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Update: Tickets are being charged and confirmed!


United tickets are ridiculously cheap via Wideroe Airlines, though prices are in NOK. DEAD!

To figure out the price in dollars just divide by 6.06.  So Newark-Paris is 2,745NOK or about $452.
-Use a card without foreign transaction fees to save the 3% fee.
-It takes between 3-12 hours for these tickets to confirm but people have been getting confirmations so don’t call United as it will get confirmed by itself.
-Don’t make nonrefundable hotel reservations yet as we don’t know for sure if these will be honored!
-The US country code is +1

-All United fares are refundable for 24 hours from time of booking.

-Sample round-trip fares with tax:
Newark-Milan, 01/19-01/27: 772 NOK ($127 USD)
Washington DC-Mumbai, 01/21-02/12: 1,434 NOK ($236 USD)
Los Angeles-Tel Aviv, 01/27-02/05: 1,773 NOK ($287 USD)
Chicago-Tel Aviv, 01/26-02/04: 1,773 NOK ($287 USD)
Washington DC-Tel Aviv, 01/27-02/05: 1,773 NOK ($287 USD)
Houston-Tel Aviv, 01/26-02/02: 1,773 NOK ($287 USD)
Cleveland-Tel Aviv, 02/02-02/09: 1,993 NOK ($328 USD)
Miami-Tel Aviv, 01/20-02/02: 2,139 NOK ($352 USD)
Newark-Zurich, 01/20-01/30: 2,195 NOK ($362 USD)
Newark-Tel Aviv, 01/20-01/30: 2,388 NOK ($393 USD)
Tel Aviv-Newark, 01/21-01/28: 2,418 NOK ($398 USD)
Newark-London, 01/27-02/03: 2,522 NOK ($416 USD)
Newark-Amsterdam, 02/02-02/12: 2,522 NOK ($416 USD)
Newark-Paris, 01/26-02/02: 2,745 NOK ($452 USD)
Newark-Johannesburg, 01/26-02/02: 2,972 NOK ($490 USD)
Los Angeles-Sydney, 02/02-02/11: 4,383 NOK ($723 USD)
Pesach: Newark-Tel Aviv, 04/07-04/24: 4,179 NOK ($689 USD)

HT: Drago, via DDF

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Still not ticketed- do I wait it out? Or should we call? I don’t want to lose this deal @dan


thanx dan
ticketed 2 for jan 30
my chance to go to E”Y with my wife


Any update?



Mr boat

May 08 – May 20 two non-stop for 6042 nok total, time of booking 7:26 PM ewr to tlv did the trick to put in the cc again at 3:30 am got a pending charge at 4:30 (I called chase to let through the charge)got my ticket confirmed by United at about 7:30 am thanks dan again !! (I went past time with Elal glitch to ey)


Got my confirmation yesterday at 730 eastern standard time. But still not ticketed. Do I still have a chance??? @dan


United Web Site; “This reservation has been ticketed and confirmed.”

Yasher Koach Dan!!!


they caught on flights are back to regular price


booked last night at 7.45pm and just got tickets confirmed by united at 9.00. good luck to the rest of u.


Just got ticketed now at 10 am, 3 tix ewr-mil for $130 each!! Booked 7:45 pm last night est


We just got ticketed waited almost 15 hours for the email from ewr to Milan for $175 Feb 13-19


Whoohoo, can believe this ticketed. Hope the tickets are not canceled by the airlines. Booked lax – mel @ 6 pm and finally ticketed now!


if i got ticketed, can they still cancel the ticket and not honor it?

Stupid me

I booked for my husband for Shavuous for about $690. Confirmed, not yet ticketed. Now I want to cancel because we want to go for Pesach!
I wish I could give the reservation to someone else.
BTW how to cancel? Direct with United? Or through the wideroe site?


Booked last night 8PM and just got email that problem with my cc (since Chase fraud protection flagged it) and had a link to resubmit cc info and after 5 minutes tickets were confirmed.


Booked last night 740. Was ticketed today at 900 am

Oh yea

Dear Customer,

Your reservation 2TD3NX is cancelled according to our Conditions of sale due to lack of payment.
If you still wish to travel you are welcome to make a new booking.

Widerøe Internet AS


OMG got ticketed. NYC to TLV 4 tickets $1246.83
Dan We love you


Booked 730pm ticketed 800am this morning. Thanks Dan!


Just spoke to travel agency

All tickets will be booked and confirmed by midnight tonight they are just backed up


Ticketed to Milan $265 for 2!!


Going to Joburg, ticketed!


@Alan: can you tell me how you did it. I’ve been trying since after Shabbat yesterdat


got our tickets, cc charged and united says my reservation is ticketed


Anyone else buy to Milan and cross reference reservation with United? Doesnt seem like they are ticketing…


ordered last night 7.45 got confirmation 9 am this morning. thsnks dan

@everyone that didnt get ticketet yet

took 14 hours for me but at the end i did get ticketed


Confirmation for Milan at $127 came through, this is insane.

dan is the man


dan is the man

5 TICKETS MAY 11 MAY 19 $3450


I am trying to only cancel 2 tickets on the reservation but it is only allowing me to cancel all. How can i cancel part of the reservation?


is this deal dead?

Ord tlv

Ticketed!!!! $287!! Thanx Dan!!


Booked around 7:45 pm separately for me and my husband (but picked us seats next to each other). I did mine, then his. We got his ticket at 10:00 am this morning but not mine yet! Feeling nervous… but hopefully mine will come through as well.


i didnt put my middle name on my reservation, i have my middle name on my passport, is it going to make a difference


Just Got a confirmation for my 2 tickets Thanks Dan!!


Just got confirmed. Booked ewr-tlv at 8pm.


Ticketed 7:08am booked 7:20pm Thanks Dan!


Though I didn’t buy, dan I just wanted to thank you for sharing!!


ticketed not confirmed.



Not a problem. You can always add it later.


Thank you Dan!!! We booked 4 tickets Newark to Tel Aviv (non-stop) and the tickets have been issued! The dates were 1/21 to 1/28. Approximately $440.00 per ticket. May Hashem reward you with all that is good.


I booked three tix to Israel.
Just got a call from Amex fraud protection that they wanted to confirm with me before authorizing a strange transaction in Norwegian currency.
Also got an email from the Norwegian company that because my cc did not verify they will cancel my reservation if I don’t verify within two hours. I spoke to Amex and verified. Re entered my cc info and it seems my reservation is confirmed.
Just wanted to warn anyone else who got tix that you may have this issue too. Check that your charge on your card went through.
Thanks dan for this amazing deal. I had booked a ticket last wk for myself to tlv. My bro is making a bar mitzva. Now my hubby and kids can join me!
Thank you.


I got a confirmation last night for Flight payment and ticket 21,963.00 NOK (3,586.37 USD) Total for all passengers

On united site with my confirmation it says ticketed Total $7,766.32.

What does this mean?


@Brian: You mean you hope your going to Joburg.


when do we have to cancel? 24 hours from reservation or 24 hours from ticketing?

Lkwd Family

Ordered 8:00 pm. Ticketed 9:30 am.


@Bloody hell: you are so right


I Called MY bank last night to let them know of this charge and that they should Allow it. This morning I got the Decline email and saying that I have two hours to do it. I woke up 20 Minutes after the two hour deadline and tried resubmitting but got the email that my tix were canceled.
this is so frustrating since I did my part by giving the bank a Heads up. I am Happy for every single one of you guys that got this amazing Deal! Dan is the man!


I got a email from the website about 11:00 pm yesterday
And the conformation number is not valid on united website anyone have this problem dan what shud i do ??


Booked and ticketed, Booked Lag Bomer $597 including insurance per ticket x6 (3586.37 USD) . I got an email from amex and travel site this morning regarding declination of cc due to fraud and had 2 hours to confirm and resend the cc charge. I resubmitted same cc info to site and called amex to verify and authorize the charge, 30 minutes later my trip is confirmed and ticketed! One thing worries me,
On united site with my confirmation it says ticketed Total $7,766.32.
However Amex just confirmed that the charge from travel site was for 3586.37 USD. so looking good! Thanks Dan!


Thank you dan a million times over!
We were going to miss my sisters wedding because we couldn’t afford the $3000 tickets but now we booked for $1490!!
I am on cloud 9 and a new follower of Dansdeals.
PS: We booked last night at about 8:20pm got a confirmation right away and ticketed this morning at around 10ish. BH!

in for two

reservations booked around 7:30pm EST last night ticketed around ~7-9am this morning


I Booked 2 tickets EWR to TLV for 6016 NOK for both ($1000.00) last night at 7:30 and they were ticketed and confirmed at 6:50AM today!!! THANK YOU DAN!!! 🙂


On united website it’s already ticketed and confirmed. I see a pending charge on my cc. But no email. Is that ok?


@Esther: If you have a gmail account check ur trash or another tab as that is where i found mine.


If airlines want to play the fuel surcharge scam, they get burned sometimes.




@Esther: if it says ticketed on united website your good


like a boss !!!! Milan for 97$ TICKETED!! Cheaper than gas and tolls to drive to brooklyn 😉


Anyone know if it will make a difference if there is one letter wrong in my childs first name (paid for a full ticket)? I emailed the travel agents site and they say I must cancel the ticket and rebook (meaning at the regular price).
Any ideas?


How do I get my ticket ticketed? Its been confirmed on United since last night but still not ticketed?

Jay Orchard

Booked 2 round trip tickets for Jan. 26-Feb. 2from Miami to Newark to Tel Aviv last night. Today received e- tickets, United confirmation numbers and credit card charge in USdollars. $371 per round trip ticket including trip insurance. Got to love those wacky socialist Norwegians.
(I would have loved to be able to also have gone for Pesach but I didn’t have enough Pesach “Krone”. (Get it?????)


On my United booking it says I paid alot less than what it says on the booking confirmation…anyone know which one is more accurate?


@Jo: I had that last year when booking through Vayema. They say that bec they will make money possibly. I called the airline directly and they were able to make the switch.




@Shalom: for this you have to call the airline themselves to split the reservation and then you can cancel the 2 from the split and leave the other 2.


@Anonymous: Thanks


@Jo: It can very much make a difference. is the mistake within the first 3 letters of the first name? then you have to cancel or call and ask a supervisor to get some authorization to do a name change for $50-$100. it may or may not work. If its at the end of the first name, you could get away with it much easier, but to be 100% sure, i suggest to do the name change fee. there is such a thing. they will of course say there isnt and insist you cancel and rebook.


@Jo: In the airport, they could fix the name for you for free.

Hakoras hatov

Thanks dan I got two tickets to tlv for Feb as well as a round trip originating from tlv for my sis in law. Thanks so much
Ps I’m sure you got a kick out of the illiterate ungrateful couple of bad apples in the bunch!


Thank you DAN!! Your the Man I go my Ticket to Lag Baomer for $688 included insurance etc. I got almost same price last year with glitch on Delta, all thanks to Dan,


@BERNY: Thank you! This can be done through UNITED? the travel agent only gives option of rebooking (which I dont want to do for obvious reasons)..


@j: U sure about that? Dan- any comments?
Thank you


what was the insurance which everyone bought?


Question: we received a confirmation number last night, but it was stated that the ticket had not been issued… we did hold seats. Today, we received an email that the reservation has been cancelled due to non-payment… what gives? Last night, it correctly took our cc number, and issued a confirm number. Now, United has no record of the reservation… Can anyone suggest what is going on? any ideas?
Kind thanks from Michigan.


@Jo: like J says “they could”. as likely that they will charge a fee. but most prob not a cancellation fee. But since its not the surname or the first 3 letters in the first name, i would go with J and wait until the airport. as well do online checkin and there put in the correct name. You should be ok. IYH


So upset I missed this!!!


1/28-2/4 LAX-TLV ticketed for $287 each. Two tickets.


Dan if we want to go Cleveland to Belize what is the best way to look for a good deal


Anyone know if the Barclay arrival card would reimburse for changing my ticket date fee?


@LAX-TLV: Is it still working?!?


We were cancelled due to nonpayment… but in our case, we contacted the bank, and there was no refused overseas charges…. (no record of any charge at all) Norway is sleeping, and both the bank and United say it to be taken up with the ticketing agency… how can we solve this, is there any hope? Many thanks.


Just to let u know…I did the whole thing last night. They took the $ out of my bank. They kept saying they couldn’t get the money. Now they have canceled my booking. I was waiting on line for 2 hours for live chat. Then they closed the chat. Because they are in Europe and 6hrs ahead of NY, I am unable to speak to a live representative. I am very, very frustrated. I have spent hours on this. If anyone had a contact number in the US and can post it here, I’d be very grateful.


Got two tickets last night and got confirmation this morning. Thanks a million Dan,
Anyone know how to upgrade to business class? I have 909,000 Chase UR Points, 102,000 AMEX Gold and 35,000 Starwoods….Whats my best method of upgrade?


@Eli: EWR – MXP would be the correct airport code


@Upgrade: Did you book a United flight?


@upgrade you can go on united.com should be option to upgrade its usually for money and mileage

As well you can sell your points and buy it up


I have united global upgrades if any one wants to buy it has to be used before February 2014


Ron – yeah, I booked a United flight.
Hi Airline – what are teh upgrades going to cost me? My flight is in Jan


I want the upgrade. How much?


Contact me at akiva_stern@aol.com


how much are those gloabal upgrades ???


Save your time, Global premier upgrades are not going to work on any sort of discounted fare.
Only way to upgrade would be by paying miles and cash that will vary based on your fare class.
A one-way upgrade to TLV would be a whopping 35K miles AND $600 cash.


I booked to Milan this morning- got a confirmation email right away- its on AIR Canada- where can i see if my “tickets were issued”? would i just get another email?

could not get threw all the “errors” last night but thought i would try this morning to see what would happen $277 round trip from LGA to Milan. not as good as Dans finds last night but still amazing!!!


Hi @Airline,

I can purchase united global upgrades. Please let me know how I can contact you. mine is trnandakumar at the rate of yahoo dot com


Thanks Dan – I truly appreciate your time. Great site


Global premier upgrades Will only work if your ticket is class W or higher.


@Ticketed: Nothing your good to go


@Airline: I am traveling next week with my wife from EWR-TLV on Dec.8 on United. Would they work for me? IF yes, contact me at braun2012@gmail.com


i got a confirmation right away, plus today in the morning i got a email with the e-ticket number, i went to united.com to look up my reservation and i found it

rabbi d

will it be possible to switch my dates and extend stay?


is the deal over?

what is the cancellation policy and can you buy insurance to cover your cancelation?


@m: long over. he must have done it last night.
i tried this morning and back to reg prices of $1000+


To figure out the price in dollars just divide by 6.06. So Newark-Paris is 2,745NOK or about $452


is still up




Cleveland-Tel Aviv, 02/02-02/09: 1,993 NOK ($328 USD)


@i: wow it pays to live in cle to get that price!!


Successfully booked at 7:55pm EST last night 2 tickets EWR to TLV for the end of February.
My tickets are not confirmed yet. Its been 20 hours.
Anyone else still waiting?


Thank you Dan. I got 2 tickets for Jan 26 to Feb 2 each and 4 tickets for Apr 1 to Apr 24. Got etickets this morning and it is confirmed on United.


Does anyone know if you can change the return date ?


I forgot to add my infent to my ticket, how can I add it?


I booked last night and got confirmed but I don’t see a charge to my credit card did anybody have such situation..

hooked on Dans

Dan is the MAN, got my tickets, i almost gave up had errors yesturday figured to give 1 more try i said elkueh dmeri eneinu and it went thru


@Moshe: only by calling united direct. no rush. an infant ticket one can add on even in the airport before check in. but best to do asap so that you can try and get a bassinet seat.


Please contact me in English about my tickets I booked last night. November 23. My email address is lleibcrewchw@aol.com
My name is Libby Leibowitz 2 tickets from Newark, nj USA to Israel January 15-22,2014,


@Berny I called United and they said that it’s not their ticket. I don’t know how to contact the WIDERO website

Miami Guy

is this deal dead? I cant find any good fares but people on this forum keep entering low prices they booked for…


@Berny How do I get a business seat with an infent?


How do you book the ticket? I went on to United but the fare is coming out to be in the thousands! I want to book from ORD to TLV. Is the deal still going on?


For anyone here who got a confirmation number but not a ticket number, please email me your credit card info to meshugyddf@gmail.com and I’ll try to help you.


Thanks for the input!
You made me go back and confirm that I really did book to Milan, and not Milwaukee!

Good Morning

@be: Yah , the deal just started again. You can get an around the world fare for 208.54 and theres a stop in Israel. If you want direct flight to Israel then its 219.60 but you can only get the direct fare if you call the airline. Aegean Airlines 1-800-999-9999. Theres a long hold, Good luck.


@meshugener: ok, but please send me your social sec number and DOB and i’ll try and help you.





Dan's the Man

@meshugener: meshugener is a meshugener! Don’t give him your cc info! beware!!!


Anyone have any luck in cancelling or changing directly through UNITED?

They keep telling me that I have to contact Wideroe?


@Good Morning: I don’t need the direct flight necessarily. So you are saying, the only way to get a flight is by calling the airline?


@Good Morning:
can you elaborate on getting the around the world fare?


@Eli: MKE


@Yaakov they changed my name and added my phone number, but they did not want to add my infent.


@Yaakov: So why not contact them?


@Moshe: Just cancelled my 5 Tickets from EWR to TLV ($2900) for Purim for my Nephew’s Bar Mitzvah. Was the hardest button I ever clicked 😉
I could not contact Wideroe, and with their 0 (ZERO!) refund or change policy, I couldn’t risk losing all that money.
I had to split the reservations and add an infant, and United wouldn’t do anything for me. Wasn’t worth the risk. Guess I won’t be able to go to the Bar Mitzvah.

Thanks Dan for such a great deal, too bad it didn’t work out for me in the end. Don’t pay attention to all the idiots on here saying ridiculous stuff. You are great. Thanks!


@Anonymous: Tried calling – They are closed
Tried e-mailing – No Response
Tried online chat – Been waiting in line for 2 hours, not sure anyone is there, even though I am 5th in line. I think it’s just people giving up on waiting for no one.


Hi. Looking for a lil help here please. I purchased three tix last night at about 8 pm to tlv. Was confirmed right away as well as on the united site. But said not ticketed yet. I called chase which is the cc I used and they have no mention of a charge. Should I just sit tight and the charge will come in after I get ticketed? Or does that mean the charge didn’t go through and i am screwed now?
Did anyone else not get ticketed yet sees a charge on cc?
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


how can i change/add a name to an existing ticket?


@Tzviki: I booked at 7:32PM last night and didn’t see the charge last night. But, I saw ticket confirmation emails at 9:24AM and also saw a pending charge on my United Explorer Chase Visa this morning as well. Hope that helps


@Yaakov: What number are u trying?


@Yaakov: When u go to cancel it should say a time u have until.


good morning-the number that u provided is not right..


Thank you Dan!!


@Yaakov: How did you book the ticket? What site did you go on to book?


@be: I don’t know if I should answer this bec. you prob wont read it. Whenever there is a seal like this THE NUMBER ONE RULE is DONT CALL THE AIRLINE. (unless you call the number I provided) tHIS RULE IS POSTED EVERYWHERE. How did you miss it?


Dan – Tachlis do you think these tickets will be honored?


@yaakov thanks. But the problem is everyone keeps saying that they got ticketed at 930 am. Did any one reading this get ticketed after that time? And was your credit card charged before or after the tickets were isssued. If someone had this. Please answer. I’m bugging out!!!!

Stupid me

I needed to cancel as well. I first sent an email reply to the confirmation email which was 24 hrs and 1 min. after their email to me.
Then I called United to see if they could cancel it; but they said it’s a United flight but not a United tkt and it can only be canceled by the agent who booked it.
Then I called my credit card co. (Chase-sapphire) and they said the charge is pending and they had already given approval. Sooo… now I have to see if my email request will result in the pending charge cancelation. If not, Chase said I can then dispute the charge.
I’m hoping it will not result in too much of a headache.

Good Morning

You should be able to cancel on United.com others have reported doing so.


AA by phone only Yul-NY-Tlv Tlv-NY-Yul $621 / $650 price my very by date


@HG: Dates?


Thanks so much!!! i got a ticket for 10 days to israel for under $400!


@Awesome: Dates?


I didn’t see anyone get any tiks departing 2013 but I managed to get a 12/28 – 1/8 tik for just about $500 which beats any published price. Thanks Dan!


bloody hell ++++++++

B"H !!! Thank you!!

Thank you very much Dan !! A big Bracha to you for making our family and so many others very very happy !! MIA-TLV thank you!


After reading all of the comments since I booked at 10pm in israel sat night, the reservation wasnt ticketed for over 24 hrs and I was discouraged… I did the CC form a few times to no avail – until I read that I can try to email Wideroe asking them for a status update… I did that and prob like 20 min later everything was finished up… I’d recommend anyone who has been waiting over 24 hrs to do the same (not to do it too soon)



Bh even though it was after the 24 hr period they were more then happy to cancel for free except i lost $5 on the exchange rate per ticket. >:(




8 tix EWR to TLV issued last night after almost 20 hr wait after receiving confirmation email. If you’re still waiting, email wideroe and they will respond. Hakaras hatov to Dan…..Thank you


just dont know how you do it!!!!
Leaving tomorrow through philly on your last deal first time spending chanuka in E.Y.
and now booked for Pesach, I (and my credit cards)thank you.


@Yaakov I just spoke with United, I was on the phone for more then a 1/2 hour and they added the infant for $112…


762 comments…holy cow!!!


@ everyone if my tickets all are missing middle names first and last spelled correctly am i okay?


It’s fine.


Dan why is my Cc still pending this charge since Sunday @ 10:30 when they send me my e ticket #


@good morning: what is the real number for the Aegean Airlines? the one u gave is for the national crisis hotline… (and I don’t think not being able to get cheap tickets constitutes a crisis akin to someone about to commit suicide!)
@hg: AA- which airline are u referring to?


Can I cancel my tickets? Will they refund me since I got it in a glitch? Or at least let me change the dates? Dan? Thanks


I thought of that after I posted the comment.
Seems that MIL is for Milan after all, just for all airports, as NYC works for NY. But to be technically correct, I am flying EWR-MXP.


Thanks Dan my reservation was ticketed Sunday about 11:00am at $417.00 EWR-TLV thanks


Hey Dan…

Can I tell my relatives in Israel that I’m going to be visiting them in February? Any word on whether this deal is confirmed, or is there still a decision to be made by United/wideroe?

want to cancel

will they let me cancel tickets for a full refund?


thank you dan!!! and thank you for taking the time to answer


I would like to book a flight tlv nyc -who did you call.I m calling from iSRAEL


@Moshe: I see one person was able to call United to add an infant for $112. I am getting a run-around from Wideroe and UA with both of them saying they cannot add an infant and I should contact the other. Any ideas? Thanks.



You might need a time machine, hehe this was on from around noon EST Saturday till Sunday morning (for the massive sales DXB, LIS, WAW, OSL, etc), EWR-MXP lasted till Monday… right now this fare is dead as a dodo, but Air Canada via Twitter hinted that they will nonor, WF the issuer knew they were selling this fare, so it’s up to United… 99.999% they will honor it, if not, DoT complaint is ready to go… 🙂


THANKS DAN!!!!! For all your posts, keep it up

And to those who don’t like Dan’s posts. Your stupit commends is not accepted here. just DON’T visit this site


Is there any chance that United will not honor the tickets in the end or will make me pay an additional amount once I’m @ the airport as Elal did to me last year?



If you were forced to pay even a penny more at the airport (unless it was for the $75 fee for the direct flights, or luggage fees) you should file a DoT complaint for a violation of the post ticket price increase regulation.


still around?

Chaya friedman

How can I sign up for your deals to be texted to me


Looking for tickets to Tel Aviv from New York. Dates Dec 24 or 25 and coming back to NY ON Jan 1


thanx so much dan! got a ticket for $449! but didn’t know of the foreign fee that there is if bought with chase freedom card. thanx anyway


is this deal alive?


Yes, book through link in post