HOT! Fly Nonstop On British Airways From London To Tel Aviv For Just $257 Round-Trip!

Photo Credit: Askii [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons
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Update: DEAD!

This fare is bookable via Momondo.

BA usually charges $500-$700 for this round-trip.

You can fly from the US to London and then take advantage of this fare to get to Israel. However you should allow several days before booking other non-refundable travel to make sure that British Airways will honor this fare.

This fare is only valid when originating in London. You may need to check BA only from the filter on the left side.

A checked bag is included for free with this fare!

There are lots of travel dates for £192.90 (US$257), here are just a few samples:

HT: zagguru, via DDF and FT

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I used to book flights through Momondo till a travel agent told me Momondo sends you through third party sites & it’s something to be cautious about. Thoughts?


Not bookable from TLV-LHR-TLV, correct?


Do BA only fly one aircraft type on this route or do they fly different aircraft at different times of the day? If the later, can you specify the advantages and disadvantages of the aircraft?


Refundable within a day?


I made reservations earlier with traveltrolley via scyscanner and already received the BA PNR number. My flight shows up on
Is the flight still at risk is being dishonoured?


what’s their cancellation policy


It says you have to use a card issued in the UK?


Book using the usd currency. It will be 265


Is it complicated to book this flight to israel and do a separate flight from NY to london? with luggage and everything


What is considered a decent price for round trip from JFK to LHR? All I’m seeing is upwards of $500-$600 at the cheapest…


thats cheap it can go up to over $1000


how much are tickets to and from london? i really need to go to Israel but need to know first how much i can expect to spend any ideas?


Tickets will be honoured by BA. These are BT fares which are cheaper than usual and get full miles and TP. Though if you have to make any changes it can only be done through the agent.

Barry Cooper

worked for me!
used a Chase Visa Signature Busienss (US Card)
when you get to the screen askign to verify payment – call it – its chase.. they will allow it to go through


Booked for Pesach!! Thank you Dan. Will spend 3 days in London. 2 adults, 2 kids for $799 R/T total. Now have to get to London. Send us some more deals. PLEASE!


Wow, that’s risky….


Risky – Not really. Right now seats to LHR are $545 R/T (non-stop, major carrier), making the total cost for Pesach in Israel of $770 per person, including a 3 day London stopover.


Actually $900 R/T for the 4 of us. I had done the conversion initially using Euros, not GBP. But hey, $225 each is amazing!


Thanks Dan! I booked three tickets!


TY Dan worked for me. I booked through the only site that let me use my american cc.


Dan – it worked..
reservation is visible on BA website.. wanted to book seats..
they charge – we are family of 7 . kids ages 6-14..


do we have 24 hours to cancel for free if needed?

Jim Halpert

Is this a price mistake or just a sale?

Thanks Dan!

Just booked the family for Sukkos – thanks once again Dan! 2 adults 4 children @ $1,244
Let’s hope they allow it to stick AND find good tickets from NYC area to London before Y”K and after Sukkos!



Thanks Dan!

9/17/18 – 10/8/18


Very risky my friend. If you are simply hoping on getting a fantastic deal from NY to London, then this London deal wasn’t the wisest decision for you. Best of luck.

Thanks Dan!

Yup, definitely risky – reward is worth the risk!
Same One that provided this deal, will send me the flights to/from…

I’ve been to Israel with elal $349 deal w/ the family yrs back, last yr air Canada deal, all Thanks to Dan!


So please tell me how you expect to fly from NYC to London’s Luton Airport. According to what I see online, you’ll have to spend about 15 hours making a connection or two until you make it to London. Bring lots of coloring books for your 4 kids. Dan should mention that this arrangement is NOT from Heathrow Airport.


Hey Dan. So when I click on June 18-25, I get the following below

LTN 08:20
Luton Airport
26h 00m
12:20 +1 TLV
Ben Gurion Intl
Wizz Air logo
TLV 20:30
Ben Gurion Intl
13h 05m
07:35 +1 LTN
Luton Airport


Dan – best bets on NY to LHR?
i’ve got lots of chase points and American points (ever since they dropped PHL flights, i haven’t had a use for them.. looks like surcharges galore). I also have a good amount Amex points.

thanks again!

Eric from Dallas

Just booked for Pesach – thank you, Dan!

Even cheaper than you said, 155 GBP.


chd discount -78gbp

Eric from Dallas

Everyone – please join us on this flight to Israel for Pesach – let’s make it a Dan’s Deal flight!

Flight Costs
Adult -£7.01 + £199.91 = £192.90 x 2 Adults = £385.80
Child -£6.23 + £121.91 = £115.68 x 2 Children = £231.36
Total Cost is £617.16

(which averages out to a cost of 155 GBP == $207 roundtrip for each ticket for a family with two adults and two children)

BA 163
London Heathrow (LHR)

Departs: 16 Apr 2019 22:30

Tel Aviv (TLV)

Arrives: 17 Apr 2019 05:25

Class: Economy Baggage: 1 Bag per adult, 1 Bag per child

Return Flight

BA 164
Tel Aviv (TLV)

Departs: 30 Apr 2019 16:40

London Heathrow (LHR)

Arrives: 30 Apr 2019 19:55


booked, but dead


I got cancellation a email:
Online Booking Declined
Unfortunately we have been unable to accept your
booking. You can try booking again by performing another search or by contacting our sales team who will be more than happy to help.


So you hadn’t received a confirmation yet or an ETicket #?


I got a confirmation email right away and then got the decline email late last night.
Did anyone else get this?


I got that message when the flight I was trying to book was no longer available by the time I paid. But I was then able to book another flight with no such email.

Alon Lankri

Thanks Dan, I got the exact flight I have been waiting for!

Hello World

Look on the price breakdown, they charge just the taxes! Weird…


its a glitch for bulk fares b-class(flexible) pricing only taxes


I booked for Hanukkah but it seems like the flights from New York to London are expensive. If anyone has any suggestions on how to do that route for a better price please let me know.


They’ve started cancelling. Both those that had and didn’t have a BA confirmation. Still hoping they won’t cancel mine


where did you see/hear that? Mine is still good as of 3:30


People I know who booked, chose a meal etc on and have had there flights cancelled.
Hopefully it won’t be everyone


where are you getting this info? “they’ve started cancelling..” .. you sound full of it


Mine hasn’t been cancelled yet as of 11:20 am 6/13


Nor has mine as of 11:44 AM 6/13 (Eastern time)

Thanks Dan!

My Sukkos booking is confirmed; I’ve even selected my seats (old trick/posting from Dan to pay a couple shekels for Infant on lap, so you get to reserve seats @ no cost) successfully for both ways.


what does honer this fair mean and its not on british airways


@Dan – seems to have been low volume getting in on this..
Do you think BA will communicate if they are honoring or not?

i have a sweet plan for getting to London.. but don’t want to pull the trigger to early.


btw – you should get a counter for how many Israel trips you are directly responsible for..


I am eagerly awaiting whether or not BA will honor this. When do you think it’s “safe” to move forward with travel plans to LHR from USA?

Chaim Ciment

I bought this ticket, when can I be confident that they will be honored?



I’m waiting on the same feedback.


We’ve just flown on this fare with no issues. I’m aware that this doesn’t prove anything for later but it’s good to know and it is an indication of what is likely to be: that they will honour it.


All cancelled


is true they are cancelling them all mine not cancelled yet


Please post the text received from BA. This is still working for me.


Discussion on FT thread that all tix are being cancelled…in process.


and now cancelled. Good thing we did didn’t buy our tix to London yet.


up until when can they cancel them? as in from when will i know that my booking is secure?

can we claim

mines not in my ba account anymore but no word from agent or BA.


Cancelled- really strange since i have the e ticket. Also your argument according to BA is with the agent.
Working on speaking to be them but they are more than useless.


hey Dan. anyway to pressure ba into honouring these tickets that were in their system? cancelled no email or reason given.


apparently ba saying booking not cancelled but reduced to pending unconfirmed


Anyone else got this email? we are very sorry to inform you but your booking got cancelled by British Airways due to their system glitch (Fare Loading Error).

We sincerely apologies for this unusual error from British Airways. We got instructions from Airline that they will process full refund of total amount paid by customer. Airline will also provide £100 voucher per person as compensation. Please note we will process your refund today only, however it might possible amount will reflect in your account or card in 03 to 05 business days. You will receive £100 voucher with refund amount only. Kindly acknowledge this email by replying to us.


Thank you for your understanding & patience.




while my reservation is no longer searchable.. i’ve gotten no communication 🙁

Y k

With reference to your recent booking with us, we regret to inform you that British Airways has cancelled your flight reservation that was initially confirmed. British Airways have informed us that their Reservations computer system experienced a temporary fault which issued certain invalid fare levels.

Unfortunately they are saying that they cannot honour the fare that was given at the time of your booking.

British Airways are offering you a full refund of the amount of your booking or you can continue to hold the reservation by paying the extra to bring it to the correct fare level.

We thank you for your understanding and sincerely apologise for any inconvenience.


Please can anyone advise what legal right do BA have to cancel these tickets? They give us 24 hours to cancel after purchasing and they should have the same 24 hours to cancel from there end. After this time I see no valid rights on their part.
Please can anyone explain or are we all going to fight BA on this togteher?

Alon Lankri

My flight was just cancelled too, apparently on June 16th but only sent me the email message today, two days later. Do we have any legal recourse in this scenario?


is this still available?