Fly Nonstop Between JFK And Honolulu For Just $382 Round-Trip With Tax!


Update: You can now fly from JFK to the major neighboring islands via Honolulu (HNL) for just $394 round-trip with tax!  This includes flights to Lihue on the island of Kauai (LIH), Kahului on the island of Maui (OGG), Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii (ITO), and Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii (KOA).

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The great $382 fare is bookable directly from Hawaiian for travel between JFK and Honolulu (on the island of Oahu) during December.  Flights in January and February are $424.

I’ve been around the world and there’s truly no place like Hawaii.  I’ve been there 5 times (including a 4 week honeymoon on 4 islands) since the $87 mistake airfare+hotel deal back in 2006.  Of course if you go all the way there and just stay in the touristy city of Honolulu the whole time you may as well go to South Beach and save yourself the long flight.  While Oahu does have some beautiful sights, it’s the neighbor islands that are each a true gem in their own unique way.

Here is a calendar of available dates in either direction (Click to enlarge):











I have a Hawaiian Airlines corporate account for DansDeals, and booking through the corporate portal entitles you to 2 free checked bags.  Checked bags are normally $25 for the 1st bag and $35 for the 2nd bag.  If you’re interested you can email me (dan at with your name, date of birth, and when you want to travel (you can check fares on  There is a $15 per person booking fee for flights between the mainland US48 and Hawaii and a $10 per person booking fee for inter-island flights.

Follow @DansDeals on twitter and you’ll get a tweet when a deal is posted on! You can even opt-in to get a text message (and choose which hours of the night not to bother you) whenever is updated!


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What if I want to fly back from another island? Does the price stay the same plus $15 each ticket?


thank you dan. Now the only question is can i get my wife to agree.


Is it refundable within 24 hours?


do you have similar prices for Jan?


Which airline? From JFK to HI how long is non stop flight anybody know?


@ShorYoshuvGuy: Any tickets booked via Orbitz/Expedia usually have 42 hours to cancel. Still, always make sure to read the fine print.


Is this considered a steal Dan? What was the cheapest you’ve ever seen tickets between these cities. Besides the price mistakes.


The only way to get to the other islands is to fly? I bought to Oahu – Honolulu, HI (HNL). Was that not the best place if I want to see beautiful parts?



@Shmuly: Its pretty darn cheap:)


10 hr flight.!! That takes a way a full day of vacation time.
I would rather go to dif is. In the carribean with BA pints 15k roundtrip. 2-4 hr flights.


True, but there’s simply no comparing the Caribbean to Hawaii. It’s like saying why go to Miami when you have Long Island so much closer.


@tt you do know that when you fly west you “gain” hrs , Hawaii is 5 hrs behind ny. So you’re not loosing a whole day. On contrary.


Whats the mileage story with Hawaiin airlines. an I acure with this fare. Which airlines?


Trust in Dan! I live in Hawaii and this is the stone cold cheapest flights on Hawaiian that i’ve ever seen. Its even cheaper than the introductory special (which was $400ish). In fact, just to take a roundtrip to the outer islands (from Oahu) can be nearly $300! Dirt dirt cheap this airfare + u get the most unreal weather on the Planet! Kauai is imho the best of all the Hawaiian Islands… still has some old style Hawaiiana going. Aloha and Happy Trails


how much would it cost to fly from JFK to there with miles?

Jose from San jose

Wow perfect ffor me and mynwife honeymoon thanks dan!

aussie 1K

Does this give double miles for a 1K United Member?


You can actually fly to LIH for $394.61. That is pretty sweet.


LIH or OGG – what’s the vote dan?


don’t dis Oahu. There are some really beautiful parts of the island. Honolulu is just another big city in paradise but other parts of the island are serene, quiet and remote. See “Oahu Revealed” to find those spots. (The other islands are amazing, but don’t shortchange Oahu)


I booked already thru Hawaiian Air can you still get me the discount on the luggage? I am leaving this Sunday. Thanks


Both 😀

Absolutely, I even posted some of them in my Oahu trip notes linked to at the top of this post.
I’m just tired of hearing about people that only go to HNL and stay in Waikiki the entire time and them complain to me that Hawaii is nothing special 🙄

Nope, sorry.