Hacking A NYC To Tel Aviv Nonstop For $906 Round-Trip…


Currently the cheapest nonstop NYC-Tel Aviv flights are $1,118.

If you’re creative though you can manufacture a cheaper ticket, though the airlines may not like it and they may punish people who abuse hidden city ticketing repeatedly, so don’t do this every month.

For example go to the Travelocity multi-destination search page and search for NYC-TLV (in flight #1) on 04/22 and then TLV-ORD (in flight #2) on 05/08.

You can book a nonstop on Delta from JFK or on United from Newark to Tel Aviv on 04/22.  For the return on 05/08 you can select a Delta flight from Tel Aviv to Chicago connecting in JFK or a United flight from Tel Aviv to Chicago connecting in Newark.  Everyone, whether their destination is NYC or anywhere else in the world, must pickup their luggage in JFK or Newark on the return and bring it through customs.  At that point you can either recheck your bags or just leave the airport.















In the red square is a flight that nobody is going to force you to board.

The price using this “hack” is $906, a $212 savings off the regular nonstop fare.  Now the price for Chicago-Tel Aviv via NYC is just $696, but this allows you to fly nonstop both ways and realize part of that fare differential without flying to Chicago to start the trip.

For other sample dates just try the ones posted in yesterday’s Chicago post.
Of course other dates can work as well. The more critical portion is finding cheap return dates to Chicago (many of which are listed in that post or can be found by using ITA calendar search as I wrote in that post) as the outbound dates from NYC are much more flexible than the valid return dates to Chicago.

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I don’t get it…


You wrote that the “airline can punish you” – how can they punish you?


this is regular hidden city fares.
Danny google “hiiden city fare”.
Dan; this is a boring one, the ones earlier this winter on Delta were awesome price

don't screw me

Dan I beg you don’t post these tricks. I’ve been doing this for years and I’m afraid you’ll ruin it!


Which part?

Theoretically they can punish your mileage account. I’ve never heard of that happening to occasional abusers but a DDF guy who was using hidden-city ticketing dozens of times a year got a warning about losing his elite status and taking a mileage penalty if he kept using hidden city ticketing.

Sorry to bore you. I don’t make $300 tickets to Israel, I just report what I find.

@don’t screw me:
This has been around for decades, there’s no easy way for the airlines to kill this.


Hi Dan, I need 7 tickets 2 fly in august 2 europe (either germany, uk, swiss. Belgium,france,etc) I have tons of accumulated tons of miles ( thanx 2 u !!!). Were do I start searching??


You may want to offer a monetary award to get more people searching for you.


plz find me a one way ticket from to tlv on 4/14


I’m not a travel agent, so you have 3 choices.

1. Read my advice, surf DDF, and learn how to become an expert airfare finder. (Beware that every cousin, friend, and their dog will then be asking you every 2 minutes to help them find cheap airfare. I get hundreds of such requests daily.)

2. Post on DDF and try to get someone to do the work for you:

3. Call a travel agent.


Hi Dan,

I Love your humor.

Live in israel

Does this work for going in april and coming back in september


Booked 4/22-5/2 with Delta over the phone, the online booking sites weren’t able to confirm the reservation as the costs kept increasing..

Dan, on a side note how can I find your trip recap of the great barrier reef? Thanks


any ideas for long term like leaving in april @returning june

Chaim moshe

Dan, if i’m booking chicago – tel aviv via NYC will they allow me to start the flight in NYC, even I didn’t was on the flight from chicago to NYC?


@Chaim moshe: Sure you just have to sneak on past security and the boarding agents. Try to have someone else there to help distract them. If you can manage it, you don’t even have to pay for your ticket.


Dan what happened to the Singapore TR???


Thanks dan!!!


Is it worth it to use a travel agent anymore? I’m not sure if they can do a better job than this?…

What do you think?


Regarding “the punishing you”, if I don’t attach an ff number to my itinerary, I have nothing to worry about?
Or it’ll backfire and then take action using my personal info and possibly blacklist me??


Yeshiva Bochur

Dan, I’m going after pesach for a year (return next pesach) which will be over a year. any suggestions? (NYC TLV)


I’m going from IAH to TLV end July return beginning Aug, any suggestions?


dan, I love the way your brain works!


hello dan,
on what dates des this work? does it only work from jfk or what? i really need your help!!


Dan, anyway to see on the ITA site the best price for entire month same as one can see round trip prices?


@Chaim: meant on multi citi search feature


This drives me crazy, do people understand Dan is NOT a travel agent or a personal concierge service. Every article he posts comes with 5 morons asking Dan questions that would require him to spend precious time on.
Comments should include thank you’s, additions, or the rare times he makes a mistake or needs to clarify (usually the person is too lazy and reads half the article then asks a dumb question)

I dont know much about points miles etc. However I do know how to be considerate and not ask people to bend over backwards for you.

@dan you should these rules for comments, it will save you time and save me aggrevation lol.

eric @medicalschoolgreneda


i was looking at using avios.. NONE seem to be working domestically.. could it be the BA/AA ended the loop hole?


does it work for the summer im trying it but its coming up as 1343


Any deals in the summer

Screw Dan

Dan- why don’t you waste your time finding honest deals that airlines don’t consider stealing?


Hi Dan, did ANA start charching fuel surcharge 4 award tickets when using star alliance points?

Walter Stumpf

Using a travel agent for a PAID ticket is always best. Yes, some will be clueless about international, some about tricks. Find a good one, don’t be afraid to ask questions, and create a rapport with him or her.


How do I do it .??????????


will this work if im in toronto? in the us for secuirity reasons they make everybody recheck in. can i request in israel not to send the luggage to ord?


Yes it will work. But you don’t ask for it to be tagged to Toronto you just pickup your bags in Toronto and leave the airport.


Hi Dan,

I am looking for summer tickets. I need to be in Israel by latest June 21st. I will be there until the middle of August. I am coming from New York, but I am flexible with my flight planning. I can do stopovers and I can fly from another city. What do you recommend?



Can I do this with a ticket in 2014(for Seminary or Yeshiva student)?

If I can’t confirm the return, it’s not worth it since although first leg is priced well but return may be more expensive.


nyc to tel aviv sep21 til oct5 for 1059 travelist.co.il