What Debt Collectors Don’t Want You To Know

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If you have received any letter from collection agencies demanding payment or offering “settlements”, they may have violated the law. You may be able to collect up to $1,000 per case. The law firm of Fredrick Schulman & Associates is dedicated to protecting consumers’ rights. Submit the letters you have received AT NO COST TO YOU for evaluation. We are one of the largest consumer protection law firms and we are committed to protecting your rights against debt collections who violate the law. Fax your letters to us without delay to 212-951-7379 or visit our website www.fschulmanlaw.com . Please be sure to include your contact information with your fax.

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david l

I thought ill take a moment to comment because i’ve gone through that ordeal, and it is true, they violate sometimes our protection laws. So in nowadays, when many people suffering financially and receive those letters, just forward them to an attorney specializing in these cases, and just maybe!…

wez pomona

I have personally (actually my wife) used them for this and they delivered on their promise & within 3 months i got a check!


@wez pomona:

who did u use?


I have an attorney working for me. They filed a counter suit on a debt of $5200 and they dropped everything. I didn’t pay them a dime.


What are they violating? I owe the money after all, no?

Fredrick Schulman & Associates

@er: You are asking a great question. The answer is simple even if you owe the money congress passed a law in 1978 which regulates what debt collectors can do and how they act. So when they step over the line (which happens often) we are there to protect the consumer.


“step over the line” give us some details?

Fredrick Schulman & Associates

@Anonymous: Please find some examples below. You may also visit our website for more info.

1) Calling you before 8am or after 9pm.
2) Calling work place when told to stop.
3) Calling cellphone with a prerecorded message.
4) Threaten to take action against you ( sue you, garnish your pay, freeze your bank accounts) and they don’t deliver on the threat with in a 30 day period.
5) Calling relatives and disclosing that you owe a debt.
6) Leaving a message with out disclosing there company name. etc etc

Thank You


I think it is important to note that this is simply to punish the collectors that are violating the rules.

Even if this happens, you still owe the original debt…

Fredrick Schulman & Associates

@Doug: Doug you have a point. Most of our settlements that we obtain for our clients are a full debt release for the underlying debt.

wez pomona

I used fredrick shulman and spoke to someone Luba….very easygoing and helpful

Money Teacher

Chassanim who learn the laws of family purity with R. Chaikin in Cleveland get a shir in finance (from a wise attorney) where this topic is covered.


I have a different problem with a mastercard where I wanted to purchase $3600 worth of items a few years back and after charging the card the retailer wouldn’t give me the items he promissed. I called up mastercard on the spot and they told me to leave the murchandise that I was given in the store and dispute the charge. I did that, but mastercard charged me anyway. I called them a few times and sent themn a letter, but didn’t get anywhere (besides for the charge saying disputed on my credit report). Can you guys help me with this? Do you have experiance with this?