Flight Passed And Still Haven’t Gotten Through To Delta? You May Be In Luck!

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Several people who tried faxing or calling Delta but weren’t able to complete their glitch tickets before their date of travel have had a really great outcome.

Delta has been allowing them to book travel anytime in 2014 as long as they go to the same place and stay for the same length of time as originally booked.  No name changes are allowed.

When someone first posted about this on DDF I thought it might be a one-off, but several others have emailed me as well.  Delta is really going above and beyond with this glitch.

If you haven’t yet been accommodated you should definitely give Delta a call.

Have you had a similar story? Let’s hear about in the comments!

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Would they upgrade to first class?

David Mal

I got $42 round trip to Vegas for Ces show

Honored by delta after speaking to a supervisor


Received my confirmation today. Thanks Dan


@dan Anybody have any luck changing the dates on their flight? At least one leg worth?
Have a flight for the day before pesach to l.a. That I’m trying to get pushed to the week before….


Delta called me and I didnt call back in time bec it was over shabbs. Anything to do?


I wouldn’t necessarily say that Delta went above and beyond but if you were ambitious about getting your tickets issued and didn’t give up, then Delta would eventually buckle and issue your tickets. Speaking firsthand, as it took me 10 days of nonstop calling, emailing and faxing until a corporate supervisor FINALLY issued my families tickets. Lesson for life – never give up hope ;). Good luck to the rest of you and safe travels!!


Delta did not receive my contract number from Priceline and they gave me the runaround for a week. I filed a DOT complaint and a few hours later delta called me back to confirm. They followed up so many time to make sure everything was ok. 5-tickets JFK – HNL in August
Thank you Dan


Why would they unless you originally booked first?

Why would they let you change unless your original flights weren’t available?

Why are you posting here instead of calling them?

Listen, they were inundated with thousands and thousands of these tickets.
I definitely give them credit for honoring the bookings that were never confirmed.

As with everything in life, you have to HUCA HUCA HUCA!



@Benny: That’s what I’m talking about!! Way to go!! Enjoy Hawaii 🙂


Right on 😉


@dan my initial priceline itinerary issued me a flight that wasn’t available so they just pushed me to the next day. Trying to use that as an “excuse” to get the date I really want……?


What is needed for Delta to approve, priceline has nothing with my name I was caught in the middle of the mess an they claim they have not even an itinerary


i have the conf from priceline for Jan 19
but we dont wanna go now
on the phone now wonder if they will book it for a diffrent date….


I booked with priceline, then as the payment was going threw it just kept loading. I have yet to even get someone from priceline on the phone as they keep asking for a phone number to locate the itinerary. Is there any way to even locate the itinerary? nothing in the profile of the priceline website either. any help would be great!


I originally faxed in but then called and honored it. But now they called back bevause if fax and offered any flight in 2014 with same dest and length of stay. So i got two deals:-)


My flight passed and They gave me new dates for whenever
This happend over a week ago
And to comment 1 plz we payed 50 Bux do me a favor and dnt even ask for a upgrade it just sounds so low and pathetic


any1 know if they actaully have the info or i can just tell them any dates????


If you didn’t book you didn’t book.


They verify it, don’t get caught with your pants down.


I faxed my priceline info to delta two weeks ago and have completely forgot about it. Today, they finally called me and honored my business class tix from JFK to LAX!
Since we preferred to travel to miami, I offered the delta rep that we would take two coach tickets to MIA over two business tickets to LAX for the same dates and they refused!
I explained the cost for them is a fraction… she simply told me they are only honoring the glitch and cannot make changes.
go figure!


Did you really think Delta works with talmudic logic?
You aren’t talking to some storeowner that you can bargain with. They are honoring exactly what you booked, nothing more, nothing less.

Be happy. LA kicks Miami weather, hotel, and restaurant wise.

Delta fan

Can someone plz explain y no one is with me that this whole delta thing was
On purpose by delta for advertisement it cost 4 mill to advertise Super Bowl for 30 sec
Here it didn’t cost them that much and it’s lasting for more then 2 weeks


@Delta fan:
If it was only for PR then it would have been just coach and it would have been for more than $25.

But they’ve taken a situation and maximized the good PR from it. Indeed this is something that costs them next to nothing in real dollars but got them tons of free positive coverage.


Miami puts la to shame


my flight his for jan 19 should i hung up & try again next week then

Delta fan

Dan you just said it yourself it dosnt cost them anything in real dollers
That applies to buissness class as we’ll
They don’t want us to know it’s all pr it defeats the whole purpose


I have evening JFK-LAX glitch bought flight, any suggestions on how i get it switched to a morning flight? obviously id rather not pay a fee.


Which part, the rain, humidity, old drivers, or the overpriced hotels?

Listen, at least housing prices and taxes are low, but those are reasons to live there, not vacation there.

@Delta fan:
Business class seats are a more valuable comodity than coach. Especially JFK-LAX.


wonder if they will keep honring them for much longer
this way when i call next week after my original flight date i can get anytime plsss hope so!!!!


Nothing they can do, however if you speak to a supervisor and ask if there is anything they can do you can get a $100 voucher YMMV. I received $100.


@benny how did u file a complaint ? Bc delta is not finding
My price line Num.


I have an itinerary made on Priceline from JFK to hnl on 1/19. Should I wait till January 20 to call them? I can’t fly now…


I booked tickets for end of Jan. Just realized I cannot make it then. How can I get them to switch the days?


@wondering same Q lmk

billi tafli

you think i can i get a free upgrade to business or first class on a flight to hawaii


dan. i have and pricline contract and missed the date delta said that they will rebook for me(must be same name same destinations AND THE SAME AMMOUNT OF DATES STAYING AT YOUR DESTINATION) and they said that MY CONTRACT IS SCEDLUED TO EXPIRE FEB 1 AND I SHOULD BOOK IT ASAP


In fact, they may even make more $$$ on the deal from checked luggage, economy comfort upgrades (for those who purchased coach) in-flight purchases (drinks, wifi, etc.)
The real loss is potentially minor.
And that’s besides for all the car rentals and hotels which were booked through their site.


I booked 4 tickets for me my wife and 2 children with the plan that if i don’t have where to place them than for $25.00 I’ll take them along, now i have two problems 1) i have evening flight both ways and i want to switch to daytime flight is there any way to do that? 2) what will happen if i only show up with one chilled will they charge me a fee since its all 4 on the same itinerary? Now if that’s a problem is there a way to cancel all tickets without a fee?


@billi tafli: @billi tafli, not only will delta give u FREE upgrades, they will also give u FREE car rental and any HOTEL YOU choose all for FREE! Yups!!! Delta is the way to go!!! 😉 hahahhaaa


@dan very simple when u wake up in Miami u feel like ur on vacation
In la u have to get up get dressed and go do something the city is a regular city it’s not south beach lifestyle

Delta fan

They could be worth more I agree
However you see that ( giving business class tix) pushed it up to the next level as you the guru are saying wow buissness class no now that has to be a mistake
Isn’t That a big comodity?? again this PR is still lasting as a pose to Super Bowl for 4 mill that dosnt last most of these flights were travelers that were not planing on flying delta, and these tix didn’t cause any flights to be sold out so there was such a minimal loss… Y isn’t it clear in your eyes that deltas PR team did a great job


so this means that i shouldnt call Delta till after 1/20 when my flight was scheduled? I booked 2 different flights one worked and one didnt


@MosheD: I did the same thing! I have a additional contract code, I guess I’ll wait till after the 19th to try and call.

billi tafli

@Hindy: hi hindy how can i get all those thing ?


Hey Dan,
Just wanted to thank you again for posting this great glitch a few weeks ago. I just flew business to LA from NY today and it was such an amazing experience. I even spoke to a flight attendant and said I always wanted to go in the cockpit of the plane and they were happy to oblige and the captains were really cool about it and let us take pictures.
Thanks again for everything you do, I definitely wouldn’t be able to travel as much as I do, get lounge access, and all the other travel benefits I currently utilize if it wasn’t for you.


called and spoke to a supervisor and got four ticket saved $700 THANKS DAN

first class

i was one of the people who had booked before 1pm and wasnt sure if it went through on priceline. delta honored the tix but when i called back about first class they just said sorry there arent any more first class left. ideas?

first class

to clarify i had originally bookd first class but they gave us economy


@Benny I also booked JKF-HNL in August from 10th-17th business class from jfk-lax and coach from lax-hnl $203 per ticket, when are you going? what price did you get?


@a Did you originally book tickets during the glitch?


I have flights scheduled for the 15th and 16th. I am taking the 15th tickets and will not use the 16th tickets. Delta did call me and ask if I wanted to book, I asked if the date could be changed and they said no and I said I would have to talk to my wife. On the email they sent me they said I have to respond by the 9th. I am praying that is not a firm deadline and when I call on the 17th they will hopefully offer me any date in the coming year. Lets pray it works. Ill let you know.


Just booked my flight with Delta last night. Thanks Dan and all of those who left comments with instructions!



I had the same story as Yossi. On the phone they told me that my five $25 LA tickets online now are over 1300 a piece. I tried to pursue them to switch it for only 2 Hawaii tickets as my itinerary didn’t go through on priceline and that it was a fraction of the cost. The rep said it was a good idea but then the nasty manager came on and said i cant switch anything.

1- I am not sure i can go so what would be the best possibility to try and get my money back for 1/23 tickets?

2. If i go with 2 kids what type of room do i need to get to be comfortable and if they can upgrade if i have Business platinum, plenty of starwoods, Amex, chase points, British Etc?

3. What Hotel would be the most convient location for Shabbos? I think you mentioned on the thread but will check again.

Mountain Man

I had my tickets honored last week via email (i believe it was because I contacted the DOT like Dan suggested and they put pressure on Delta) but I tried to call once and was told I would get a call back in 4-6 hours. It turned out to be 11 hours later at 3 in the morning. I didn’t bother calling back for a week figuring I’d let all that traffic from the weather die down.

Last night I spoke with a delta rep who was very friendly but the call took 40 minutes. At the end I got two round trip tickets for $29 each to DTW. Probably could’ve booked spirit but at least I won’t be charged to breathe 🙂

Dan's the man

@Mountain Man: Ha. Spirit isn’t that bad. They mostly fly routes shorter than 3 hours so it’s not a big deal if you don’t have a lot of leg room for a short flight. Just be aware they don’t provide drinks and charge for big carryones. Just put all you’re stuff in a back pack and you’re good to go.


Dan, I think you should take the poll one more time now that things have settling down. Curious how many booked via your website…


For all those that tried to book with priceline and it froze after clicking on “buy tickets” call priceline when prompted for itinerary number press the option to search using your phone number.once you enter your phone number i believe they will tell you your itinerary# using the automated system.write it down and then call delta with it.they have it on file and will book your ticket.i know this is old news to some but it seems some people are not aware of this.


I’m obviously referring to those like me who never got an email or anything from priceline and may not realize they are actually in the system


I got my price line number even emaild the whole
Contract to delta but delta keeps telling me that its
Not a valid number I called price line and they tell me
That they can do nothing . any suggestions what I should do???


@billi tafli: maybe get a job and pay for it yourself????


@eli: Call the corporate office and speak with a supervisor. G’luck!


@Dan what if i booked after the 1pm deadline and still got a priceline contract? do i have a chance?

Makir Tova

I have an itinerary number from priceline (“Still working on your ticket”). Tried calling the number on the page but they dont recognize it. Whom do I call Priceline or Delta?

Yasher Koach!


@Chana – put in your number, and when they pull up the itinerary, put in the number (#2?) that it is the wrong itinerary.

LA Bound

I booked 4 flights JFK-LAX during the glitch. We got an itinerary number but no email confirmation. Our flight was leaving the next day (before Delta even decided to honor the tickets) and obviously we missed it. We called Delta a couple of times and when we finally got through they told us there is nothing they can do and we need to go through the regular comments and complaints section on the Delta website. We did this and never got a response. Last week we got 2 calls from Delta telling us they would honor our tickets for anytime within one year of our travel dates and we needed to book in the next 48 hours. We did and are now going to LA this summer! 4 people and business class one way! Congrats to everyone else that got it!

Need a place in LA

Thanks Dan! We got 6 tickets from JFK to LAX first class!!! We would like to rent a house in la brea area. If anyone has any leads please let me know.

place in la

@ need a place in LA – send an email to poinstpl@gmail.com they just started advertising a 2 bedroom guesthouse as a vacation rental in Hancock park.


Going to L.A. in Feb Which hotel is the best for Millage reservations (I am considering staying in Palm springs)


Just an FYI, I just got off the phone with Jeff who told me he is the leader for the team put together by Delta to handle all these tickets. He told me that today is the last day they will be working on this and they are trying to contact anyone that hasnt yet been resolved/ticketed. “Tomorrow everyone is going back to their regular jobs.”



what number did you call?


I tried calling priceline and they keep telling me my itinerary was declined so there is no contract page – any one have any suggestions? I have the reservation id but they wont email me the contract… HELP!


@s1 tell price line you just want they should email whatever
Page they have of your trip I dont know if delta will except it
But maybe good luck


okay – I will try that and what is the number to call for delta?


I emailed priceline from the contact page on their website and they emailed me my contract page


@s1 18002211212


@ari: department of transportation


@Alan: the next week at $94 per ticket


Are they still confirming Tix??? @YY: Was this verified??? @Dan:


FYI: I called Delta yesterday with my contract number, asked to speak to a supervisor right away and then told them that I had bee trying to get in touch with them for awhile. My flight was originally supposed to be leaving this past Sunday and she switched it for May time. so 2 tickets to Hawaii for for $170


@A: how did you book it and did you get a conformation email when you booked?


I dont get it, how was everyone with confirmation numbers able to get delta to honor their tickets even after their original flight booked passed?!??!
I had a complete itinerary with everything, contract/itinerary number, flight numbers, seats…
And they had told me over the phone that everything for my flight is in the system and that I just have to wait for delta reservations to call me back to put through my payment. Mean while of course I never got a call back and now when I just called them for 6th time they told me my flight had passed already and they can’t honor it! They said it is not true, delta never said they will honor any tickets that have already passed , only those booked for the two days in decemeber when they had bad weather so their flights had to be cancelled….


So how did all ya people get delta to re book your tickets for later dates when your flight already passed????


@GR: I just told them that I couldnt get thru to them and they gave me new dates


Im having an issue with PL not having my information the CR was very willing to help me but no matter what info i gave him he couldnt find my reservation information. When i called delta this morning i was getting the same message that GR got. I spoke to a supervisor and she told me that shes never heard of this that people were getting their unconfirmed flights confirmed for a later date.
Can anyone help?


I called Delta twice today to rebook tickets whose date had passed. The first supervisor told me they will not do anything for my tickets whose date of travel has passed 12/26-12/31/2013. So I HUCB and got a knowledgable supervisor who re-booked the tickets for November.


About those tickets whos travel date had passed. These are the rules:
1. Same destination
2. Same duration
3. Same travellers names
4. Travel must be complete by 12/31/2014
5. Tickets must be booked by 2/1/2014


I GOT MY TICKETS TODAY I didn’t have a valid contract number
So I kept on calling and delta kept telling me its not coming up
So I called like twice a day …..till now I reached vice president
Office of reservation department and I got 7 tickets each for 46
From JFK to lax and btw I had only made reservations for me
But I added six more I got some good laydy at VP office and
She did it we r going omg:-)

Dan's the Man

In case anyone is still checking this. My flight was for February. I had called up right away and they said they would honor the tickets. The dates were no longer good for me so I didn’t do it. Now (after my flight date) I called up again reservations said it’s too late to have these honored but try calling Customer Service. Customer Service said only Reservations could do it and that’s it’s too late. I emailed some executives at delta saying I don’t want to change the cities or names just book a different date as my flight has passed. I received an email back from one telling me to call and they would honor the fair. I called and gave them the dates / flights I wanted and he booked it. I had to jump through hoops but got the job done. Thanks Dan!


@ Dan’s the Man
can I ask you whom you emailed at Delta?