Delta: Flights To Honolulu From $406 Round Trip


-Bookable on Orbitz with full mileage earning and free cancellations until 10pm CT the day after you book or directly from the airline.

– Earn 3 MR points per dollar with American Express® Premier Rewards Gold Card or 2.14 UR points per dollar with Chase Sapphire Preferred.

Houston-Honolulu: $406.30
Denver-Honolulu: $407.80
Newark-Honolulu: $421.37
Washington DC-Honolulu: $498.80

Fares are valid on most flights from now through end of scheduling!
Sample valid dates for EWR-HNL:

Read about using ITA Software to use their awesome month-long calendar search to help find dates with cheap flights.

I’ve been around the world and there’s truly no place like Hawaii.  I’ve been there 5 times (including a 4 week honeymoon on 4 islands) since the $87 mistake airfare+hotel deal back in 2006.  Of course if you go all the way there and just stay in the touristy city of Honolulu the whole time you may as well go to South Beach and save yourself the long flight.  While Oahu does have beautiful sights, it’s the neighbor islands that are each a true gem in their own unique way.
Besides for being stunningly beautiful, the little things are great as well. As a US state your money and cell phone work just like at home. Car rentals are easy and are the same as renting on the mainland. And all of the kosher food you buy at Costco, Walmart, and Whole Foods can be found in Hawaii as well. Sure prices are higher, but that’s the price of paradise.

I have a Hawaiian Airlines corporate account for DansDeals, and booking through the corporate portal entitles you to 2 free checked bags and free standby.  If you’re interested you can email me (dan at with your name, date of birth, and when you want to travel (you can check fares on  There is a $5 per person booking fee for each inter-island flight.

I usually recommend spending 5-7 days on an island. Less than 4 on an island would be too short and if you have more than 8 days you should explore another island.

Want to tag on a flight to Hawaii for free with an international award ticket? American for example allows you to book a one-way flight from Tel Aviv to JFK, stopover in NYC for as long as you want, and then fly from JFK to Alaska, Hawaii, LA, Miami, etc. for the same 45,000 miles as just the Tel Aviv-JFK flight.  The travel date of the “trailing” flight can even be changed for free.  The reverse works as well.  Fly back from Hawaii to JFK, stopover in NYC for as long as you want, and then fly from JFK to Tel Aviv for just 45,000 miles.

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HT: jmansour and TFD.

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Can you give sample dates? The ones I tried are in the $1,000 range. Thanks


$421 – EWR-> HNL – 11/17 returning 11/24


Added sample dates, but that’s what ITA is for!


how many stops?




@Dan – Sorry. I completely missed that


Does this deal work for airports besides EWR, Houston, or Denver? Could you get a deal like this out of St. Louis?


Anything nonstop for newark?


thanks, but all I see is 2 stops for $421



If there was I’d have posted it 😉

Try a different date or use ITA to search for flights with 1 stop only.


i booked a free one way trip to Hawaii on an israel as you recommended. will booking another ticket to israel help with the return? can one travel from Honolulu and stop off in NY for a few months and then travel to israel and return to NY.
ie. return from hawaii on jan 10th with a return flight in march or april?
if i only have time for one island which do you recommend?


Any chance other airlines will match this?? I just happen to hate delta…



I love all the islands, hard to pin it down on just one 😀

It’s possible but it’s more likely that United will match only out of Delta’s hubs (ATL, DTW, MSP, SLC)


How far in 2014 does this go


Would you know if the deal is available also for dates not listed above? for example december 20


Read the post.

Use ITA as I write in the post.


Lookslike it ends sept 2014


I wont to go with my wife business nyc to tlv for lag bomer and then in AUG I wont to go business nyc to Hawaii whats the best way to book it with points I have united AA AE chase ?


I am traveling to Brazil in the end of December on American Airlines using BA avoids. Anyway to tag on Hawaii as well?


You can do it with United or American.
Both allow a free stopover in NYC.

No, BA charges for every leg that you take.


@dov @dan I completely missed the Hawaii leg add on to a NYC-tlv or tlv-NYC.. Can u explain how it works and what you mean by it? Thanks.


Anything leaving Dec 17?


I want to do a strict mileage run and found Delta EWR-HNL 10/21-22 for $422 but I need United for A3 *G purposes. They don’t seem to be matching anything less than a week stay, did you search for 1 or 2 day flights via United?


For a mileage run is it cheap? .0421 cpm?


I am trying to book specific dates that show in the ITA, but on Orbitz they have a much more expensive price – suggestion?


I am trying to search 1/19 to 1/26, just as listed above, on ITA but it is nowhere near the $400 range. Any suggestions?


is this deal still alive??
i cant find it anywhere


I’m with the previous two posters. I have been looking at different airports and none of them are close to the $400 range. Maybe we’re doing something wrong with ITA?


Is the deal dead? searched with ita google several different options and cannot find tickets from NY/NJ to Hawaii for <$689. thanks!