Fly From JFK To Sao Paulo, Brazil For $200 Round-Trip!

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Star Alliance carrier COPA has tickets from JFK to Sao Paulo, Brazil for cheaper than I’ve ever seen!

In normal times, tickets to Brazil cost upwards of $1,000.

Some flights have a long connection in Panama City, but that’s perfect for checking out the Panama Canal and other sights! Check out Denverite’s Panama Trip Report and the Panama Master Thread on DDF.

You no longer need a visa to visit Brazil!

You can read my Rio trip report, including running off a mountain, here.

See the Brazil Master Thread on DDF for more information. You can enjoy the restaurants and bustling Jewish community of Sao Paulo, take a short flight to the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro, the remote city of Manaus in the Amazon rainforest (with a Chabad House of course :D), or the absolutely stunning Iguaçu Falls. When we went to Iguaçu we needed to pay for Argentine and Brazilian Visas, but now both countries have no visas required for Americans!

The islands of Fernando de Noronha and Florianopolis are also spectacular.

You can fly intra-Brazil using Delta miles on LATAM, American miles on GOL, or United miles on Azul.

Sample valid dates on COPA from from JFK to Sao Paulo with one stop in Panama for $200 round-trip:
June 14-21
July 5-12
August 16-23
September 6-13
October 18-25
November 15-22
December 6-13
January 24-31
February 1-8

Many more dates are available!

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HT: Leon F.

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Dan is the man

Not going to Brazil, but Thanks for posting this, good to see things starting to normalize! Need positive news these days


$200 tickets to Brazil are sign things starting to normalize, not!


What about in business or first class?


Brazil’s COVID-19 deaths are on the upward side of the curve, and its president is flouting social distancing after having fired its health minister.


Montreal for 380$


Also nyc to Rio same price !


Rio much better vacation destination


If you want to get mughed kkk


A few seat left


Same price from Miami on Avianca to Rio or São Paulo for almost every day starting June.


Avianca also have JFK gru for that price and they fly widebody planes


it looks like you can change dates to anytime before 12/31/21 per their policy. If so thats pretty amazing – very likely by end of 2021 things should normalize. Dan can you confirm if we can switch dates ?


Also available LAX to GRU for that price


Somebody has to ask, is it valid starting in Brazil?


$142 starting in Brazil.


Is Brazil safe?


Safe to visit for sure. Just keep your wits about you as you should in any big city (Don’t wear your Prez Rolex). Not as sure safe from COVID as of yet.

And the people will pay you to take the Greyhound from Boston to Newark. Some things are just not worth it whatever the price.

Ezra Baraka

Apparently some of the 199 flights where on avianca which just declared bankruptcy today….. thankfully i booked COPA flights through panama. but hopefully whoever booked avianca through columbia the airline survives so you don’t lose 200$ lol