American/El Al: JFK To Tel Aviv From $638 Round-Trip

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Update, 4/25: DEAD!

-Earn 5 points per dollar on the AMEX Platinum Card or 3 points per dollar on airfare with the AMEX Premier Rewards Gold Card or the AMEX Business Gold Rewards Card.

Bookable on Priceline. Tickets purchased from Priceline today are refundable until 11:29pm EDT on Monday, 4/24. Please see this post for directions on how to cancel these tickets.

-American and El Al have flights from JFK to Tel Aviv that connect in various cities in Europe from just $638 round-trip.
-Connection cities include Barcelona, London, Madrid, Milan, Paris, Rome, and Zurich
-Connections in Europe range from 1.5 to 23 hours, so be sure to check the flight details.

Sample itinerary:



-Flights are available on many dates from now through next year. Below are just a few sample dates.

-Limited seats are available on each date. Always search for 1 seat and then work your way up to the number of seats you need in order to book as many seats on sale as you can.

Sample dates with short connections:
May 2-15
May 7-21
May 14-23
May 28-June 11
June 5-14
June 13-25
June 18-28
July 5-12
August 13-27
August 20-30
August 27-September 5
September 3-17
September 17-26
October 1-18
October 22-31
November 5-19
November 12-26
November 19-December 3
December 3-18
December 10-20
December 24-January 8
January 14-28
January 21-31
January 28-February 7
February 4-14
February 11-21
February 18-28

HT: hamburg, via DDF

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81 Comments On "American/El Al: JFK To Tel Aviv From $638 Round-Trip"

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dov bennish

eliglble for 50% business platinum rebate ?


Thanks Dan! Bookable on too for a few $$ more, Worth if wanna buy with points.


Is it also going from tlv to jfk

Yisroel Falk


Yisroel Falk

@dov bennish: yes!


Thanks! Got one for 668 and one for 745 with few hour stopover.


Does aa move the luggage over to the Elal flight?


can i purchase this with chase ultimate points?


booked a ticket for lag bamomer in meron! yasher koach dan!!!!


I don’t understand I live n ny how does it help me. Trip from Barcelona to Tel Aviv. Please explain 9176815189 is my phone


Thanks Dan! booked for Lag b’Omer, Bday present for Dad!


I vote Davied for Dans inbox 🙂

Avrohom Berkowitz

Booked 4 flights, 3 @ $657 & 1 @ $743.
Thanks Dan


I bought at Amex Travel a family ticket, and a single, will decide tomorrow which to cancel.. I’m getting the %50 platinum credit, when canceling does every $ and Point find he’s way back to his original source?.. Or it’s get complicated?

Anybody with experience?


If you beg hard enough they’ll throw in a free ticket from NY to Barcelona.


Their not allowing me to add lap infant what does that nean? I need to contact the airlines but will they charge me for each leg of the trip?
Also, anyone know which airlines carry Bassinets?

Deals Dealer

Could get complicated if you want back the points. If you have no luck HUCA..


Just want to get in before all the El Al haters magically appear: El Al’s flights within Europe are a whole different experience compared to their long hauls. They actually have a number of brand new 737-900s and the rest are 737-800s, with a real business class (not the fake European business class) and 32″ pitch in economy, with options for preferred economy seats with even better legroom. Also a full meal is served, unlike on the low cost carriers.


Can not book Lap child will they charge per leg of trip?


It’s telling me it’s working on it . It gives me a tot # and that title number ir 7 days old


Does this work for Shavous


Is this price available for shavous may 29till June 2?



If yoi cancel after yoir points are rebated to your account… You might get the refund with the original amount charged and end up with bonus points….


Doesn’t anyone know of this would work for Shavuot?may29and coming back to NYC June 2?i tried and they showed me the same old procesthank you


Just booked 4 tickets for $698 for lag boimer with a stop in Spain. Thanks Dan


Didn’t find any flights from Tel Aviv to NYC


If anybody found flights leaving May 21 and returning on June 3 from JFK, please let me know, thank you.


@Yehuda: @Yisroel Falk:
How do u book TLV to JFK?


Question: Is there any way to prolong the stop over in Europe (~7-10 days) or will that hike up the price?


I thought Elal and AA ended their codeshare agreement a few years ago? Does this deal, if booked as just AA flight numbers, earn full AA miles?


Anybody know how to book to get 50% back with MR? I searched on their website but tickets are 950$ on their site. HELP?


Dan I need to ask you a question do have an email address that I can email u mine is


Can I use Avios?

Esti Berkowitz 20,000

I wasn’t able to get the fare for that price, $638, what is the trick?


I went to entered in one of the suggested dates and the prices were outrageous for American Airlines over $2,000. Where is the deal?


Didn’t find any options from TLV to NYC

Marv S.

Thanks! Just booked a 3 week trip to Israel in July for me, my wife and our son with short layovers. This way beats the alternatives we were considering on Norwegian Air.


What’s the economy baggage allowance for AA connecting to EL AL?


Will this work on the 1.5 for the reserve?

abraham foxman

Hi Dan is there a email address I can email u


For those that can get to ORD easier than JFK, I found a short stopover ORD-IST-TLV on Turkish Feb 2018 for $599.


Thanks Dan I just got 2 tickets for Sukot For me on my wife cost me 748$ each!


Just booked for xmas week to Israel. AA/LY and then LY/AA on the way home. Changing in lhr both ways. Never done this before. Does any one know if I need to claim my bags in lhr and check them back in?


Trying to buy this ticket but can’t find how


Please tell me how to order tickets


anyone know how to order tickets?


hi dan, thanks!

i do as you said and put 1 seat and find what as was need, how i change to more seat and still save the same price ?


how do i buy the ticket? i go to which website


is there any way to make the layover longer- like about a week? thanks


Found fares for $706 from 6/21 – 7/4.
Went through the whole booking process including billing and review.
Upon clicking “book”, the next page displayed: “Whoops! Something went wrong” and gave a trip #.
I tried this 3 times with the same results.
The fares are still displayed. What does this mean? Is there anything to do from here?


I would not fly LY even if you paid me!
Worst Airlines


cant book , is this dead
says something went wrong


Can you tell me the details of your trip I’m looking for oct 2 till oct 17



How can I add an infant in lap? It says that Priceline does not support infants under 2 yrs , what does that mean?


you have to call the airline directly and book with them


@Deals Dealer:

@Deals Dealer Thanks! HUCA worked! And she even told me she gonna email the first Rep that she has False Info..

But does Amex has any clear info on that topic? From here it sounds that only the %50 i’m loosing when cenceling Bonus ID: A6ZB


@Deena: try with

marc dorwitt

got a late august – early sep round trip for $707, awesome! best winter pricing in late summer.


@A: No you don’t


A little off topic but can anyone tell me if it’s possible to book a flight with spg points and if so, how to do it?


Does anybody know how to make that my search dates should be flexible on THANK YOU


Just found December 2017 availability on AC/UA for $513.


You can drop the last leg for no additional charge. (carryon luggage only)


i’m looking to go to israel on july 9th until july 24th
how can i go about booking with this deal of $638?
thank you


Trying to book 8/23 NY tlv 8/30 tlv London 8/31 nyc don’t show these rates any advise?


Just booked $702 June 29 return July 16


anyone able to book for a longer trip. i want to leave End July from TLV and come back end of August?


@R: My sister just book her son’s yeshiva ticket from August returning January 2018 through Madrid. just over $700.


How do I access these flights?

Moshe fetman

I m redy to go to israel. Any time u have this offer. Just call me 917 593 1535. Thanks. Moshe and yafa.


Just cancelled a ticket purchase yesterday, was only able to do it on the automated system over the phone, the processing fee of $7.00 is not refunded.


Booked for lag ba’omer for $675 with 3 hr stopover in Paris. Thank you Dan!


any idea as to why aa – el al fares suddenly dropped like this? i could find no unusual news on aa.


What is the maximum length of stay for these tickets? Can they be extended once purchased?


Deal may be dead. 2 hours ago there were options for many dates I looked at. Now there are no deals for any of them.




Is this deal still available??


I wish this came back!
Any chance it will Dan? 🙂


I used this deal, and am currently in Israel, however, something has come up and I want to know if I can change my return flight to an earlier time without major penalties?


is there any june 19 flights