Win 200,000 Amex Points And Other Amazing Prizes!


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Jewish Heritage Center Chinese Auction

Win 200,000 Amex points, a trip to Israel, a hotel stays, a sheitel, Jewelry, and so much more at the Jewish Heritage Center Chinese Auction. Enter now to get special Chanukah and Early Bird Bonuses. This is not a big auction so your odds of winning are very high!

At the same time you can help the Jewish Heritage Center a highly successful Kiruv Center that has brought thousands of people closer to Yiddishkeit. For the last 25 years the Jewish Heritage Center has been providing an array of free lectures and classes, hotel retreats, educational and social programs designed for Jews with little or no formal background in Jewish Studies. To date over 15,000 Jews have discovered the relevance and spirituality of their heritage through the Jewish Heritage Center. Help us continue our vital work and win great prizes at the same time!

Think where you could go with 200,000 points!
Put your tzedaka/charity to work for Jews throughout the Metropolitan New York and at the same time win amazing prizes!

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What is the equivalent in miles or in gift card rewards?


Do you know of any deals for a 17″ laptop?

kamran sassoon

just bought two.