Google Flights Is Now Searchable By Region!

22 can now tell you where you can go and for what price on your travel dates.

For example you can search from NYC to the “United States” or to “Europe.” You can then zoom in to see more detail or zoom out to view more cities across the globe.

While Google won’t sell you the flight you can just plugin the info on a site like Orbitz or Priceline and book it there.

How cool is that?!?






















HT: Thingywingy, via DDF

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22 Comments On "Google Flights Is Now Searchable By Region!"

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Extremely cool!!! Thanx Dan!

from israel

Tried checking from israel-says “sorry not currently supported”


This is so coollllllllllllllll. thx dan!!

Travel Bug

Thanks for the tip. It supports a search from my home airport to the Caribbean. At this point of the year, I just want to go someplace warm, don’t care where. It’ll be really useful for planning an escape from the cold.


How is this different than just leaving the “to” blank and looking at Europe on the map?


Maybe Google will integrate a mileage search feature soon too! šŸ™‚


Israel works now, just tried it.


oops you’re right, only to israel, my bad.


I just booked tickets to chicago, what a breaze , another breeze of a google product.


I was going to post that, shoot! This is great…wonder if they can do that for awards;-)


This has been around for a while.


not new at all, i use it already for months, but never mind other people may use it also, Dan you’re the best!


I never said Google Flights was new.
The ability to write “Europe” or “Asia” appears to be new.


@ Dan
But the map feature was always there, and you were always able to pick an origin and search the map for cheap destinations in Europe. You just weren’t able to do this by typing “Europe” in the destination box.


“flights from israel are not currently supported”

halcyon road

@sara: FROM israel to the US does not work…

James W

I like this feature which lets you select how many days you want to go for and a region and it will tell you the prices with a view of the calendar so you can scroll around and see when it is the cheapest to go. It does let you select an alliance but it doesn’t work great as it will include non alliance partners as long as there is one partner e.g. select OW and it might show a american feeder flight with a turkish longhaul which defeats the purpose


any good flights from argentina to the usa ???


hey dan my i wanted to fly to paris with my wife and 10 month old son on mar 3 to the 10 i have 175000 amex points and 70k saphire prefferd whats the best way to use them


you dont need to type europe or united states etc just type the origin and zoom in to what u want..


It won’t let me search multi city šŸ™