Sponsored: Urgent Plea: Help The Family Of Reb Chanoch Regal, Who Tragically Passed Away On Erev Pesach!

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Urgent Plea: Help The Family Of Reb Chanoch Regal, Who Tragically Passed Away On Erev Pesach!

Reb Chanoch Regal was tragically taken from this world on erev Pesach and his wife was badly injured with 3rd degree burns.

Now their 3 children are struggling to survive and need your help!

May your kindness and charity be a merit for us all!

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Aryeh Sonnenberg

I know the family, very tragic.


Tragic. Hashem should bless the family to know of simchas from this point forward . To protect one’s precious family, it’s important to 1. Have life insurance 2. Follow local fire code laws and regulations (many Rabbonim said that burning chometz this year was not to be practiced). We want to avoid the unthinkable and avoid any potential Chillul Hashem, especially outside of Israel. 3. As with the beautiful mitzvos of shabbos candles, havdollah, burning chometz- teach our young children about the dangers of fire. Baruch Dayan HaEmes


Perfect timing for preaching! so thoughtful to bring out the obvious in such a sensitive time keep up your great work!


I think it’s an opportune time for “preaching”. How many more fundraising campaigns of families with no insurance coverage do we need to see? There are several dozen already, should we wait until there is 100? These are real people with real families tragically left with nothing. It’s *always* a perfect time to remind those to be careful and set safeguards around fire and obey the law. I doubt anyone wants to see another tragedy around children getting hurt or killed from shabbos candles, Havdallah, Channuka candles, Biur Chometz. Fire safety should be obvious, but it’s not.


All the fire rules and regulations were followed I know the family! Shame on you for mentioning “Chillul Hashem” when there’s a family who tragically lost there father this is what you have to say??? In fact your remarks are a total “Chillul Hashem”!!!! Maybe the father had a pre-existing condition and couldn’t have Life insurance??? ever heard of DAN LCAF ZECUS??, It’s unbelievable that there is always people who have ideas what should of or could of been done and then you have the people who don’t ask questions and just help other!!!!
Never too late to realize your mistake!


Life insurance is pretty easy to buy in Israel even with pre-existing conditions. Ask me how I know. Let me give you a hint: I’m an insurance agent.


What I said was “Tragic. Hashem should bless the family to know of simchas from this point forward .And “3. As with the beautiful mitzvos of shabbos candles, havdollah, burning chometz- teach our young children about the dangers of fire. Baruch Dayan HaEmes” — Can you please tell me how that’s a Chillul Hashem?


Dave, this seems a bit insensitive. U dont post something like this when someone just died.


I disagree. I think touching upon fire safety is a valid response, so that other families can protect their children. Sadly, it sometimes takes tragedy occurring to one of our ‘brothers’ or ‘sisters’ in order to understand the real dangers of certain preventable situations. We should be blessed to never have to witness another fire tragedy again.


This is not the main discussion. The main discussion is @Dave, did you donate or is the coldness of your intellect (and the tugging of your Y”H) preventing you from doing so?


Y”H means causing a chillul Hashem by not following a Rav’s advice of not starting my own fire for biur chometz? I didn’t realize that.


Y”H means Yetzer Hara…your sarcasm, and your Y”H, are strong on this one. That’s how you know donating is the right thing to do.

Donate and you’ll feel better. Even if it’s only your Yetzer Tov. Will still do good.


Ur point is irrelevant. Simply because regardless of why this happened and whether it could’ve been prevented is not relevant anymore; as it happened. Now, the question becomes if one should help a family in need. It’s that simple. Who cares how or why they are in need.
May Hashem help us all have Siyata Dishmaya,


Meaning, EVEN IF it was a Chillul Hashem, (which I have NO IDEA, as I don’t know the specifics) I don’t see how that exempts someone who can help out, (financially or other ways) from helping out.


It’s just over a month afterwards; you should really wait 17 years until you say something like this.

Oh, and don’t burn your chometz in your yard with a gas tank right next to the fire.

Leah Yehudah

Cannot find where to insert the donation amount


On the left hand side under Donation Categories


Did the family have life insurance?

There\'s a time to keep quiet!

This is not the right forum to give a mussar shmuz.
1st of all you have no idea.
But even if your assumption might be correct you are very likely going to cause the family pain when they see it. Therefore to make such a comment is disgusting.
If you are concerned for the good of the klal, then please bring this up in a different forum where you won’t cause pain. (perhaps take an ad on dansdeals).
May we never know of such pain!


It’s a valid comment / question. Didn’t say anything bad and just wanted to know


Thank you, Shmalel.

There\'s a time to keep quiet

I wasn’t saying that you were intentionally saying something bad.
However your question is irrelevant and can be very hurtful for the family when they see it.
So please don’t make such a comment.
I hope you never have to know of such things. However just because you are not sensitized to this, doesn’t mean that your comment is not hurtful, even though you didn’t mean any harm.
Hatzlacha rabah!


Regarding life insurance that everyone is discussing here.
I live in Israel, the agents over here come around and offer you 1 million shekel.
Some people also have Areivim, but it’s not enough.
But it’s a joke for a family with children. That’s why we continue seeing campaigns.
To my fellow friends in the USA, even though you have insurance make sure it’s enough.
$1m can be just enough for 7 years if you bring home $150k a year.


I didn’t intend on this turning into a less-than-friendly conversation about fire safety and life insurance. When teacher Reb Reuven Baumann horrifically lost his life by drowning off the coast of Virginia last year, many organizations including hatzolah, summer camps, and local Rabbonim emphasized the importance of water safety as a learning lesson from the drowning. By no means was it disrespectful to the Reb Baumann or his family. Talking about water or fire safety (from a horrific event) isn’t a comfortable or easy conversation, but it should never be considered a Chillul Hashem, disgraceful, or not an opportune time. I know that I have personally made changes to the way we light candles as a result of some past tragedies. If one is financially able, participate with the campaign. Reb Regal’s family should merit to have potentially saved other frum families from fire fatalities, from the lessons learnt.

There is a time to keep quiet

Dave, I am sorry if I came across harshly.
I agree with you that we could learn from tragedies to try to prevent then in the future.
However in a forum like this I am afraid it will be hurtful. (I unfortunately do have experience with a family tragedy and are therefore sensitive about this).
Please let us be mechazek each other in safety and financial areas in a sensitive way!
Thank you! Hatzlacha rabah!