El Al: New York To Tel Aviv Or Tel Aviv To NYC Nonstop For $998.97 Round-Trip With Tax


Update: United has finally matched and travel is valid round-trip starting in New York or Tel Aviv!  You will earn full MileagePlus miles (11,384) with this fare.
Sample date for EWR-TLV-EWR: 05/07-05/20 for those who want to celebrate Shavuos in the holy land (An awesome experience!)
Sample date for TLV-EWR-TLV: 04/15-04/29

Use the following ITA advanced routing code to find all of the valid dates on United: UA

This sale is scheduled to end sometime today.
Originally posted on 01/21:

-Bookable on Orbitz (with regular mileage earning, free cancellations until 10pm CT the day after you book, and price assurance refunds) or direct from the airline. Orbitz works on central time, so the day ends at 12:59am ET. A ticket bought at 1am ET would have until 11pm ET the day after, or 46 hours. A ticket bought at 11pm ET would have until 11pm ET the day after, or 24 hours.

– Earn 3 points per dollar with American Express® Premier Rewards Gold Card, 3 points per dollar with The Business Gold Rewards Card® from American Express OPEN, or 2.14 points per dollar with Chase Sapphire Preferred.


These prices are for nonstop travel.  Connecting flights from Tel Aviv to NYC start at $776 and connecting flights from NYC to Tel Aviv start at $929. To help find those dates I highly recommend that you read about using ITA Software and use their awesome month-long calendar search to help find dates with cheap flights.

Deals are available from other cities as well.  Connecting flights from Los Angeles to Tel Aviv start at $847 and nonstop flights from LAX to TLV or from TLV to LAX start at $1,199 for example.  From Chicago flights start at $855.


-This fare is currently valid on El Al from JFK or Newark to Tel Aviv or from Tel Aviv to JFK or Newark.  This fare (U class) will not earn any AA miles so don’t credit it there!

-You can purchase a maximum of 4 El Al tickets at a time.

-There is a strong chance that this fare will be matched later today by Delta and United.  You can lock in the El Al price by booking now and cancel by tomorrow if Delta or United matches the price.

-Outbound travel is valid from 04/14-05/31, though not all dates will be available.

-Travel must be booked by 01/22.

-Travel originating in Tel Aviv is about $100 extra.

Sample valid $998.97 dates from NYC to Tel Aviv:
04/21-05/05 (Lag B’omer)
04/25-05/08 (Lag B’omer)
05/08-05/21 (Shavuos)
05/09-05/21 (Shavuos)

Sample valid $1,008.97 dates from NYC to Tel Aviv:
02/17-02/28 (Purim)

For tickets from Tel Aviv it’s best to book from Priceline They allow free cancellations until 11:30pm the day after purchase.

Sample valid $998.97 dates from Tel Aviv to NYC:
05/13-05/25 (Shavuos)

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i went to find this but no one has this price..what am i missing?


Should I assume such a deal will come out eventually for July?
Can someone who knows these things please let me know?
Thanks a million!


What are the dates for this ticket?


can it b upgraded to first class ?

gadi mimoun

looking to fly to tel aviv on may 23 return june 6. for 5 passenger

gadi mimoun

from new nyc.


How much would it cost to change the dates once purchased?


Is there anyway to make it a open ticket?

Travel Agent

The open ticket is considered a special. I doubt you can combine it with this special.


@Travel Agent: is there a way to book a open ticket online?


nothing for pesach? on march i need to bring home my son from israel for pesach



Joe Green

Since I almost never fly anywhere, I currently use the Costco Amex with cash back (and Chase Freedom) instead of cards with miles. However, as I have never been to Israel, I am considering going with my wife using this deal. Is there any credit card I should specifically sign up for and use to maximize my rewards? Is it worth it considering that I will probably not fly anywhere for years after this? Dan probably has a post about this already somewhere. If you can point me to it, I would appreciate it. Thanks!


@gadi mimoun: why?


please I need a ticket for pessach to bring my son home?

dan!keep me up-dated on this.


Hoping to get a family of 8 to Israel for the summer from Cleveland. S it true that its cheaper if you stopover in Turkey? Should we fly via Chicago/ NYC? Any advice welcomed!


How about from 5/26/13 till 6/2/13

Steveo (one word)

@DAN if purchased in this class, can one upgrade to business with points?


@Steveo (one word):

yes, but usually not worth it. very expensive, alot of poiunts and also money

WhyAich on DDF


what are your dates?

WhyAich on DDF


it’s only from NYC not from TLV

WhyAich on DDF

July is high season, there may be a special but no where close to this


Can u add the 10% coupon codes to these fares?

Lo Kedai

not attractive enough, waiting for a better winter deal. (or pessach deal).

dont mind a stop over. will wait for a deal in the $500-550 range.


Can this deal be used to book a ticket sometime in September?


Hey Dan, you always come up with lots savvy advice on how to get the max out of points.
I have lots of avios and would like to go to TelAviv in April, but with a two day stop in Brussels on the way and a two day stop in London on the way back. Any thoughts how to work this and avoid the crazy London taxes would be appreciated.


whyaich, can you please get me a rate for nyc-tlv-nyc?

sat nite 11 pm or later is best for depart.


Ronit Avraham

please I need a ticket from tel aviv to newark 3/10/13 to3/30/13