Price Mistake? American: Fly From The US Mainland To The US Virgin Islands From $69 Or 4.6K Chase Points Round-Trip!

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  • Bookable on Priceline. Tickets purchased from Priceline today are refundable until tomorrow at 11:29pm ET. Please see this post for directions on how to cancel these tickets.
  • Also bookable on Orbitz or Expedia.
  • Limited seats are available on each date.
  • Use a card like Sapphire Preferred or Sapphire Reserve to earn 2-3 Chase points per dollar spent and get free trip cancellation/interruption insurance, travel accident insurance, luggage insurance, trip and luggage delay protection, and more!
  • View free change policies here.
  • Some fares are basic economy, but having a credit card for airline cards waive many basic economy restrictions. For example AA now allows carry-ons on basic economy fares, but if you have a Citi AA MastercardCiti AA Executive card or Citi AA Business Card you can also get a free checked bag and have priority boarding.
  • American and United are not blocking seats, but you can always buy an extra seat if you want to guarantee an empty seat next to you by making the first name of the ticket EXTRASEAT with your last name. You’ll even get double your baggage allowance!
  • Disclaimer: The health of DansDeals readers is this website’s paramount concern. For your sake and the sake of those around you, consider staying at home while COVID-19 is still spreading or try booking for after you think COVID-19 will no longer be a threat. Remember to travel responsibly and take precautions as suggested by your local authorities to avoid spreading the virus.

American has rock bottom fares from the US mainland to the US Virgin Islands for travel on most dates from December through May.

A negative COVID-19 rapid or PCR test within 5 days is currently required for those 5 and older in order to avoid quarantine. Positive antibody tests within 4 months are also accepted to avoid quarantine.

For the samples below I search for airfare from January 17-24, 19-26, or 24-31.

Sample deals:

  • Miami to S. Croix/STX: $69 nonstop
  • Miami to S. Thomas/STT: $74 nonstop
  • Chicago to S. Croix/STX: $75
  • Philadelphia to S. Croix/STX: $81
  • Pittsburgh to S. Croix/STX: $82
  • Columbus to S. Croix/STX: $82
  • Dallas to S. Croix/STX: $87
  • Dallas to S. Thomas/STT: $94
  • Philadelphia to S. Thomas/STT: $84 nonstop
  • Charlotte to S. Thomas/STT: $84 nonstop
  • NYC to S. Croix/STX: $81
  • NYC to S. Thomas/STT: $91
  • Baltimore to S. Croix/STX: $115
  • Baltimore to S. Thomas/STT: $113

If you have a Chase Sapphire Reserve card you can redeem points for 1.5 cents each towards travel. If you have a Chase Sapphire Preferred or Chase Ink Preferred you can redeem points for 1.25 cents each towards travel.

You can login to your account and redeem Chase points for travel here. The cost will be 4,644 points with a Sapphire Reserve. That rate include all taxes and you will still earn flight miles as well!

Post what other deals you find!

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Does this destination require quarantine afterwards


Mileage run?


Aren’t most destinations these days that cheap due to Covid? How much is this flight usually


Is this a great vacation spot for couple?
Any kosher food?


The grocery stores carry American mainland food, so it’s easy to get things like basic groceries and milk if you’re not chalav israel. They actually have a tiny kosher section, and at least when i was there years ago they had 1 or 2 frozen MealMart stuff.

Pre-covid there was a chabad with occasional minyans.

Great vacation spot before covid, especially because no passport needed.


There’s still chabad there

Ed Travel

Flights are cheap but accommodation can be expensive…


So instead of flights and accommodation being expensive for these destinations, only the accommodations are 🙂

Eli O

Any flights from Boston?


What dates?

beit shemesh

do you mind telling us if you were in the virgin islands ever or heard of people that were? is it beautiful the way you talk about palau and oahau?

Avi Katz

I have been to Oahu and to the US Virgin Islands (St Thomas). I would say that Oahu, the island itself is nicer while the beaches (swimming, snorkeling) in St Thomas was much better.

Joseph Ludmir

Let’s get a group together so we can have minyanim and pool together for kosher food


What dates did you book?

Joseph Ludmir

january 24 to jan 28


Any nice resorts there?


Previously when booking through a third party the airline directly did not allow me to change my tickets although there technically is the waived change fee.
Is there a way to go about this?


just book directly through same pricing

Kobe Bryant

Doubt it’s a glitch. DL has Nonstop for 164$

A Different Dave

The flights are cheap, but the exuberant cost of the hotels over there will catch up with you. I’m not saying that Miami Beach is all that exotic, but you can fly there for cheap, grab some affordable hotel rates (especially Christmas week), and have plenty of food/minyan options.


But you can’t compare the weather!


Amazing how people are willing to risk your life over this. Lol


Why? What’s the risk? Or you mean those without antibodies?


Pretty tough to risk your life with something that has a 99% survival rate. It’s more dangerous to drive to the airport.


275k deaths from 14M confirmed cases in the US is a 2% fatality rate, double what you suggest. Moreover, a study by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation indicates Covid deaths appear to be undercounted by 36%, thus bringing the actual fatality rate closer to 3%. And of those who survive, Mayo Clinic states, “COVID-19 symptoms can sometimes persist for months. The virus can damage the lungs, heart and brain, which increases the risk of long-term health problems.” Likewise, per the NIH, in one large study, “Although most [survivors] had mild symptoms of the disease, nearly 20 percent were critically ill with lung injury that made breathing difficult. Among the critically ill, many experienced cardiomyopathy and catastrophic arrythmias.”

I have been to some rough airports around the world but don’t recall any for which 1 out of every 33 people headed there ended up dead and a significant portion of those who arrived ended up with permanent cardiac, pulmonary, and/or neurological damage. If that’s your airport, you might want to consider moving.


In addition to what Dan said, don’t gloss over your own words: “14M confirmed cases”. No one knows the exact number of actual cases, but everyone knows it is exponentially more than only the cases that were confirmed. This brings down the mortality rate even lower than we already know it is.


Booked for Jan 17
Thank you again and again Dan!!
What is a good place to stay ?