Alitalia: Fly From Tel Aviv To NYC For Just $590.55 Round-Trip With Tax!

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Update, 10/27: The 25% off coupon has been officially extended until 10:50pm EST on Sunday, 10/28.
Plenty of $590 dates (for departures from Tel Aviv only after the 25% is applied) still exist, for example:

Originally posted on 10/19:

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This deal is bookable on the right on the Alitalia USA site.

Use the following “E-Coupon” code for 25% off on the page after selecting your desired flights: SPECIAL

25% off rules: Travel must be booked by 10/26 and begin between 11/05/12 and 03/27/13. Blackout dates are from 12/20/12-01/06/13.

Departing from Tel Aviv to JFK on many dates from November through March, like 01/13-01/20 for example, will be just $590.55 after 25% off the current sale price of $787.40.

Departing from Tel Aviv to Toronto on 01/14-01/23 for example the price will be $605.78 after the 25% off coupon.

Departing from Tel Aviv to Miami will run about $651.

Departing from JFK to Tel Aviv will run about $764 with tax. Departing from Miami to Tel Aviv will run about $729 with tax.

Want to find cheap flights with flexible dates? Read about using ITA Software here and use the following advanced routing code to limit the calendar search to only Alitalia flights: AZ+
Want to search an entire month for cheap fares but don’t like long layovers? This code for example will limit the search to Alitalia flights with layovers of 180 minutes or less: AZ+ / maxconnect 180
Remember to use the code in both the departure and return fields. Once you find a deal on ITA just plugin those dates onto the Alitalia site.

“When you purchase a ticket through Alitalia’s U.S. web site, we will allow you to cancel without penalty and receive a full refund within 24 hours after your purchase, if the reservation is made one week or more prior to scheduled flight departure. Cancellations and refunds for qualifying web site purchases may be requested by calling 800-223-5730.”

HT: Kachnik

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i was just about to send you this post!!! ha ha


so they can cancel it again!


Is this only starting from tlv – nyc or also starting in nyc- tlv


This is an advertised sale no shtick of going through their Japanese site.

Read the post.


Dan Im still waiting for your phone call from the last deal.
I’m not busy now 😉

Dan fan

Can anyone help Dan s maybe u can I’m trying to get that price $590 any time in jan-feb and would like to stay a week or so pls post dates that work all I have is $760 after the discount


@Dan fan:
Everything you need is already written in the post. Read it again.


I just used your example for JFK > TLV from 1/13 – 1/20, but the total I received is $707.47 with tax. How do you get $590?


I gave no such example. Read the post again.


This code takes 25% off, so you can still get a good deal from JFK to TLV in the winter, I got 763.80 for a round trip in late Jan


I can’t find it for so cheap I found found for $771


The layover is about 21 hours in rome


Only if you depart from TLV otherwise its over 700.00


There are plenty of short layovers.


love that our yeshiva school system is producing such great reading comprehension. i think half the comments on the main site are already absolutely clear or ascertainable from Dan’s original post or a response in the comments.
this 590 deal is only from Israel to NY, not the other way around.


got it in Feb. at 590.00 thanks DAN

eli b

whats the 25% code


whats the code


Sad. Just incredibly sad.

I’ve added the ITA code to use to search for dates with good connections.

@eli b: @sam:
Seriously? Just read the post!


for those wondering, you need to depart from TLV and arrive at JFK in order to get the $590.55 price that Dan mentions. This seems like a great deal for those that are in Israel …


dan they think that you advertised a special. not that the code is “SPECIAL” make it a littel more clear thats all.
thanks !


700 is not bad either




i dont see anything for 787.40, its all 1018.40…..
not bashert for me


You are searching during the blackout period Dan wrote about and you are not departing from TLV. And use ITA like Dan said!


just booked on sunday and now its 80 dollars less


I see nothing for under $1100 from NYC-TLV. Am I doing something wrong?


$1019 is cheapest im getting. – 25% = $752
Wheres $590


its ONLY from TLV – JFK folks !!




Departing from JFK to Tel Aviv will run about $764 with tax


how do you get to the ITA on alitaliyas page? urgent im trying to book cant see the 590 🙁


Why don’t you quote the blackout dates as well while you’re at it?


is this only with a stop or its good for none stop too?


Maybe do one way from tlv to use code and book milage to get there



I figured something interesting out. During the promotion period Alitalia has removed partner flights from their site. Therefore you can not book Delta flights on their site.
While generally you can.

Note that the previous sale of 10% off did apply to DELTA flights.


Hey dan why dont you make a iphone application?


thanks for sending this.
i just went on alitalia site and the price and I do not see a sale price… the best i was able to do was $1019 (not including the 25%) off. this was on the american site… what should i be looking for


I just booked my son’s ticket back for Pesach for a total of $590.55 just like you said! Thanks a ton Dan:)


2/03/13-2/12/13 590.60 works TLV-JFK thanks Dan. Now my in-laws are going to come 😉


If you want to go to america for pesach for $590 – the dates are March 12 – April 9. All other dates around R”C are more expensive.

Desiree Epstein

I just tried to book travel within the dates stated and applied the code special. However the price was not 596 it was higher. This was through the Alitalia USA link. Bummer….

Dan is THE man

Anyone know Alitalia’s cancellation policy (24 hours?)
Im thinking on booking for my family tlv-jfk and They need until tom to decide. if they have full refund within 24 hrs then ill just book now

Dan is THE man

@Desiree Epstein:
Are you searching FROM Israel to NY or NY to Israel?
did you check black-out dates?
I found the $590 on my first try ( Tlv-jfk 03/12-04/11)



Blackout dates are 12/20/12-01/06/13.

so can you explain me what this means to me it means 3 days that are locked out and i didnt bokk any of thees days !!!

in israel

Any one see any deals one way in business?flexible in march
Cant find any


For anyone doing this trip or who has (JFK-FCO-TLV), any experience trying to get a shacharis minyan either at FCO or on one leg of the flight? JFK-FCO lands at 8:10 and the FCO-TLV leg leaves at either 9:20 or 11:45. Thanks.


3 days? Where did you learn how to read again?


wow i cannot begin to imagine how he can read the blackout dates as 3 days. Im trying so hard to see it lol.


whats the cost to change the dates latter?

Lou bob

Found 3/12-4/9 $662. it was $590, but changed as I was putting the passenger info.


@Dan is THE man:

I misread and searched from NY to Tel Aviv. Oh well.


@Dan is THE man: The problem with that flight is its on shabbos. You have to be careful with the cheap dates around Pesach is on shabbos.


Why can’t I figure this out??? I’m going from TLv 0 JFK from Nov. 19th – Nov. 28th and I’m not getting anywhere hear $700ish!

Yossi - Canada

Thank you dan!! just booked a ticket to toronto round trip coming to 600$ total!!

Yossi - Canada

Oh and I had to clear my browsing history and click the link in the email to get that price.. Otherwise the price rang up to 800$!! For the same dates..


I’m gonna cry I really want these tickeys who can help me???


I just booked a ticket from tel aviv to miami for pesach(past March 27) for 3 adults and 1 infant for $2,027!!!!!! Thats like $650 per adult!!!!!
Thanks Dan


got 3 for 590
thanks “Dan”


What is your problem?

Lou bob

Its easy. Click dan’s link. Put in TLV as ur starting point and JFK as ur ending point. Keep it as a round trip. Put in the dates that u want to fly. Hit “SEARCH”. Next page will show u prices based on time of the flights. Choose a departing Israel flight and choose a return flight. Hit “CONTINUE” on the bottom or on the right of the page. on this next page, u will see a present box. Next to it, in the blank space, put in the word “SPECIAL”. Hit “RECALCULATE” and You will notice on the right side of the page that the price dropped. On bottom of the page u will need to ‘check’ the box that says u agree to the fare rules…then hit “CONTINUE”. Input the passenger info and hit continue. Then you pay on that next page. If this is not clear enough….I guess u can’t be helped by anyone here.


any way i can extend my flight in europe, if yes how much are the charges.. its the same amount to fly to isreal, as a flight to europe


Prices have also dropped for flights from places in Europe (with a stop in Rome) to the US. I just booked a $565 ticket to NY when the cheapest I could find on any other airline was about $800. Thanks!!

the young couple

Thanks Dan!

I just booked 4 tickets to go home for Pesach. Came out to $670 per ticket. Quite a deal!!

Short 2 hour stopover before pesach (TLV-ROME-JFK) and a nice full day, 10 hour stopover after pesach (JFK-ROME-TLV).

12am here in Israel
Gonna get to bed now…..


TLV- ORD Does not seem to be working, any reason why?


dan i tried booking from jan 7 till 21 and im getting an error message by payment page


hey do u have any deals from new york to london the first week of january??thanx!



We also tried, and called Alitalia. Rep said that they arent flying to ORD (and all midwest) since its low season. They will start early May again. It sucks!


hi dan i booked tickets for my family and it only let me book my currently infant as a “infant” even though at time of flight she will be over the age of 2. should i worry tghat they will give me a problem in the airport


can I travel before and after the black-out dates and still get the deal? for example, 12/19 to 1/7? thanks


Just booked 1/15 – 1/28 for 764. 3 hour stop over going and 2 hours on the way back. Thats $400 cheaper then my sons flight next week!

DZ The Telzer

Thanks Dan, booked 2 round trip tickets for my nephew one coming home for his brothers wedding (Jan) for $590 one coming home for pesach bain Hazmanim (March) $660


tlv-jfk put in 3/12-4/9 and came up with $662.25. put in every possible date, the only way to get the $590 is to land in jfk on friday afternoon- not an option for me.


I’m booking for yeshiva bochur to return to ny for Pesach , 3/11-4/09
For $662.55 . The stopover in Rome is close to ten hours ! I’m nervous to send him alone
Is anyone in the same situation??..maybe we can arrange a few boys..,so we can all enjoy this great fare worry free !

Chachem Balaileh

Just curious…Does anyone know if the luggage goes straight thru to TLV or u must check baggage again in Rome?



I am trying to find the 700 something rate NY to Telaviv 3/13-4/3….no price comes close….am I doing something wrong or should I assume that it is just not possible to get this rate over Pesach(I did put the code in)



Dan, I tried unsuccessfully to book 2 round trip flight to Israel on Alitalia’s website, numerous times. The prices kept coming up in the $1,500 range and higher. Please advise.


I was almost sorry I grabbed the tkts for my kids to come in Feb. for $740 apiece because $590 sounds so much better. But in searching the dates and times I got, it now comes out $787. For a ten hour stop in Rome on the way back to TLV, the price is $663. There must be a few select inconvenient times for $590.
I’m happy with the deal I got.


See my post #77 and you’ll be happy too.


Did you apply the coupon?
There are tons of good dates/times for $590 with the coupon.


Anyway to book a ticket for January time and return in the summer and still get the great fare?


Yes, of course I did. I needed a specific date for a family wedding.


I tried the Pesach dates earlier today and they were available for 590, but not anymore….the power of Dan strikes! I just booked for 660, not as good, but still a good deal


Are these prices same for Pesach time or in the summer starting June from LA/NY to Tel Aviv?


For all those worried about minyanim and flying alone – the flights around pesach time will be FULL of frum yidden, just booked for 3 diff couples and a couple of bochrim.


anyone know what the policy is after 24 hrs if you want to cancel the ticket?


Hi. I want a ticket from TLV to MIAMI next week, until Passover (round trip)…
I wanna know the prices. Thanks


Thanks so much, my entire family got tickets for Pesach for 700 per person! Which is amazing!!! Also just so you all know, they have 2 fares, calssic and classic plus, for $50PP you are upgraded to classica plus ( thats what they call it) and you then get priority boarding, 2!!!!! checked bags, and other weird perks!


When I choose a return flight, they add the fares together, so that when I hit recalculate, it is only 25% off one way.
What am I doing wrong?


I would like to send my son home from Israel and would be interested in getting a group together. How do we do this?@Sarah: Sarah

Michael M.

Worked great $730 for each ticket round trip. Delta was cheapest and wanted over $1100 each for similar type stop over tickets. Thanks
Seems if you pick Tuesday as travel day its cheaper than say a Wednesday starting point. Friday isnt an option if your religious
Seems one of the only ways to get a trip for $600. Also click on 3 day flex option for travel days if your open . It will list the cheapest fleights for that week, Keep in mind not every week runs a $600 fleight package. If it matters when you get there as well as going home it looks like if you got the trip for $730 you did real well.


Just booked for my son from tlv to jfk on march 12 with a 6 hr 20 minute layover in rome
jfk to tlv on april 8 with a 10 hr layover in rome.
i hope there alot of guys on those flight cuz its going to be boring in rome


Oct 24 2012- Alitalia JFK-TLV with 70 minute stop in Rome $824 with promo code SPECIAL


Dan, is there an option for TLV-ORD(Chicago)-NY? Please let me know, I would like to book ASAP


@Dan: Mezlan shoes for $115 on (Amazon)


where is the discont i tried to book nothing less then 1500


now i found 1050 can somebody help me out here

the young couple

Pray tell, where did u get that info?

$50 pp to upgrade?!?

I called them and they said that u have to pay the difference in fare- about $2000!

Please update.

too good to be true

just spent 2hrs trying every-which-way to book a return ticket TLV>ROM>JFK utilizing the promo listed above. there’s NO WAY you’re getting the ticket for $600 or anywhere near that. $900 was the cheapest i was able to get. alitalia customer service was not helpful and wanted to charge $1100. ABC News and USA Today reported it as being a mistake.

i guess it was too good to be true.


@the young couple- thats what the alitalia customer service reps said last night, today i dont know what the story is, its possible they had no clue what my parents were talking about, since the alitalia number I have, they actually answer in Italy, so maybe their English aint so good:))


i didnt find a ticket from tlv to mia (miami) in 650$…
someone can help me please?


@too good to be true:
There are still plenty of dates for under $600 departing from TLV.
Just use ITA as I explained to find dates for $788 tickets and then use the code on Alitalia.

Use ITA calendar search to find cheap dates.


@Dan: but no have around 650$..
the begin is from 850,,


And tell me what 25% off $850 equals…


I booked 2 tickets to Tel Aviv via Rome 2 days ago. How can I now add another ticket with the promotion code? The code does not adjust the price now.


i tried 12-03 till 12-31 and i get the offer for $591!!! i guess that from 12-20 till 01-06-13 isnt blocked
will i be able to change dates after?

so excited

Thanx Sooo much I got a ticket to Israel in January for 764 its such a steal


What promo code are you entering? It isn’t working for me


Thanks Dan! We saved $300 on a ticket for my wife and baby TLV-JFK in a month from now.


I tried a few times and it keeps on coming out to over $1,000 per ticket


Jack, how did you get the special on the blackout dates? what code did you put in?


I hit the SEARCH and get msg that there is an error and re-directs me to HOME PAGE where the tickets are 1K+ . Did they cut off the deal ?


Booked TLV-JFK, 1/18-1/23, $591.00 !!!


Thanx a lot Dan.

Worked perfectly for TLV-JFK-TLV tix in January.


We keep trying and the site won’t let us actually purchase it.


booked last night for 861 jfk to tel aviv jan 7th to 21 so exited have to keep trying and also when u get to surname it means last name who knew also might need to try differ credit card sometimes



I tried to get my kids home for pesah leaving tel aviv march 12 but it would not accept it. What dates did you get?Joe


Is there a way to get tlv-Toronto -los Angeles- tlv? If so what do I type in?


@Dan the $788 tickets on ITA are only for 2 stopovers. 1 stopover has gone up to $836. any ideas? i want 3/7-4/8,. wish i would have booked right away. it was dirt cheap. for family of 4 and an infant it was $2275!!


Unable to submit payment. Two calls to Alitalia and I’m told that the website is busy but it’s the only way to get the deal. Any advice?


Are you sure the 25% off sale is extended to 10/28?

Got a 980.00 price on ITA and on Alitalia site, but wouldn’t let me take off the 25% which would be $735.00

I instead called and got 840.00 after 25%off discount

Pesach TLV-JFK 3/5 – 4/9


Just booked TLV-JFK $591!!!
Thank you!!


I tried to book for January, after discount the cost is close to $800.00. How can I get the $560 fare??


On alitalia site it seems they are only giving half mileage credit bec of the fare class on the 591 flights. Dan- If using delta mileage number will there be full mileage credit ?



What’s the cheapest and least time consuming way to get about 9,500 MQM on Delta by 12/31 for someone based in NYC?

I booked myself to TLV using the 25% off coupon about a week ago, after that trip I’ll be short about 9500 MQMs to keep my status.


does anyone know if this ticket tlv to jfk can be used in reverse meaning from jfk to tlv. pls tell me how


@Dan: Thank You very much

dudi stick

does any body know dates where you could get it for less than $800?

dudi stick

@avigdor: what was the dates u used?


Can we make this a regular Motzei Shabbos thing?


Dan, just to clarify, this $590 deal is only avail departing from TLV and not from JFK?


I used 03/10/2013-04/10/2013, $715 after 25% discount. You could get for $590,but the return dates will fall on Shabbat.


@rachel: Did you find out? I have the same problem If I could get it with him as infant I would go for it, because and infant ticket is much cheaper. They may make me pay in the airport. My baby will be 24 months and 2 weeks old. Anyone know if they make a problem with that?

Urgent Question

I booked on Alitalia, but only put in our first names. When I called the Alitalia agent, they said that we absolutely do need to have middle names if there are middle names on our passport (which there are), but that I cannot add them. The agent insisted that I rebook the tickets and then cancel the first ones. However, the price has gone up in the meantime…Is this truly a problem – will Alitalia not allow us to fly if our middle names our not on the tickets?

eli g

thanx dan!!!! purim in israel, and a day in italy -765$ !!!


Finding the Alitalia Agents to be quite rude in general. If you need hang up and call again. There are times that the middle name wont matter. But to play it safe speak to a supervisor.


Thank you Dan booked from TLV TO Jfk and YYZ only $623 🙂


Thanks Dan, the ITA Software is awesome. Just booked TLV-JFK Jan. 13-22 for $715!


i’m trying to book 1-12 -1-16 can any1 help me?


Thanks, Dan.
I paid $825 jfk-tlv-jfk for the dates I wanted.
Does anyone know what to do during the 10 hour layover in Rome? Are there any reliable (I’m travelling alone.)tours in English that will go to Jewish sites and will also go to a kosher restaurant?


@rachel: By the way I called my travel agent, and Alitalia and I asked them that question, they told me I will have to purchase a child ticket in the airport at the than current price (probably as much as you paid for all the rest of your tickets together) I would check it out, you could find yourself in an uncomfortable situation in the airport.



Jack Spivack

I don’t know how to book the flight for special price. I have try and no go. Would someone tell me which website to book it.



Using this, I nabbed a R/T fare of $787.50 for TLV-JFK-TLV
leaving mid Jan, returning in May, including short layovers.
Way to go, Dan.


I just heard a rumor that Alitialia is going bankrupt…anyone know anything?


Is the deal over?


I booked a ticket a couple weeks ago on Alitalia (for $770) and I just realized yesterday that it arrives in Israel on Shabbos. It is very not like me to do something so dumb but alas.
When I called to change it they said it’s $270 PLUS another $400 to change it for a later date.
If I cancel the ticket I only get back $155.00.

Can somebody PLEASE give me advice on how to change or cancel my ticket without incurring such steep penalties?
Thank you so much.