Flying With Kids? Get Free Assigned Seats On Your Air Canada Flights!

BriYYZ from Toronto, Canada [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
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Took advantage of the amazing Air Canada flight deals this morning?

If you are traveling with kids under the age 12 that have their own seats you can call Air Canada to receive free assigned seating for everyone on the reservation.

JJ just called to receive assigned seats for his trip to Barcelona and had no problems getting assigned seats, but in case you do have issues, you can ask for a manager or reference this PDF from Air Canada’s site detailing the policy.

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Hey Dan,

Is there free luggage on these flights? Air Canada.. Lufthansa..



Amazing! What’s the best number to call?


I called (888) 247-2262
Short hold time.


Should I call air lines or is there another number I should call


Thanks Dan, just called and got free seats for all flight segments 🙂


Oh my! Why didn’t you post from the beginning that kids’ll be free? 🙁


Kids are not free…if you have a kid on your itinerary you can pick seats before your flight for free..that’s what he means

No Echo for me

Dan – you are the gift that keeps on giving.


Lol, of course jj is going to Barcelona


I booked 2 tickets and a lap child. Can I call them up and get a free ticket for the infant?


HUH? Why would you think that would work???


I booked Air Canada $343 Tlv- Ewr on priceline and so far have not heard anything about cancellation. At what point can the airline decide to cancel?


Mine just got canceled. Anyone else?


what website did you book with?


on the deal yesterday?? Who did you book with? Aircanada direct? Did they send email? Please provide details

yosef b schneid

i bought 4 tickets yesterday from air Canada through flight hub, however i accidentally picked the wrong date on the way back, i chose February 4 from Israel to Canada & February 5 from Canada to new York, i cant stay in Toronto overnight, they don’t want to change it, there is a flight from Toronto to new York at 7:45 flight # AC724.
PLEASE help me change it, i am very desperate.
thank you so much


I just called Air Canada to get a refund for the assigned seats i booked yesterday for 2 kids under 11. The lady was nice and tried to get it through but warned me that a refund request could trigger cancellation or alteration of the tickets because of the glitch. After she came back from hold, she said that she was told that if we pay thousands in taxes that weren’t charged yesterday, they would refund the assigned seat charge. She was able to take out the request and we didn’t get screwed. She also said that a lot of people lost their tickets because of similar refund/adjustment requests. Be warned!


Cool!!! I figured I’d gamble and get it anyway, but now I’ll call. FYI, Norwegian defaulted and had us together on a flight cause I wasn’t going to pay extra. MCO-CPH. It’s no guarantee, but it worked for our family.


Is it safe to assume that if we haven’t gotten a cancellation notice by now – that we’re good with the tickets bought during the glitch?
The flight’s in 3 weeks and we have to arrange a place to stay, a car etc.
what are the odds of cancellation at this point?


if i bought a ticket for child on lap, can i also call them to get my seats, or only if i purchased seats for kids?


I booked a swiss flight with kids on air at the glitch, will I also get the Free Assigned Seats, or swiss don’t have this rules?


Are there any other airlines with such a policy, free seat assignment when traveling with kids?


We’ve bought the ‘deal tickets”, but hubby forgot 😉 about one child. Can you suggest how to buy an extra ticket for the a 5 year old?