Ends Today: HOT! JetBlue Fares From Just $21.60! Fly To/From NYC And Miami For Just $21.60 Each Way And More!

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Update: Alive again for the final day of the JetBlue birthday promotions week!

If the sale link doesn’t load use a mobile browser or open it incognito. 

Update: DEAD!

  • Book here.
  • Limited seats are available on each date.
  • Always search one-way for 1 seat and then work the search up to the number of seats you need in order to book as many seats on sale as you can.
  • You can buy extra seats if you want to guarantee empty seats next to you by making the first name of the ticket EXTRASEAT with your last name. You’ll even get double your baggage allowance!
  • Use a card like Sapphire Preferred, Ink Preferred, or Sapphire Reserve to earn 2-3 Chase points per dollar spent and get free trip cancellation/interruption insurance, travel accident insurance, luggage insurance, trip and luggage delay protection, and more!

Travel valid 2/15–4/27/22 on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.

Sample $21.60 routes include JFK-MIA, JFK-BOS, Newark-Miami, Washington DC-Fort Lauderdale, Boston-Miami, Los Angeles-Las Vegas, and more!

Also on sale are JFK-Los Angeles for $87 and JFk-Chicago for $43.

Post what deals you get!

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“Spirit and Frontier are combining to create a worse airline than everyone other than JetBlue!”

5 minutes later…

“JetBlue fares only $21.60!!! Buy Now!!!”



Worth the price they charge 😀


I doubt it is connected. These fares are for JetBlue’s anniversary, and appear to be $22. Look at the link.


I sent this to my wife, who hates the cold weather in NY. Her response “I wouldn’t fly Jetblue for free”


oy vey, has that day already come for flying Jetblue. There’s always TWA and PanAm still remaining to fly

Frugal Sam

Or Tower Air

Joshua Friedmann

Eastern anyone?


Why do good flight prices never include deals to/from Cincinnati?


Who wants to go to Cincinnati?


No one. Because there’s no deals to get there.


Sounds like the start of a comedy sketch (but it’s not). The only reason I have to go to Cincinnati is for a funeral or to visit the kever of a relative.


Have any live relatives there?


Any tricks for free bags?


Have their credit card.


Hide stuff in your pockets


What is refund policy?


I have 24 hours to cancel, right?


Are these refundable or changeable?


they are not stupid,no flights for Passover


EXTRASEAT will help with segments required to reach Mosaic?

Frugal Sam

JetBlue does NOT allow a carry-on bag on a basic Blue ticket. I’ll stick with Delta or AA


FLL-LAX for $22!


Didn’t see any valid dates. Do you?


You’re right. Probably a mistake on their website


I don’t mind Jetblue. The free WiFi alone is worth flying them over someone else. Sure the Blue Basic thing is annoying but it’s upfront and clear.


AA has matched, I just booked family of five April April 12


can u please elaborate what do u mean they matched price?


I booked AA flights for $47 per ticket


Round trip?


I’m finding that some of these fares are showing up as $22 on ITA Matrix though when checked on JetBlue’s website it’s coming up as more expensive (even Blue Basic). Generally they’re flights operated by AA but it’s frustrating when searching for a flight.


Is there still no online cancellation for award flights with JetBlue?

Mitch Cumstein

I got 4 tickets for my family DCA-FLL at $21.60. Now how do I get home??


Why not move there ?


$21.60 one way, $250 returning flight. What a great deal you jumped on!


Hitch a ride




JetBlue’s website is so slow on a regular day today was just not really usable for itineraries of several people. It seems like I’m not sure whether it’s a match but United has cheap fares for similar dates and itineraries

Jacob Eis

I was wondering if you could give me some advice
I don’t travel much
My son is getting married in California Sunday
July 3rd
We will be traveling from Thursday June 30th to July 4th from NJ preferably Newark
I have to purchase tickets for my whole family
7 adults and 5 kids ages 17 to 5
I have Ultimate rewards approx 250,000 miles
When would be the best time to get the tickets ?
Should I have chase travel help me since I have to purchase so many seats
Also I belive (I have to check I may have lost them)
Avios miles.
Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated
Thank you

Deborah Weiss

I am trying to book flights and the webpage is not working.
Does anyone else have this issue?

Chana L

Im having this problen as well. Its says 403 forbidden from any browser I tried.


how does this EXTRASEAT thing work? what do i fill in for date of birth?


Add your passengers then then for remaining seats you can assign them to passenger 1 or 2 etc.


If booked today, Can you still cancel until Mon 11:30 PM Like Priceline?


No, only if you book on Priceline.


booking link giving me error 403 message