 hours after the sale was over to begin cancelling confirmed and ticketed reservations citing it was a “mistake fare due to human error”. Air New Zealand had plenty of notification and time within the first 24 hours of booking confirmation to cancel tickets. They made no attempt to contact me personally even though my contact information was updated through their own website when I was managing my reservation with my booking reference number. I only discovered the cancellation after trying once again to login into my reservation 3 full days after my booking and receiving an error message. It is unfair to have customers to wait several days to for a “final review” of ticket prices by the airline when customers only have 24 hours to make any changes or cancellation without financial penalty. Air New Zealand should reinstate all cancelled tickets and allow any passenger that originally booked tickets at this flash sale price to have their tickets honored for that same price.


dan this is clearly not your fault/problem no need to feel bad about anyones lost money do to travel plans that is not your responsibility. not saying that you do just saying that you may feel bad and if you do DONT

Dan the best

I find this graet price for me and my wife online For $330 from Minneapolis to Auckland on air new Zealand and few days later they cancel my flight without notice or compensation.
I miss the great price similar to this few weeks ago and I was happy to pond it agein!
I fill is not the right thing to do!
Me if I need I only have 24 hr to cancel ticket!
Still now the charge appir on my cc! From air new Zealand and from the travel agent!
I trust the d.o.t. to do the best thay can to reissues the we can have a sweet honeymoon.
Thank you


Filed my complaint with DOT.


DOT complaint filed- took more than 75 hours to cancel my reservation. Made non-refundable hotel reservations and Air New Zealand is insisting the agent must pay!! Crazy. Why isn’t there a 24 hour cancellation policy on the airline’s side? I think we need to petition the dot for this.


I just filled a claim with DoT. How long it takes for them to answer?

Mohammed Ali Falalalalala

“This responds to your communication regarding Air New Zealand. The U.S. Department of Transportation seeks to ensure that all airline passengers are treated fairly. Complaints from consumers are helpful to us in determining whether the airlines are in compliance with our rules and to track trends or spot areas of concern that warrant further action.

I will forward your complaint to the airline and ask the company to respond directly to you with a copy to us. Airlines are required to acknowledge receipt of a consumer complaint within 30 days and provide a substantive response to the complainant within 60 days. I will review the airline’s response.

If my review of your complaint and the response from the company discloses a potential violation of our rules, our office may pursue enforcement action. Generally, our office pursues enforcement action on the basis of a number of complaints which may indicate a pattern or practice of violating our rules. Your complaint may be among those considered and may lead to appropriate enforcement action including the assessment of civil penalties. However, our office has no authority to order compensation for individual complainants.

I have entered your complaint in our computerized industry monitoring system, and it will be counted among the number of complaints filed against this airline in our monthly Air Travel Consumer Report. This report allows consumers and air travel companies to compare the complaint records of individual airlines and tour operators. The data in this report also serve as a basis for rulemaking, legislation and research. Consumer information for air travelers, including the Air Travel Consumer Report and our pamphlet Fly-Rights, a Consumer’s Guide to Air Travel, can be found on our website:

Thank you for taking the time to contact us.


Aviation Consumer Protection Division
Office of Aviation Enforcement and Proceedings”

Not Nice

Maybe he hopes unkind and narrow minded people like you don’t end up on his flight.

Abu Taalib

They’ve refunded me my fares, but not my lap child fare and seat select fees. I did a chargeback. I’m not going to waste more time (and then wait a long time) filing a claim directly with Air NZ. They shouldn’t fight the chargeback, but we’ll see.

Fellow jew

Is there no way to report this comment to be removed,
It’s disgusting and in poor taste (even if meant as a joke)


This is the email response I just received today from Air New Zealand in response to my DoT Complaint. Looks like this is a lost cause and there is no plan to reinstate tickets. It was worth a shot. Thanks Dan for all your hard work finding us these deals even if sometimes they don’t work out.

“The US Department of Transportation has forwarded to us your complaint relating to your recently cancelled Air New Zealand booking.

For a short period of time between 10:30AM and 1PM (Pacific Standard Time) on the 23rd January 2018, some one-way and round-trip Economy class fares for travel from US cities to New Zealand were mistakenly available through third party websites and agents for approximately 10% of their intended value.

These fares were available because of a human error in loading the fares. The fares were never intended to be available at that price and this case is a genuine mistake. We can confirm that these fares were not available as part of any “sale” activity.

These tickets have now been refunded by the agency that you booked the tickets through. We are not offering any extra compensation for this error.

That said, in addition to the fare refund, we are prepared to refund any additional, reasonable, and verifiable out-of-pocket expenses that were made in reliance of the ticket purchase. This is in line with the US Department of Transportation guidance on mistaken airfares published 08 May 2015 in respect to 14 CFR part 399.88 Prohibition on post-purchase price increase.

Should you have out-of-pocket expenses for any non-refundable payments to any airline or accommodation services provider, please provide us by return email with any receipts / proof of purchase and the terms of any refunds or cancellation relating to those contracts for our consideration. We will consider reasonable costs arranged after the purchase of the airfare and prior to the cancellation of the fare. We will need confirmation that these costs are non-refundable.

We have also forwarded a copy of this email to the US Department of Transportation as is required.

Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused by this mistake.”