British Airways: Fly From Baltimore, Chicago, Houston, Miami, Or Washington DC To Tel Aviv From $510 Round-Trip!


American Express is a advertiser.
-Earn 5 points per dollar on the AMEX Platinum Card or 3 points per dollar on airfare with the AMEX Premier Rewards Gold Card or the AMEX Business Gold Rewards Card.
-Earn 3 points per dollar and get $300 in airfare automatically refunded every calendar year with Chase Sapphire Reserve.

Use this BA link to book and you’ll automatically receive $65 off coach fares. You will need to disable ad-blocker.

-Tickets are refundable for 24 hours from the time of booking by calling BA.

-If you use a consumer Chase Visa and select flights operated by British Airways (other airlines won’t qualify for the extra 10% off) you can save another 10% off by using the following promo code on the page after selecting flights: CARDOFFERU

-A Saturday night stay is required for this sale.

-Sale fares valid on select dates only in February, March, April, May, September, October, November, and December.

-Fares will vary greatly by date, so search nearby dates for better fares.

-Be aware that on some dates an overnight connection in London is required, which can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your perspective. Be sure to check carefully before purchasing.

Sample deals:

Miami to Tel Aviv for $510 after using the link above and the code above in the box highlighted in red below:























Miami to Tel Aviv for $559 after using the link and code above:












Baltimore to Tel Aviv for $541 after using the link and code above:











Chicago to Tel Aviv for $541 after using the link and code above:












Washington DC to Tel Aviv for $559 after using the link and code above:











Houston to Tel Aviv for $510 after using the link and code above:











Post what other cities you find on sale!

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What is the best short-haul option for new-yorkers on avios?

Thank you!!


Can I use by companion pass for this ?


Does these rates apply for a one way?


Will this work for trips originating in Tel Aviv? Thanks you.


Looking for MIA flight for Sukkos. Not seeing in the $500 range…


Does the fare include BA taxes for Heathrow airport stop?


recently purchased on mobile phone, was not offered the discount with the a Chase card. Buy tickets on desktop version to get 10% promo. Fighting with BA now to get the 10% off.


Thanks @Dan but 16 days is too long. Not seeing in 500-600 range for just yuntif


Can I transfer Chase points to Avios and buy that way? Is that worth it?


How do I know if the 65 dollars has been deducted?


Does BA Let you hold tickets?


When looking at the flights and their prices it says at the bottom of the page “Taxes, fees and carrier charges for the entire journey are per adult and are included in the prices above.” Yet when I go to purchase the tickets it then adds taxes and fees…?
Whats going on?


Any chance I can get a ticket which returns a full year later? Or any sales on one way?


link doesn’t work


when should I add infant? online while booking? or after on the phone?


found PHL for 797RT


Any good way to work in a 5 day stop in London?


march 7 – march 14 $541.57 DC to tlv purim in israel! available


Thanks dan- in for $540 for thanksgiving


I used one of the dates you put in (November from Miami- exact dates and times), with the link and the code and got a quote of almost $3000.
any idea what I’m doing wrong?


In may $1268 for 2 tickets round trip . Thanks Dan !


My daughter booked SUCCOS bwi tlv 561


Great! Son going back to Israel after pesach from miami. Excellent ticket!


Do you know which dates are available at that price in April? I was hoping to do from a week before Pesach time and into the first days of Pesach, come back during Chol Hamoed. Any of those days applicable?



How do I post a screenshot image link?


Anything from LA?


The summer is not included in this sale, but on Ba Tickets were $813. Chase priced it at $1091 or 72k a ticket with no cash fees. Seems like a good deal.

Shelley Whisler

Do AAdvantage members get EQM’s for BA flights?


Whats the best mileage program to credit these tickets too?

Please Help!

Just realized the flight I booked late last night returns back to the States on Shavous (I had Shavous on my calendar the week before)… 🙁 I see prices are back up. Any idea if they will even discuss options of moving date or am I stuck cancelling?



does june 5-12 work with these prices? also, can i add yul to any of these airports and still get a good deal? trip starting in montreal.


Be careful when booking from BWI. The 7:30 pm flight that says BWI is really out of DC. It is a British Air typo that has been carried through everywhere


Any way to buy insurance for the ticket in case I cant make it? What’s your take on that? Thanks!


Choosing specific seats costs extra as well as luggage. No first bag free.


@M: 1st bag free

Binyomin Shmuel

On these tickets, you can use 33k Avios and drop the price another $220. I can transfer 28k Starpoints, SPG adds 5k and that gets me the 33k Avios. According to your calculations, is it worth the 28k Starpoints to get another $220 off? Thanks!


Anyway to cancel these tickets once booked or change the dates?


Best way, if any to use this towards a flight for yeshiva?
BÄ€ offered to wave change fee and I’ll just have to pay difference in fare. I have late August through March for $711 (would have been $621 returning in February but then would not wave change fee) is this worth it, being the difference in return fare is unknown?
I also have chase reserve points. Does this help?