Hidden City Ticketing 101: Long Beach, CA To/From S. Jose, CA For $59+ One-Way; Flights Connect In JFK Or Boston!!!

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Update 2: Appears to no longer be bookable! 

Update: Jetblue, like most LCC’s (low-cost carriers) does not prohibit hidden-city ticketing. I know for a fact that Airtran actually allows you to buy a hidden-city ticket and check your luggage through to the connecting city instead of the final destination. I am not sure if Jetblue will allow you to do this, but if someone tries it out please report back!

Related: Jetblue’s contract of carriage

Jetblue has gone crazy.

They have a $59+ one way fare ($80 including all taxes) to/from Long Beach, CA and S. Jose, CA.

Here’s the rub: The flight connects in your choice of JFK or Boston.

So feel free to buy a one-way ticket to/from Long Beach, CA and S. Jose, CA. and then get off in JFK or Boston for just $80!

This is not bookable on Jetblue.com!

This deal works best on Orbitz.com ($83-$84)

The cheapest site to book this on will be on Priceline.com ($80) but it doesn’t seem to always work there.

-Just click on “One-way” and do a search from LGB to SJC or SJC to LGB.

-Choose Jetblue as the carrier (Jetblue won’t always show up on Priceline)

-Buy the ticket, fly from Long Beach to JFK for example, and throw away the connecting portion from JFK to SJC!

Sample valid date: 04/01.


1. Obviously this will only work for the one-way from either Californian city to JFK or Boston. For the other way you’ll just have to pony-up the normal one-way fare to CA. Therefore this deal is best if you’re just looking to get from CA to JFK or BOS.

2. Checking your luggage may prove tricky. It is unknown if Jetblue will allow you to check your luggage to a connecting city.

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This however is illegal. I am not one to tell you what to do Dan, but I dont think it is wise to advertise and tell people to practice illegal tricks.
Still a fan, but that is my opinion


There’s nothing in Jetblue’s contract of carriage that says you can’t buy a hidden city ticket, and there’s definitely nothing illegal about buying a hidden-city ticket.

I’d like to see the law that bans hidden-city ticketing…

The major airlines may have rules in their contracts against in, but there’s nothing illegal about it, and Jetblue doesn’t have that clause.


this isn’t working for me. i keep getting $99 plus tax as my fare!


hey dan,

Can I book from san jose to long beach and only use the JFK-LGB part of the flight, or as soon as I don’t show up in long beach they will not let me on in new york?



It’s not working through Boston.Could you tell me how to ? Thanks,S.B.


shmuel – i know with united you can’t. i assume most airlines will not allow. re luggage, if you don’t fly the jfk-sjc leg they may not be allowed to send luggage on that leg; as far as i know part of the new rules (since 01?) person must be on flight for the luggage to go on plane.


bottomline this deal is a go for just lgb-jfk leg, not the return flight; assuming you just have carry on.

for return flight take usair tue/wed for lga-lax 118 w/stop.


My apologies Dan, I just had a look at the CoC for B6 and you are correct. By illegal I meant against their terms.
You da man


if a major airline has the rules, by purchasing the ticket one is bound to the contract. i searched and jetblue is not clear about this so ymmv.

there are none-stop rt aa.com flights for ewr-lax/lax-ewr march 28-apr 30 for 229 otd. not all dates are available for this price. aa has two daily none-stop


mr – I called jetblue, I made as if I had a flight the next day from boston to lax with a connection in jfk, I asked them if I can dirve to new york and get on the plane from jfk, they said it’s ok all I have to do is call in and they will delete the fist part of the flight from boston to new york.

also the days I want to fly usair is 165


shmuel – thx for the follow up!


I tried both priceline and orbitz and the price came up but it did not let me buy it. On orbitz it said this price is no longer available.


Hey Daniel, Orbitz says that Jetblue pulled it, it looks like they got wise, to whats going on, maybe you have more readers than you thought 😉