Here’s How To Use The JetBlue Deal For Free Airfare While Staying Longer Than 1 Night Or For Dirt Cheap Hotels And Rental Cars Without Flights!

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Update, 6:45PM: DEAD!
The $150 coupon now requires $2,000 of spending and the $250 coupon now requires $2,500 of spending.

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JetBlue Vacations Linky

A few hours ago I posted a deal for $150 off $150 on JetBlue vacations.

You need to book a flight and hotel. You can also add a car rental.

-Use the following code for $150 off a domestic flight+hotel: VACATIONS150
-Use the following code for $250 off an international (Or Puerto Rico) flight+hotel: VACATIONS250

Valid for travel through 5/7/17.

If you’re booking for multiple people you should make separate reservations for everyone.

Note that some hotels are excluded.

You can use Google Flights to find routes and dates with the cheapest JetBlue flights.

Many commenters assumed that the best deals were only for 1 night, but that’s incorrect.

For example if you search from Newark-Boston from 1/30-1/31 you can get a flight+hotel for $0. You can just use this as a free one-way flight from Newark-Boston and throw away the hotel and return flight:















If you search from Boston-Newark from 2/2-2/3 you can find a flight for $8.27. You can just use this as your return flight back to Newark and throw away the hotel and the actual return flight:















Don’t want to fly anywhere?

Stay at the Sheraton Brooklyn and swim in their indoor pool for $57 by booking a flight from Boston-Newark and just skipping the flights:















Looking for something more upscale?

Stay at the Waldorf Astoria NYC for $103.52 by booking a flight from Boston-Newark and just skipping the flights. If you have a JetBlue Plus World Elite Mastercard you’ll also get a $100 statement credit if you spend $100 after the code on a JetBlue Vacation, making the Waldorf just $3.52!















This works in other cities as well. Just use Google Flights to find cheap round-trip flights to your city on JetBlue.

For example a flight from New Orleans to Fort Lauderdale yields the Hollywood Beach Golf Resort for $22.19:














Or stay at the Hilton Garden Inn Miami South Beach for $102.21 by booking a flight from New Orleans to Fort Lauderdale and just skipping the flights. If you have a JetBlue Plus World Elite Mastercard you’ll also get a $100 statement credit if you spend $100 after the code on a JetBlue Vacation, making the Hilton just $2.21!















Click “add a car” after adding a flight and hotel to get a rental car. Don’t need a flight from Long Beach to Las Vegas? Make sure the flight times only have you in Vegas for under 24 hours and just use the hotel and free car rental and throw away the flight. Only want the car rental? Just don’t checkin to the hotel.

















Post what deals you find!

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Are these flights changeable once booked? Dates or destination?


If I want to stay in same hotel for 3 nights in a row, can I book flights for each day and just stay checked in to the hotel?


I wouldn’t count on that.



Dan it’s official! Your are awesomely NUTS!!!


Are there any sage hotels next to 770?


and you think we will allow this to be honored? good one!!!


Thank You
i just booked 9 separate tickets for my entire family to go from NY to Boston on mid winter vacation, booked 9 rooms in 3 different hotels, I will drive to all of them and than choose in which one to stay (extra activity for my children)



What if have kids under 19.. Can’t book them without an adult (19+)?


Any way to get the car rental for a week? Let’s say book each day a flight+car-can I keep the car without having to return it and check it back in each day?



Just make their birthday older. Nobody will care.

Probably will need to keep returning it.


Any cheap hotels in la area for the 27th of jan?


still umable to book anything.

Select your hotel/room below:

Flight requires hotel stay and unable to remove the hotel.


I’m hoping to get a hotel in Cleveland, any ideas?


Try booking SFO-LAX or LAS-LGB for an LA hotel.

Who said anything about removing a hotel??

Less than 24hra

Just a quick qu.
Why do u have to make sure to be in the destination airport for less than 24 hrs if u intend to drop the flight if just want to use the car and hotel?


@Less than 24hra:
If it’s 36 hours you’ll pay for 2 days of the car rental which will likely bump you over $150 before $150 off.


@ Dan

I am trying to book flight only.

This won’t work?
I have to select and choose a hotel?
It asks me to choose a hotel and no way to just book a flight.
same thing with hotel. it wants flight and hotel combo.


If I book two reservations to get a good deal on two hotel rooms- anyway to guarantee that I can get connecting rooms or at least next to eachother? If not, can I get a refund?


will you explain how to book a hotel only or a flight only?
I tried and it wants me to select both and pay for both at check out.



Please read the post.

“You need to book a flight and hotel.”

Nobody will actually force you to take the flight or checkin to the hotel. Use what you want.

Call the hotel and ask.


It just started adding taxes and fees atop the booking price. I’m amid booking 7 tickets one by one.


Which airport are included?
Need San Diago


@dan im trying to fnd a cheap hotel in la to include in a flight from NYC to LAX or LGB .

Also, is there a way to select only one ways?



If I have to book flight and hotel both, then the total comes to a lot and the code only takes $150 off of the cost of flight and hotel.

How do you get hotel room for free if the total comes to over $1000 since you have to book flight AND HOTEL?


All airports.

Need to book round-trip.
Don’t need to take round-trip.

Read the post, look at the screenshots.


Any cheap flights for PSP or San Diego to get hotels there?


Jetblue has a $60 cancellation fee for flights within 60 days – doesn’t this apply for vacation packages too? So have to be careful about your dates when planning to “throw away your flight” right?


@ DAN< thanks for the post but i never understood how you can get anything for free since this deal requires you to select both flight and hotel and pay for both. it asks me to select a hotel and no where to just pay for the flight or just the hotel.
maybe you explained somewhere but i didn't find it.

will you please explain how to do this?


@ dan the screenshot doesnt show how to just select a flight only or a hotel only. everything i tried comes to over $1000 because it requires me to book AND PAY for flight and hotel.

i can’t get even a cheap hotel for free with the code.


If I want to book a flight+hotel for a 10 year I can put in the wrong birthday and it won’t matter?


That’s if you want a refund.

The screenshots show exactly what I did. There are no flights or hotels only, you need to book both and drop one if you want.

I can’t fix PEBKAC errors, sorry.



sweet deal! I live in Boston and I got a Boston area hotel with a pool for Presidents Day for the family! Don’t need the flights…


Just to make sure, that won’t make problems at the airport?


I need a hotel in Chicago. From jfk the cheapest flight and hotel come to $160 b4 discount, at a junk property.
What JetBlue city is closed to ORD ?



I do it all the time. No issues.


Thanks so much!


can u book ovr the fone


I think jim’s confusion is based on Dan’s use of the word “drop.” A clearer way of explaining it is that you book a round-trip flight and a hotel and then only use the parts you want. Presumably you can’t use the incoming flight if you don’t use the outgoing one.


Do I have to book using the link on the top of this page? (Jetblue vacation Linky) Because using this, I don’t see anything close to $150.


Hi Dan, I keep getting “This promotion code is not valid” from BVT to JFK using VACATIONS150. Maybe it’s the hotels I’m selecting ? Any easier way to know which hotels are included than trying them one by one ?


The trip was tried in february too so before the limit date.


7 people, NYC-BOS, 7 Tickets, 7 Hotel Rooms. $11/each. That’s the best deal i’ve ever gotten.


Any ideas for <18 if we want to use the flights and the hotel rooms? (Can they check into their own room, on their own name, if an adult is present??)


Was working for me before easy, not working anymore.


Was just about to book my 3rd person for Cancun and now the code is not valid! I think it’s over


@Dan: oh good point. so could you profit off this by say booking something for $150, getting the $150 off, then cancelling for $60 and getting $90 back? I assume they would check for promos and see what was actually charged though…


@ Tom Dates?


Yup, they finally killed it.


it’s done. This is dead. please post


This was supposed to be a legit promo but now that all you guys booked flights your never going to use just to feel good about yourself screwing jetblue us people cant use it. Thanks dan for teaching us how to use this promo to screw the airline and messing it up for everyone now.


Is it dead because there’s no promo code field available or am I looking at a hotel that’s not eligible?


I think the deal has been killed by JetBlue.


Booked but wondering… Can I skip first flight and still use the way back or do you forfeit both


HUCA! (well sort of)

My wife called 6:50 pm, we were in the midst of booking a vacation, and after 34 minutes on the phone, they just processed her $150 discount!

Yes, I was careful for DROPR, i got it in writing!

As always, love ya Dan!!!


@yo: Not sure that the lack of use of the flight is what’s unethical. I think its when people book multiple packages on the promo to take advantage of a single destination vacation which raises my moral hackles. In terms of that I’m totally on board with your criticism. There’s a handful of people that happily screw the deal for the rest of us.


Booked for Cancun

Getting rental car separately, but will chase sapphire coverage be adequate for the mandatory Mexico third party liability? Or is that always extra??

Thanks Dan

dont hate

@yo dan always posts deals that he finds and people always use it and enjoy it. not always do I get to partake in it but that doesn’t meant that I will start bad mouthing dan for helping us find this to start with. happens to be that this was a mistake on their end it was suppose to be with a limit amount for it to be able to be applied but they didn’t do that. they are updating it now and it should work again but you will have to spend 2k for it to be applied. so basically it wasn’t something that you could of used it was a deal or mistake that dan found and told us about. you know very well if you would of gotten it you wouldn’t be complaining. anyway safe travel everyone. thanks dan.


@dont hate:

*would have


So… you guys made them change the rules…
now the $150 coupon good for booking over $2000 and the $250 coupon good for booking over $2500 🙁

@ Rachel


The rule with flights is that if you skip the first leg, anything thereafter automatically gets cancelled.

JB made a booboo

Someone at JB didn’t think before launching this promotion… which is why the spend requirement $2K/$2.5K is so high now… they basically want noone else to be able to use it… because it was “misused” so badly and so quickly… a head may roll at JB… and I feel more badly for that person than I do for an airline that doesn’t have processes and procedures in place to make sure this doesn’t happen… seems they’ve been making mistakes in their promotional department a lot lately… At least their pilots aren’t the ones making the mistakes!


Promo codes are valid until 1/31/17 (11:59 PM ET) for the specified discount off the new purchase of a JetBlue Vacations package for travel 1/15/17 – 5/7/17. VACATIONS150 is valid for $150 off a JetBlue Vacations package when you spend $2,000+, continental U.S


Second time this has happened within 2 months. First was $80 rt Florida deal in December…lasted all of 1 hour for those who found out about it before it was published.


Thanks Dan! Keep ’em coming. Congrats to those on got in on it.


Dan – please answer ? related to Mexican car rental. Will I be expected to pay for the 3rd party liability? Any way out of this? thanks


has anyone gotten confirmed seats? my itinerary didn’t seem to go fully through yet (cant add my tsa number or choose a seat) anyone else?


Call and let us know what they say?


We have confirmed seats for some of our itineraries.


Thought to let you know- members of Mr. Trump’s staff used this promo. Regards,
Sean Spencer


Free bags on vacation packages

Can anyone confirm?


just got a cancelation notice for my 13 year old (who’s travelling with me wih a separate booking)
Called and were told she did not meet the “terms and conditions” being a minor.

Thanks to DAN

@Dan: Hi Dan, Thanks for posting this deal. I only made this trip thanks to your posting this deal!!!
I booked this trip on Sunday 5:00 pm
I flew out on Monday the 16th, and returned on Tuesday the 17th, and stayed at the hotel which was booked through the package as well. Everything went great without any glitches!
Thanks to you

Thanks to DAN

@Rafi: @Rafi:
I just used my tickets purchased through this deal, thanks to Dan. I did not actually take along any luggage, but I did test it while printing my boring pass and it showed the price for adding the 1st piece of luggage as $0.00 the second piece would be $35.

Dan fan

They canceled my whole trip
They told me that if I don’t get on the flight I can’t use the hotel

Was worth a shot


Hi I’m booking to Vegas in October any deals or promo codes you can share?