Win 5 Shaitels Or A Personal Driver For As Little As $1!

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  • $10,000 cash
  • A shaitel a year for 5 years
  • A personal driver
Buy two or more tickets & get entered into a special raffle for a fully stocked wine fridge.
Buy a ticket now before they are all gone!
Last years winner won $10,000 and paid only $20 for his ticket!
Tizku Lmitzvos.

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29 Comments On "Win 5 Shaitels Or A Personal Driver For As Little As $1!"

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Great prizes 🙂 Fun raffle. Bought two


It’s one prize…


The odds are good at 1 in 360, but with two tickets, the odds are now only 1 in 180 chance of winning!


I mean, he said great prize”S” but it’s only one prize that you could win…


How much did id cost you ?


Only 280 tickets left!


I would so go for the driver. My wife would so go for the Shaitels. I think we are going to get stuck going for the cash




I’m buying one for my newly engaged brother in law. Coming into a marriage with four more Shaitels than your wife is priceless.

reb yid

…and one more driver than your wife has. cuz the chosson doesn’t have a husband…


When is the raffle? Where is this shul located?


Far rockaway


i guess if I have a driver I wont need the shaitels


When’s the raffle


Raffle is unofficially scheduled for Purim.


What does unofficial mean? When you sell out tickets? That’s not fair


Either buy it or not ben


KMT, Purim 2019 has come and gone. Please reach out to me by email at your best ability concluding YomTov. I’d like to find out a little more about the organization, some names of people involved, and where the tzedaka money intends on being used.Thank you.


Only 265 tickets remaining.


My wife wants the shaitels…. I don’t get a vote.


Just bought a raffle ticket and figured whatever amount I get, the Tzedaka should be a zechus for my friend. Was hoping for a lower number but got $116. It was fun 🙂 Hope I win!


Mathematical average $180. You did pretty well. Well done.


“Mathematical average $180”. It’s $0- $360…. great math skills!


I look forward to learning in the back seat on the way into the city and never having to look for parking.


I never ever win these things but prizes are actually life changing in so many ways. I’m in for two. I think I want the wine fridge the most


What type of shaitels? What would I even do with 5 shaitels. I guess one for each day of the week and tichel/snood it on sunday and fridays. lol

Scam ?

Anybody knows if its legit ?
Are there only 360 tickets ?
Are people actually only going t pay so little ?


Yes. Only 360 tickets. You price could be between $1 and $360. Whatever number the spinner shoots out is your number and your cost. Last year the winner spun a 20 and got his $10,000 grand prize for a total of $20


First I got a $24, so I was like “oh I can get another for that price.” Then I got $53 and I was still feeling lucky. So then I got a $95 and said “okay I’m done.”

Then I reread the T&C and it said that every two tix gets 1 entry to the wine fridge raffle.

So I bought another, just to make it an even 4 tix.
This one was $199.

So I went from $172 to $371 but it’s all for a shul which I’m happy to give to.