HOT! Cathay Pacific: Fly First Class From Vietnam To The US For $845 Round-Trip!

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Update: DEAD!

Cathay Pacific has ridiculously cheap fares from Vietnam to the US in business and first class.

Cathay’s typical business class fare between the US and Asia is about $10,000 and a typical first class fare is $30,000. With this sale you can book business fares from $675 and first from $845. It’s available on Priceline for most dates.

Business class is only a couple of hundred dollars cheaper than first, so I’d highly recommend booking first class. Cathay Pacific first class features what I think is the best seat and best bed in the sky on any airline. Kosher meals from Asia and in Cathay first class lounges in Hong Kong are catered by London’s Hermolis, which makes by far the best kosher meals in the air.

Alas, these fares are only valid when originating from Vietnam to the US, but even if you use miles to fly one-way to Asia (Alaska miles are great for this!) and then use these fares to fly back home, it’s still an amazing deal and you’ll earn miles for the paid flight. You can earn 350% of the flown miles on this Cathay Pacific A fare when credited to Alaska Airlines.

You’ll may want to wait a few days before booking other non-refundable travel plans to Asia just to make sure this fare is honored, though the DoT will officially make airlines reimburse you for those costs if they don’t honor an airfare to/from the US…

Da Nang to JFK in First Class (Find Chabad near Da Nang in Hoi An)


Hanoi to JFK in First Class (Chabad info)


Ho Chi Minh City to JFK in First Class (Chabad info)


Cathay Pacific First Class has the most comfortable seat and bed in the sky:


Post what other valid cities you find!

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This looks like a tremendous bargain. Just one problem – what the hell would I do in Vietnam?


say hello to Charlie


Vietnam is a beautiful country. It depends on what you like to do. If you like the beach, check out Long Beach in Phu Quoc. Something really unique to Vietnam are the junk boats out of Ha Long Bay. The war meuseum in Ho Chi Minh City is really well done. I personally enjoy the country side around Hanoi. The country feels like its 20 years behind the times, but for me, that’s part of its charm.


Beautiful Country. visited and loved every second. Three chabads

Avi Miller

Get into a fight there and then you can say you fought in Vietnam.
It’s on my bucketlist


Love it….Reminds me of Senator Blumentahl that is constantly remembered by Trump.

Aaron S

Greatest Line of 2018!


I did everything possible to stay out of Vietnam


Great elite mileage run


Thanks. I can find the biz class deal for 690, but not the F class deal. How do you find it?


@dan can I get 2 round trip tickets and use one for each way?


No longer seeing this deal..


Try different dates. I just got F tix. Good luck!


What r the main differences between all these cities

I Love Dan

Longitude and latitude.


Thanx dude


The screenshots only show $845 for Da Nang.
Are the the other cities on sale as well or are you just showing the regular price to compare?


Got Sep 27-Nov 25 for 2 for $1417.48


Booked. April 1st. HAN-JFK. $1494. If anyone is on the 7pm flight that day, shout out at me.


Is there anyway I can start from new York

Ken Adams

Yes, by using AS miles.


Booked May 7 -May 13. is there anyway to take only the 2nd flight? if i miss the DAD – JFK flight will they cancel the whole ticket i can only use the JFK-DAD.


Yes yes and yes!

Arye her

Got first class from DAD jan 24 for 57000 chase points thru chase travel portal
Who’s in for a Thailand trip leaving the 13-15?


i just bought a ticket


I met the shliach there Rabbi Lane a really tzadik. It’s worth going just to see him it will change your life


Amazing New Years gift


@Dan Is is possible to purchase insurance in case we need to cancel flight?


My first segment is on Cathay Dragon. Which is ticketed and confirmed. But the confirmation number for Cathay Pacific First is pending. Anyone else in the same boat?


as mentioned i bought a ticket , will be in Vietnam right before Passover then will use the return via HKG and not use the HKG-DAD portion . its perfect


And where are u going from hkg and how


dan which mileage program would you use to credit the miles to flying in business or first?


sorry didnt write clearly meant to ask as an alternative to alaska what would would be the 2nd best option some people have toruble with their alaska accounts and the auditing


dont see anything for arrival at LAX


Thanks Dan. Booked my 6 flights to Asia for 2019 in First Class for a bargain $5100


Hi Dan,
Im actually looking to book the exact flight in your screenshot but im not seeing it anywhere, even the flight itself is not showing on cathay pacifics website. Any idea what may be doing wrong?


@Dan can I just get a 1 way ticket? (coming home from business trip in Cambodia)


Buy roundtrip, and skip second flight. Or $800 for a first class one way is not worth it for you?


I just need the return trip flight from Vietnam to the US. Says online if you “miss” their 1st flight, you lose the one on the way back as well.
Not looking to fly into Vietnam, just back from their


@Dan can I just get a one way trip ticket back from Vietnam in business class? (flying back from a business trip in Cambodia)


Just book it round trip and not take the return flight


they’ll allow me to just take the return flight back? (Ive heard people have had problems with that in the past from other places)


you wont be taking return flight. These flights originate in Asia.


OMFG I totally didn’t realize that! Thank you for pointing that out!


Grabbed this deal half a hr ago. Couldn’t price via priceline or orbitz (and to find first class legs) so went thru with inputed data and worked just fine. Doing this twice for fun (; Thanks


Looks DOA at this point.


Round trips are dead. One ways are still ticketing, just ticketed a one way.


Searching for a needle in a haystack now


At what point will we know if CX cancels this deal (by claiming it as an error fare)? Does DOT give them a deadline to make this claim?

Arye her

4 days


how many cathay pacific asia miles does this ususally cost?


seems like all the fare classes are taken


Still live ?




Where should we credit the flights?


They just tweeted that they are honoring these prices!! So congrats to all of you that got these cheap tickets!


Those who haven’t travelled to/through Vietnam before should make sure they read the visa rules and apply in enough time where necessary.

The e-visa application asks for your religion. I assume they have no issue with Jews lol?