Ready To Drop Everything And Travel Today? Here Are Sample Flights Still On Sale For Just $30.30!

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Yesterday we posted $30.30 flight deals from JetBlue and from American.

Hundreds of DansDeals readers are flying across the country today and I’ve heard from readers flying from NYC to LA, Miami, and Puerto Rico for a quick day trip with the sale! Many readers also used the Chicago waiver to travel on Sunday.

If you’re ready to hop on a plane today you can still grab $30 flights!

You can book American flights on Priceline and they will be refundable until the time of your flight!

JetBlue flights are only bookable directly from them and are non-refundable.

Here are some sample routes where you can still book travel for today:

  • Austin to Long Beach on JetBlue
  • Boston to Chicago on American or JetBlue
  • Boston to Cleveland on JetBlue
  • Boston to Dallas on JetBlue
  • Boston to Denver on JetBlue
  • Boston to Detroit on JetBlue
  • Boston to JFK, Laguardia, or Newark on American or JetBlue
  • Boston to Pittsburgh on JetBlue
  • Buffalo to Los Angeles on JetBlue
  • Burbank to JFK on JetBlue
  • Charlotte to LaGuardia or JFK on American
  • Chicago to Boston on JetBlue
  • Chicago to Laguardia on American
  • Fort Lauderdale to Cleveland on JetBlue
  • Fort Lauderdale to JFK on JetBlue
  • Fort Myers to Newark on JetBlue
  • JFK, Laguardia, or Newark to Boston on American or JetBlue
  • JFK to Atlanta on JetBlue
  • JFK to Los Angeles on JetBlue
  • JFK to New Orleans on JetBlue
  • JFK to Raleigh on JetBlue
  • JFK to Salt Lake City on JetBlue
  • JFK to Seattle on JetBlue
  • JFK to Phoenix on JetBlue
  • JFK to Portland, OR on JetBlue
  • JFK to San Francisco on American or JetBlue
  • JFK to Sacramento on JetBlue
  • LaGuardia to Charlotte on American
  • LaGuardia to Fort Lauderdale on JetBlue
  • LaGuardia to Orlando on JetBlue
  • Newark to Fort Lauderdale on JetBlue
  • Las Vegas to JFK on American or JetBlue
  • Long Beach to Boston on JetBlue
  • Long Beach to JFK on JetBlue
  • Long Beach to Salt Lake City on JetBlue
  • Long Beach to San Jose on JetBlue
  • Los Angeles to Boston on JetBlue
  • Los Angeles to Buffalo on JetBlue
  • Los Angeles to JFK on American or JetBlue
  • Miami to JFK or Laguardia on American
  • Miami to Atlanta on American
  • Miami to Boston on American
  • Miami to Chicago on American
  • Miami to Nashville on American
  • Miami to New Orleans on American
  • Miami to Phoenix on American
  • Miami to San Diego on American
  • Miami to San Francisco on American
  • Miami to Washington DC on American
  • New Orleans to JFK on JetBlue
  • Orlando to JFK, Laguardia, or Newark on American or JetBlue
  • Palm Springs to JFK on JetBlue
  • Pittsburgh to Boston on JetBlue
  • Phoenix to JFK on American
  • Raleigh to JFK on JetBlue
  • San Diego to JFK on JetBlue
  • San Juan to JFK on JetBlue
  • Seattle to JFK on JetBlue
  • Tampa to Newark on JetBlue
  • West Palm Beach to JFK, Laguardia, or Newark on JetBlue
  • Post what other routes you find!

Sorry if your employees called in sick today. #DansDealsMadeMe

Where are you flying today?

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22 Comments On "Ready To Drop Everything And Travel Today? Here Are Sample Flights Still On Sale For Just $30.30!"

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Ed Travel

Sadly I am out of the country 🙁


Dan, thanks as always. My DS flew BOS-PHL and plans to return tonight. What is the probability that B6 will announce a WW before his 9pm flight, so he could switch to a return tomorrow?

Jamie Sutto

@dan can you give us good flight deals back for sunday night or Monday early am for these destinations from NYC… im having a really hard time.


Respectfully, don’t travel to begin with this weekend. Going may be $30, but the return might be $300— ultimately costing you the same if not more than a typical weekend


Can I still book today to Chicago and use the waiver to fly Sunday round trip?


Which miles and which place


Looking fr nonstop flts fr Chic to Newark and back …going on Mon. Dec 23 (afer 10:30 am) and returning Tues Dec 24 as early as possible


Okay think of it this way. If the airline was offering to PAY YOU $30 to drop your life and fly to the west coast would you do it??
All about “getting the deal”….


or getting closer to status


Air Canada has 20% off sale today only!!5182!3!393513040939!e!!g!!aircanada&gclsrc=aw.ds&acid=EXT:SEM:POS+USA+Brand%7CUSA%7CBrand%7CExact%7CEnglish:POS+USA+Brand%7CUSA%7CBrand%7CBrand%7CExact%7CEnglish:::&gclid=Cj0KCQjwjOrtBRCcARIsAEq4rW4WG-y5ty1ycd7tYXQHPH-uxbvzOknnzWPOPOYWbgIbJ8d7z_OqTncaAqCqEALw_wcB


wow thank you


Chicago to LGA or BOS on Southwest for $45-53

Shmu Dimsky

Is NY to CHI still available on AA? I can’t seem to get the deal.


My kids flew, one went to Miami and one went to Chicago they were so excited about the deal! Thanks


@dan Thanks! My wife and I flew to Orlando 6am, went to Magic kingdom, felt like a kid again and have a 720pm return, both on JetBlue! We had a much needed 1 day away!! Thanks a ton for the post!!

The Mel

If I were not at SRQ today I would have flown to Chicago for ribs, for sure! Or Miami.

A pushiteyid

I’m on the 10pm flight from MCO EWR… Well we’re still delayed.
Was an awesome trip anyway, just added to the fun!
Thanks @dan

Alice Tawil

Hey Dan! Thanks to you was able to get 4 tickets to Charleston,SC for myself and 3 friends. We left 5:30 am, arrived at 7 and had a beautiful day touring and taking in the historic sights. Unfortunately the only direct return was 5 pm so we had to end our day by 3:30 to get back to the airport. The tickets were 61$, shared Uber was 30/pp and the admission to the homes were about 30$ In total we spent about $130 for a beautiful day!!! Thanks again!


is LA-JFK roundtrip still available?