Win $50,000 Toward Your Dream Wedding!

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Congrats – you’re engaged! Let the planning begin? We know – planning a wedding isn’t all champagne and glitter. When it comes down to it – the dress, rings, photographer, band, and venue may eat up years of hard-earned income.

But we all want and deserve the wedding of our dreams, so no worries – it just became official! The Giveaway is now live, ready and willing to help you pay for the wedding you’ve always wished for.

So, get psyched – one lucky individual will win a $50,000 complete wedding package!

In the words of those in charge, “your wedding’s on us.” And let’s face it, a free wedding isn’t something you get offered every day.

So, what’s holding you back?

Enter to win $50,000 today!

P.S. Just so you know, your money is headed toward a great cause. All proceeds benefit the Children’s Scholarship Fund. The Children’s Scholarship Fund believes that every child has the right to the highest standards of education, regardless of financial means. It is dedicated to providing scholarship funding to students from low-income households, allowing them access to quality education. Every child is a rising scholar and a pillar of the future, and The Children’s Scholarship Fund is therefore committed to ensuring quality education to students from all financial backgrounds.


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How is this massar? It looks like a secular organization. Please clarify


They give a ton of Yeshivas and girls school scholarships…. though it’s not a yiddishe organization a lot of their clientele is Yiddish


It’s a Frum organization in lakewood, I know them personally, and yes you can use Maaser


“Congrats – you’re engaged!”…. No, I’ve been married for years. Is it possible to take the $50,000 cash if one.