Air Canada Will Honor Sunday’s Tickets Booked Without Fuel Surcharges!

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Air Canada didn’t collect the fuel surcharge on most of their international flights on Sunday morning, making for some insane bargains in coach and business class to destinations across the globe as I covered in these four posts. The glitch lasted over 4 hours from when I first posted the deal, a surprisingly long amount of time for these types of deals.


I predicted on Sunday that Air Canada would honor the tickets despite there no longer being a requirement for them to do so, and indeed, Air Canada’s Twitter team has now confirmed with me that they will be honoring any confirmed tickets that were booked on Sunday without fuel surcharges. You can enter your record locator on under “My Bookings” to check that your tickets are confirmed.

There have been reports of people who booked on various fly-by-night online travel agencies who have been cancelled. The reason for that is that many of those agencies don’t have instant ticketing, so those bookings were cancelled. This often happens with the smaller online travel agencies and is why I don’t recommend using them. I haven’t seen any reports of people who booked tickets from Priceline or Orbitz being cancelled.

Don’t forget to call Air Canada for free advanced seat assignments if you are traveling with kids under the age of 12.

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Congrats to everyone who snagged these amazing fares!

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Where will you be traveling?

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Woohoo! Ty Dan


Awesome work Dan! This was a great find. Thanks as always for the follow up.

Did you book anything? I was tempted but already have too many trips on the books.

Travel Agent

Air Canada actually confirmed this on Sunday already, on the phone, and on Twitter if you sent them your PNR via DM


Great news !
Thanks again for all you do


Thank you dan! I booked a flight from LA that would have costed me over 1k. And it was a flight i needed to buy anyway.
Thank you for saving me so much $$$!


That’s amazing

Moshe Eshel

I checked “my booking” and my reference number loads the tickets, how do I see if they’re “confirmed”?


Just a suggestion… maybe those that booked the discounted no-YQ tickets should contribute a portion of the savings to the Houston relief efforts… #payitforward


I booked with Priceline and they game me a booking number but it was never confirmed by air canada and I didn’t get my flights


Thank you! i booked 3 tickets and trying to pay for preferred seats for only 1 of the tickets online but its not allowing it. only if i choose seats for all 3 (& pay). any way around that?


We booked but we have a 7 hour stopover in Germany. Is it worth it? Ideas of what to do in Germany for 7 hours? Just me and 1 teenager. Will they let you leave the airport? Anything to do. Advice Welcome !


Huge THANKS Dan for letting us all know about these incredible fares


With all respect, why do you allow fly by night and small unreputable travel agencies and car rental companies to advertise on your site? They wouldn’t have been able to catch these great deals.


Now if I wanted to cancel my ticket closer in to the departure date, would air Canada let me cancel for free? Being as that they would rather have my ticket back so they can charge full price. Any data point on that historically?


If I have a lap child who will be just over one and will be under 25 lbs (weight limit for bassinet), will they give me an assigned seat so my husband and I can be together by an aisle? Do you think they will give me the bassinet seat?


Did you try calling them? Let us know what happened!


is it important to pay for seat selection? could we get bumped off the flight if we don’t have assigned seats?

Messed up

I chose the wrong dates by accident. I need to cancel but I missed the 24 hours deadline. Any chance air Canada will let me cancel if I tell them that I don’t feel it’s right ethically to keep the ticket?


it doesn’t belong here but any idea if united call me back is dead ?

Love you Dan

the BWI to TLV flight was originally a 1hour layover in YYZ now they changed it to 55 min. Dan, what do you suggest we do ?


I called and they suggested I do nothing yet as flight times change all the time. He offered me an early morning flight out of BWI if I really wanted but suggested I check back closer to the flight. (I am not going till February).


will Air Canada change flights to their own carrier from Lufthansa on the sales tickets without any increase in prices

Travel Agent

Ain’t Gonna happen


Always nice to see these deals honored. Of course, it’s a bit of a mixed blessing because while I got an insane deal to JNB (in the $200s roundtrip), the trip has a “price” — my flight time is almost 30 hours, in coach! Is it worth it? I don’t know. I’ll tell you after the trip. But, really, who could resist a bargain like this? 🙂

London layover

Enjoy the layover in London and stop kvetching.


Fair enough, but the layovers are 6 hours. Just enough time to be really long and not really enough time to make it worthwhile leaving the airport. There’s also the sleepiness factor. The outbound is a double redeye!


Now that I booked, the hard part is finding a good affordable place to stay. Dan, naybe you can find a good hotel deal?


Priceline froze, and Orbitz priced out at double the price. I booked on Kayak, with a link to Vayama. My tickets are confirmed on the AC site. CPH here we come. I’ll worry about hotels and other Avios destinations after I return from the JFK/SIN $343 trip. 😉


i booked for 2 adults with child on lap to isreal for 785$, thanks dan!
just a small question, the assigned seats is only if i bought a seat for my children, or also if i bought child on lap?