Last Chance: Win $20,000 Cash! Get A Free $250 Gift Card To Bed Bath And Beyond With Purchase!


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Enter Talmudical Academy of Baltimore’s Annual Sweepstakes and win $20,000 cash!

It’s only $50 for 1 Ticket, but 4 tickets for $120 – that’s 40% off! Get 10 tickets for $250 or 18 tickets for $360 – that’s more than 50% off!

Want a free gift? Just purchase one of our amazingly discounted prize packages starting at only $500!

-$500 – get 40 tickets (75% off) and a Shabbos Lamp or Indoor Grill absolutly free.
-$1,000 – get 100 tickets (80% off) and get a free Amazon Prime Subscription or $100 Artscroll Gift Card.
-$1,800 – get 200 tickets (82% off) and get a $250 gift card to Bed Bath and Beyond – absolutely free.

And, what’s more, you get the opportunity to help support the nation’s oldest Jewish day school outside of New York. Your support will go directly towards educating our over 1,000 students from the Baltimore community.


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