Fly Azul Or United To Brazil And You Can Purchase An Unlimited Intra-Brazil Airpass For Just $299


After JetBlue’s founder and CEO David Neeleman was forced out he went down to Brazil to launch Azul, an airline based on the JetBlue model. Hopefully his email password clue isn’t “What is your favorite color?”

You can use 25K United miles to fly on a intra-Brazil round-trip on Azul. But until 11/30/15 you can purchase an Airpass good for unlimited intra-Brazil travel if you fly from the US to Brazil on Azul or United. A 10 day Airpass is $299 and a 21 day Airpass is $399. All taxes are included in that price.

You can fly United from the US to Brazil for just 45K miles round-trip with the current 25% off promotion and then purchase an Airpass for just $299 to fly around the country!

Travel must be completed by 12/15/15.

Intra-Brazil airfares can be pricey, so this is a fantastic deal. You can skip around from the megalopolis of Sao Paulo to breathtaking Iguacu, stunning Rio, and into Manaus in the heart of the Amazon.
In all there are 105 cities that you can fly to for free with the Airpass. Here is Azul’s route map.

Blackout dates:
September 4, 5, 7, 8.
October 9, 10, 12, 13
November 2, 3, 18, 19, 20, 22, 23

You can learn more and book the Airpass by calling Azul’s US phone number: 844-499-2985

If you take advantage of this promotion I sure hope you write a trip report on DDF!

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Do you need to purchase the ticket to Brazil or does an award ticket work too?


Award tickets work!


Hopefully his email password clue isn’t “What is your favorite color?”



@matovu: how do you say blue in spanish?


They don’t speak Spanish in Brazil, but close enough I suppose. Mais ou menos.


How reliable is TAM for partner awards with avios? Is that a good option for intra-Brazil flights?


It’s a very good option, but their award availability can be tight at times.

GOL is a worse airline, but has much better availability. Can book that with Delta miles.


“Founder and former ceo of JetBLUE”


@Alex: who cares? the point of this article is that you can fly unlimited intra brazil for $299 on Azul. why do you ask about TAM?


Who do you buy the airpass from?


@matovu: its nothing… dont take everything literally. learn the ropes and then you will understand… DDF is an amazing resource of info. or you can just use google…


from the terms and conditions:


Why is this a good deal? You can get tickets to Brazil for $500 and how much vacation can you do in 10 days if you keep on flying?



The 21 day deal is the real deal. Can easily cover a few places that way for $399.


Read the post.

What in the world??

We did Sao Paulo, Iguacu, and Rio in 8 days last year.

And with 21 days you can do a whole lot.


already flying to brazil on a different airline. what if i booked a united flight, then cancelled united reservation within 24 hours? fine print unclear how this is tied to the original reservation or how it would be cancelled.


Does one accrue milage with the airpass?
If so, which FF programs can they be credited to?


@Srulky: no


That’s a good deal! Unfortunately, I’m brazilian and I’m not allowed to participate 🙁

-Azul=blue in portuguese

-You’re wrong about TAM. Currently, it’s the worst air company in Brazil (check in google flights the seat space that TAM offers)

-Suggested places to go with the airpass: Foz do Iguaçu, Fernando de Noronha (usually, the round trip from São Paulo to FEN is more than $400), Rio and Florianópolis. Rio and Fernando de Noronha are expensive, but the brazilian currency is undervalued now so it’s not a big deal for americans

Ailu V'ailu


azul is blue in spanish and portugese as well so everybody is a winner.


Oi João, boa tarde!

1. I wasn’t a big fan of GOL on our trip last year, what makes TAM worse than them?

2. Wow, I didn’t even realize that Azul flew to FEN. That’s been on my bucket list for quite some time!
Any recommendations for where to stay there?

Rio e caro, but with 1 USD at 3.6 BRL it’s not bad for Americans!

@Ailu V’ailu:



Just Gol and Azul have flights to FEN.

1- TAM domestic flights are operated in old 320’s, with less space than GOL (abaout 7 cm less). GOL have some new 738, and starting to offer wifi. TAM used to be the best, but quality is descreasing. GOL is the opposite. But Azul is better than both. Comfortable E195 with live TV and 2 + 2 configuration, and seat size is as big as Gol.

2-Keep in mind that FEN is expensive due the location, and all B’B there are very rustic. If you want some comfort, I suggest Ze Maria and Maravilha, but comfort costs a lot in FEN


I had several bad experiences with GOL last year, just haven’t gotten around to write about them.

The biggest problem with Azul is that they made their hub in VCP in middle of nowhere. Que pena.


Hub in VCP is a bad thing, sure. But they offer free shuttle bus to/from GRU, CGH and São Paulo downtown. It’s a one hour distance, usually.
But they’re increasing flight options from other SP airports, including a flight to MCO from GRU. And GRU offers Azul flights to all main destinations.


Seems much further in normal traffic from CGH to VCP than 1 hour. Even GRU takes at least an hour in normal traffic and it’s much closer.

No flights from GRU to FLN, IGU, MAO…



True 🙁


@yankel: because@yankel:

It’s a comparison–if award flights on TAM or GOL are a reliable option, it means I won’t buy the airpass. If they’re not, I would purchase the airpass. Dan seems to have understood right away.


You can search TAM on and GOL on


United offers Dinner on US to Brazil flights, but the Ticketing for Award Travel says “NO SPECIAL MEALS OFFERED” even though International flights to/from Brazil specifically do offer them.

Does United provide KOSHER meals on US/Brazil (award) travel?


Yes, it’s a typo.