New Antarctica Cruise Raffle Update! Win A Cruise For Two Aboard The Journey Of A Lifetime To Antarctica In A Private Superior Cabin And $3,500 Cash!

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New Antarctica Cruise Raffle! Win A Cruise For Two Aboard The Journey Of A Lifetime To Antarctica In A Private Superior Cabin And $3,500 Cash!

Khal East 5th of Lakewood, NJ is proud to offer a raffle for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join a kosher catered cruise to Antarctica.

Registration for the cruise is closed, so this is now the only way to join. This may be the final opportunity to join the cruise.

144 tickets have already been sold, so don’t miss out on your chance to win.

The raffle will be live streamed on Oct 8th.

Have the zchus of supporting and building our shul during these days of Awe.

The winner will receive:

  • Tickets for 2 passengers to cruise in a private upgraded superior cabin from Argentina to Antarctica.
  • $3,500 cash

Note that the winner will have to purchase their own airfare to Ushuaia, Argentina. The $3,500 cash portion of the prize will help with the airfare expense.

You can see Dan’s post on the trip here. You can read all of the details about the trip on the kosher cruise website at and you can find trip details and dates here. 


Khal Chasidei E 5th INC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that serves as a warm and friendly neighborhood shul. You raffle entry will help us expand and move into our permanent location.

Raffle entries are available for purchase here as follows:

  • 1 ticket for $129
  • 2 tickets for $200
  • 5 tickets for $400
  • 10 tickets for $700
  • 15 tickets for $1,000
  • 30 tickets for $1,800
  • 70 tickets for $3,600
  • 120 tickets for $5,400

General donations are welcome as well.

Thank you for your support and good luck!

Buy your raffle tickets now!

P.S. Winner will have 12 hours from the time of drawing to submit names of the passengers.

For more information about this raffle or for shul dedication opportunities, please contact us at

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When is the deadline to enter? Is there a minimum number of tickets required to be sold for this raffle to become “live”? Is there any way to keep a running tally of the approximate number of tickets sold so that we calculate our odds?

Shul Raffle

There is no minimum of tickets.
The prize has already been paid for, and will happen on October 8th.


Have you decided if you’re doing the raffle like the first one with physical tickets (which is a much more fair method) or the second raffle (which gives you a block of tickets)??

Shul Raffle

It will be the first method. Physical tickets

Thanks for your support.


Can i resell the prize if I win? I may not be able to join the cruise…


If you have the names within 12 hours of the drawing. The ship has a hard deadline.

Shul Raffle

Correct. Think now who you would like to have join you or sell it to.

Regardless, there is also a $3,500 cash price

Best of luck!


I’m just thinking now that if the raffle is in the evening, 12 hours later could be early in the morning (7 or 8AM). One would ultimately have to know that very evening who will be attending.


Start thinking now.

Isabelle Kirschenbaum

I hope raffle is good


Not entering either way, but I think scheduling the drawing so that the winner has 24 hours to provide names is better. If you do raffle at 4pm let’s say, and the winner is located in Israel, they could basically wake up and only learn of it then. I think you’ll loose sales from people who are concerned (more than what you’ll lose by ending the raffle a day earlier).


Gosh. The amount of complaining that goes on here…..

Shul Raffle

Thank you to all those who have already purchased tickets.

Gmar Chasima Tovah to all.


Does this raffle have a second place like a penguin ?
Does the winner also get a guarantee that he will see penguins on the trip ?