HOT! Fly From JFK To Johannesburg For $348 Round-Trip!

Kruger National Park, South Africa [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons
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Update: DEAD!

Delta is selling $348 round-trip tickets on Kenya Airways from JFK to Johannesburg via Nairobi! Click on the dates below to book travel at this rate.

Tickets are refundable for 24 hours from the time of purchase.

Use a card like Sapphire Preferred or Sapphire Reserve to earn 2 or 3 Chase points per dollar spent and get free travel/medical insurance, trip/luggage delay protection, and more!

Allow several days before booking other non-refundable travel to confirm that this fare will be honored.

See this post for 12 nonstop flights from Johannesburg that you can book with Avios. Visit Kruger, tack on a flight to Cape Town or Victoria Falls, and have the trip of a lifetime.

Limited seats are available on each date, please post if a valid date stops working.

Sample valid dates:

Find additional valid dates by searching for flights from JFK to JNB on ITA Matrix and editing the dates found in the URLs above to book.

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Thanks dan, how do i change the dates on the link once i find workable dates on ita?


@dan pls helppp 🙂


anyone know??

Isaac Tobias

when changing the dates on the url and pressing enter, it seems to stay the same

Isaac Tobias

having the same problem! When searching new dates on delta one does not get these prices. It only seems to work on the link.


World Traveller

Hi. What’s better? This deal or the Kenya deal? Thanks @dan !!

moshe yitzhakov

any kosher hotels/spots in the Johannesburg?

Isaac Tobias

there is a kosher bed and breakfast and plenty kosher restaurants in the Jewish area of Glenhazel. Plenty nice hotels in Sandton area too. about 20min drive from the jewish area of glenhazel.



Isaac Tobias

Yep same problem


Seems you can change to go the opposite direction for cheap flights as well. Under 500!


Yo is Yehuda from Miami Beach



Isaac Tobias

how do you change direction in the url? On ITA I get it but can’t do it on delta


Have you had any luck? I’m trying to book from JNB to NYC


How do i add a second passenger


do pax=2 where it says pax=1


Hi, i found dates that work for me on ita, but even after changing the dates on the URL (both ways), the original is still loading.
Any advice?


if anyone can have flights for dec 23- jan 6 please let me know


how do you change the dates in the url???


booked for 375 (with trip insurance) for March 31.


Help pls
When I click on the available dates link, it says $400
When I go to the Matrix website and also choose my own dates, It says $348
How can I purchase the tickets for that price on my dates wihtout havng it go up???


Not having any luck. All dates priced higher. Bummer.


I take that back. I wasn’t looking at flight matrix. I was looking in getting frustrated, lol. I’m looking in right place now. I’m assuming we need to book on delta website once we find date/time on flight matrix? Thanks, Dan.


I copied Dan’s link above into a word document. Changed the dates there before pasting into the browser. To change # of passengers, look for the part in the URL that says pax=1
Change that to 2 or 3 or whatever # of passengers you need


I think I’m like a lot of newbies on here. I can find the flights on the Matrix Booking, but is there a web site you can book from? Or only by calling an airline directly?


Although March 31th to April 11th I was able to click right on through to DElta to book it. Now, to decide!

Isaac Tobias

I found a good ticket on ITA matrix, where can i book the ticket though?When putting it onto Kenyan Airways’s site, priceline etc. it doesn’t come up to the same price


I found that you dont have to change the dates in the url, you can just choose your dates on the website itself, using the link Dan posted.


You can go straight to Kenya Airways website to book. Same price.


Finally figured out the link, put all my payment in, and they said they sold out of the fare I wanted:(

Anyone else not able to book?


Dan I just want to say I love you


what a tease I had to book each passenger separate and now I cant book my minors because they have to fly with an adult


Just book as adults


Was able to book tickets for Pesach, $408 after tax round trip! Amazing!

To all those struggling with the URL (if this is still available): You have to change the dates found in the URL to the dates you want. Make sure to change the connecting flight date as well, so if you’re leaving on APR:1 you should change the date of the connecting flight to APR:2 as it leaves a day later.


What dates did you book for? I was trying to find tickets for Pesach too


I booked April 15-May 2. Wanted to leave a few days later but those tickets were regular price.

Rafi Jude

Ive booked from JHB to JFK. Changed the URL and it worked. I have received confirmation from Delta. I then phoned Delta and they said they will not ticket the booking and it will basically just be deleted on its own.
I therefore dont think booking through Delta will actually work.


So basically the whole deal was a glitch and none of the flights will be honored? JOB / NBO


Why did you feel the need to phone Delta?


Anyone have experience with this airline? Pretty bad reviews online.


That’s a really great fare! Pity they don’t go direct to Cape Town or from LAX. 3 stops with a kid is a little much, even at such a great price.


Looking for a travel partner.Any fellow adventurers?


I checked the links and they work with the given dates. Looking for a travel partner. I have traveled alone, but only with mass transportation.


Me and my girlfriend which dates worked?



Isaac Tobias

So the best way it seems is to copy the URL to word, then edit dates then paste back into browser. The flights do show. I think the offer might be stale by now. Even when they are stale it might show up and only once one puts a credit card in and does the transaction the error comes up.

Isaac Tobias

Does anyone have a good way to book the JNB-JFK roundtrip. If one changes the URL to switch it around it says that Delta doesn’t allow me access to that part of their website…Very interesting


Has anyone been able to book a flight in the past few hours? I was able to get as far as putting in my payment and then it says that it was unable to process my flight. Called delta and they were no help.

leraz lazar

are any tickets left for this hot deal?


Since these are restricted fares, what airline should we credit the miles to to get the most miles?


I received an email from Delta that the ticket was cancelled.


My wife just got the email as well. I haven’t yet (2 separate reservations), but I called delta and they say they are cancelling all of them.

Brandon Felton

Airline cancelled all the purchases