Air Canada: Chicago To Tel Aviv For Just $970 Round Trip With Tax!


Bookable on Orbitz (with full mileage earning, free cancellations until 10pm CT the day after you book, and price assurance refunds) or direct from the airline.

-Valid for outbound travel from ORD between 07/19-12/23 (based on available seats in booking code K).
-You can credit the miles to United and earn 100% of the redeemable and elite miles.
-Travel is via Toronto, click on flight details to make sure that the connection is reasonable.
-It’s pretty rare to find a fare like this during peak travel season, other fares are hundreds of dollars more.
-You may want to use BA Avios to get to Chicago. From Cleveland for example this fare is a savings of over $700 and it only takes 9,000 Avios to get to Chicago round-trip.

Sample valid dates ($970-$980) as of the time of this posting:
Plenty of other dates are also available, search “3 days before and after” on orbitz.
09/11-10/11 (Rosh Hashana/Yom Kippur/Sukkos)
09/19-10/11 (Yom Kippur/Sukkos)

HT: moko, via DDF

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Can I miss the chicago flight and fly from yyz?


I assume YYZ-TLV is more?


You’d be risking having your entire itinerary cancelled.

07/23-08/06 is $1,753 from Toronto or $776 more than from Chicago.
You might want to use 4,500 BA Avios (or 10K United miles) to go to Chicago one-way to pickup the flight.
On the way back you can pickup your bags in Toronto at customs and skip the last leg and leave the airport without rechecking your luggage.

Daniel Peikes

when I drill down from the matrix into the flights the price goes up to 1225, is taht an additional fee or am I doing something wrong.


Dan do you know if they can book this flight with miles? If yes would they be saver miles or the same 75k miles each way?


@Dan: How would you pick up luggage at yyz if they will already put them on the next flight?


BA has been a pain in the neck with their reward travel. I see on availability in sAAver rewards category however BA is not honoring it and they are saying it is not available to them. any suggestions?


@Daniel Peikes:
For what date?

Why would you want to burn miles on a cheap flight?

You should use miles when flights are expensive.

I’m assuming the process for Toronto works the same as it does when you arrive into the US from an international destination. You claim your luggage, walk through customs, and then you have to recheck your luggage to your final destination (or just leave the airport)

How can I help you if you don’t give an example (route, date, and flight)?

Daniel Peikes

it is looking good on air


i tried many different dates and none are available at that price?


Which of the sample dates no longer work?


NYC to Tampa on 8/14 or 15 or even 16. AA shows available on the 14th


If you would click on the 14th you would see that is for a flight from Newark to Chicago to Tampa.
BA only sells nonstop flights and charges a rate for every flight segment.
Search for Newark to Chicago and Chicago to Tampa separately on BA if you want to book such a flight.

There is a nonstop flight in business class available, but BA charges 3 times the rate for domestic business class as it is classified as first class. You do however get 3 free bags in business class.


8/16-8/22 Got $980


8/02-8/15 not working


8/16-8/22 not working


DAN, I’ve noticed most sales on flights are from the US to tel Aviv. Are there any deals from Tel Aviv to the US??



Actually both of those dates still work on from ORD to TLV.

If I find any I’ll be sure to post.


Thanks Dan!


I tried it with a child and it said it worked. But after i clicked on it to book it told me that the price changed to the regular fare of around 1500


Just book it as adults.


Thanks so much for explaining


Unfortunately no availability to leave august 19 and return in early march for pesach it’s around 1700 dollars…oh well


How will I add the infants though?


Book kids 2+ as adults and add infants under 2 by phone after ticketing.



If you find anything for those dates please let me know!


Dan, did you see any good deals on a one-way to Israel? I’m going for yeshiva and not sure yet when I want to come back…



I am also looking for a ticket for yeshiva (leaving the 19th of August). Any recommendations? Either a 1 way, or returning pesach?


Has this worked in the reverse (TLV to Chicago)?


All these itineraries seem to return from Toronto at 9:40pm. Has anyone managed to find a late night flight back to the east coast? Or do you think we can book something from Toronto and skip the last leg of the flight?


You can skip the last leg.


Dan, if you skip the last leg, YYZ-ORD, isn’t there a fair chance the luggage will continue on to ORD?


Not if you tell them in Tel Aviv that you only want to be put through to Toronto (I think?).
I am worried that I’d forfeit the miles I would have earned for the entire trip if I skip the last leg, though.


When flying on an international to the US or Canada and connecting to another US city you need to collect your baggage, bring it through customs processing (to make sure you’re bringing in any banned items) and then recheck your luggage. This is true even if it’s tagged for your final destination, you still need to pick it up and recheck it.

You’ll still get the miles for the segments flown, but obviously you won’t for any skipped flights.


Thank you, Dan.

Shabsai Shuchatowitz

I live in Chicago and this is an awesone deal! (I’m a longtime follower, and first-time poster)

A few questions: If I buy this on a United cc do I get double miles for the purchase of the ticket? Secondly, Air Canada offers one free bag up to 50 lb. and charges for the second. I’m considering gettng the United Club Card and wanted to know if this would also allow me to take a second bag? It appears that Toronto does not have a United Club Lounge and with almost a five hr. stop on the way there and a 2.5 hr. stop heading home,I wanted to know what options are there?

Thank so much!


@Shabsai Shuchatowitz:
-You will not get double miles as this isn’t a United ticket (Sapphire Preferred and Premier Rewards Gold give bonus miles for all tickets).

-You will not get a 2nd free bag, as that is only on United flights.

-You will be able to use Air Canada’s lounge for free by showing your United membership card.


Great thank you! I was anyways considering getting the United Club Card (besides for the United Mileage Plus Rewards Card which I’ve had for many years racking up tens of thousands of United miles), and even for the 7+ hrs. which I’ll be spending at the A.C.’s lounge it’s about worth it!


when does this expire???


maybe im missing something but when i put the dates you named it doesnt show up as 970$?