Unlimited Israel: Save $20 On A Pocket-WiFi Or SIM Card In Israel, Europe & Asia + 165 Countries. High Quality Data!

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Did you know Verizon in Israel and other roaming products limit you to 500mb/day? That’s like 10 Whatsapp videos…

“The Unlimited Israel Advantage Full Service. Full Support. Full Satisfaction.”

Unlimited Israel DansDeals Pre-Chanuka Sale:

Save $20 on any $100+ Israel rental with coupon:

Save $10 on any  Israel rental under $100 with coupon:

Expires 2/25/2019 | Only valid for new orders.

Israel options:

Unlimited SIM card with Unlimited Talk, Text & Data starting at $5/day
Order SIM

Unlimited Mifi with Unlimited Data starting at $6/day
Order Mifi

Europe & Worldwide options:

Unlimited Euro SIM/ iPhone starting at $10/day – Order at Hipsim.com  or call 845-371-9800

Unlimited Worldwide SIM card. – Contact us to order or call 845-371-9800

Call us about group rate discounts.

We’ve built our business by satisfying one happy client at a time!
See Our Reviews on Facebook ★★★★★(62) | Google ★★★★★(164) | Our Website ★★★★★(519)

Visit us: unlimitedisrael.net and hipsim.com

Phone: 845-371-9800 / 855-972-CELL

Dan’s Note: I used Unlimited Israel on my trip to Israel over Shavuos and everything about it was fantastic and hassle-free. The SIM card and MiFi arrived before the trip with prepaid return packaging and I just plugged the SIM card into my phone when I landed in Tel Aviv. The speedy 4G service is via Cellcom, which was excellent everywhere we went, from the rooftop infinity pool at the Ritz Carlton Herzliya to the Me’aras Hamachpelah in Chevron. I’d highly recommend it to everyone traveling to Israel! 

Reserve now at UnlimitedIsrael.net

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I rented a phone from unlimited israel for my trip to israel a couple of weeks ago – I was very very happy with it! What impressed me the most, was that they offered free web filtering! It was a pleasure doing business with them!and I highly recommend them!


Thank you Unlimited Israel, you have another happy customer 🙂


Pesach will be my family’s third time using Unlimited Israel, thank you team unlimited for going
Over and beyond. @tani hope to be getting you a group for lag baomer- hope you your ready

Aviva R

Great Service! Great deal!


i remember when these guys just started! i used them then. nice to see.
keep it up unlimited israel!

Avi Rieder

You guys rock! I recommend you guys to everyone who goes to israel!
Thanks again for amazing service tani


Just ordered a nano sim card for my iPhone 5s really really recommend this company they are really honest I had no idea what I needed but they make it so simple I happened to call them in stead of online and I forgot to tell them I saw There advertisement on dansdeals but really really recommend them.


I highly recommend Unlimited Israel! Reliable! Honest! And A pleasure To deal with!!!! Love the Shliach Mitzva Gelt!!!
PS: And a great deal!!!


Got two sim I’m very happy…
Keep up your great work!!!

Very good costumore service…


guess I’m not the only one who was happy!
from a thru to z was perfect %100 keep up the good work 🙂
will recommend. ps thank you lipa

Chaim Newhouse

I’m in Israel right now with 5 Sim cards that I rented from Unlimited Israel, great service!


HI To all of you,
Tani you and your staff are making my extended Lag Bomer trip VERY enjoyable, I will continue coming back to you many more times.


Thumbs up team unlimited, just got my package, so awesome!

Jack Benveniste

Your service was outstanding. I was able to make and receive calls throughout Israel without any connection problems. Your customer service is excellent. Without hesitation, I will certainly recommend your company to anyone traveling to Israel.


Unlimited Israel was a delight when I went to israel.
Tani and his team gave me very personal and friendly service and was the best solution to my lack of israeli service for my week long trip.

Can’t wait to use your global service.

Thanks tani!


@jack it was a pleasure to serve you!

Michael g

Best service guys!! Keep up the good work!


★★★★★ My daughter’s iPhone was stolen a few days into her five week trip to Israel. The company we had been working with was great about stopping service and charges, but they couldn’t get her another smart phone. I was hearing about rockets from Gaza and wanted her to have a one so that I could contact her easily and see pictures of her. I spent several hours researching Israeli phone companies. Unlimited Israel was the only company willing to make an extra effort to get a smart phone to my daughter. Within an hour and a half of sending an email, I received a return email and a phone call from Tani. Tani and his team were determined to get her the phone and were persistent despite obstacles. When there were issues with the mail, Tani’s colleague in Israel agreed to arrange for hand delivery. Throughout the process, Tani and his team always responded quickly to my calls, emails, and texts in a warm, casual, friendly manner. We are so glad we found Unlimited Israel and are happy to recommend them!

chaim trenk

thank you unlimited israel for the iphones for me and my wife.
they worked great,were cheap,a real bargain for the commodity and the service.


Do you have an option for long term rental with a us number and unlimited incoming and outgoing to us? Also, what service do you use? Pelaphone, celcom, Golan, etc…

Tani@ unlimited

@buddy We use Cellcom towers.
And sure we have long term plans-
Shoot us an email at sales@unlimitedisrael.net

Layla Tov!


I always knew Unlimited Israel was the best option in israel but last month I decided to try their SIM in Europe and it worked great!
Thanks Tani for amazing service.


When you say you use Cellcom towers, do you meanto say that you use Golan? (that are not that good quality calls)


@israel forever We use Cellcom. As in Cellcom service

Jonathan Levy

My wife and I rented cellphones from UnlimitedIsrael for our trip over the past two weeks and we couldn’t ask for better service. Pricing is extremely reasonable. The iPhones were excellent, the package came with adequate chargers and with a converter so they could be plugged into Israeli outlets and cars, and the instructions on how to forward phone calls from my regular cell to the Israeli cell was easy even for a non-techie like me. Importantly, the cellphone service was excellent – never a dropped call and all calls to my regular phone were properly forwarded with no hassles at all.

The phones arrived at my house with plenty of time to spare prior to my trip, and sending them back was completely hassle free….And the shliach mitzva gelt inside the package was a cute touch!

I would highly recommend Tani and his staff at Unlimited Israel to anyone looking for cellphone rental in Israel. You guys are great!

Jon Levy


So basically me and my friends used Unlimited Israel on our recent trip to Israel, I’m happy to say I was really impressed by the service they provided, I had a great experience with them,
the have really fast Data, I was even able to have my regular number ring in Israel so nobody had any trouble contacting me while I was away, Thanks Tani and team Unlimited Israel I’ll definitely you them again!

chani krouse

I hae tried every phone service for Israel, I also tried hipsim (the euro SIM) nothing comes close to unlimitedisrael! I was so happy with the service I got-
When you go to israel or euro
You go with them… I know
thanks Dan for this post!

C. Levy

I have no words for the incredible customer service…I’ll try! From research and asking them tons of questions, to asking them to repeat all their answers ( smile) yes, they are incredibly patient!, To picking up the devices, to leaving one behind in America ( woops, and I thought I was so organized) to getting replacements while in Jerusalem, to them not laughing at me when I had been dialing to America all wrong ( no wonder I thought my phone didn’t work) they stayed PATIENT, PLEASANT, WARM and EASY GOING from beginning to end. NEVER, in ANY heimish business, or any for that matter, have I seen such personal, and incredible customer service. I am impressed, very, very impressed. I WILL use them again, and again. Their service is HEAD AND SHOULDERS above all e others I have used, where aggravation was the theme. Not here. They really try to make things work for the customer and do it with flair. They earn A+++

Jake the snake

What service do u guys use ?


Hey jake the snake, we use Cellcom


My trip to Israel is in March. Can I place the order for the SIM now and then cancel if anything happens (ex Transaero cancels flights) before the SIM is sent out to me? Would I be charged any fine? How long before a trip is the SIM sent out?


Eddie R.

The customer service and phone service were uniformly EXCELLENT. The phone came with all necessary adapters and chargers. We used WAZE for our travel and the phone worked perfectly everywhere in Israel. In the past, when we rented a smartphone with another company, there was a lag time with WAZE, making it impossible to use. Not the case here. Every aspect from beginning to end was great. Would recommend them to everybody.


Hi Chani, YES! jut make a note in the note section on your order. that i approved
@Eddie it was such a pleasure serving you!

Chudesh tov and Chag Sameach!


Amazing product! Great idea and I wish you guys all the success in the world. We’ve used you twice and will again and again and again.


Hi Tani, my daughter will be studying in Italy for the spring semester (end of Jan – end of May) and needs a sim card for her iPhone. $10/day is not practical for such a long stay. Do you have any options?


Hey kosherking,
Shoot us an email to sales@hipsim.com
And we will work out a more practical plan for your daughter

@avi thank you so much!

Layla tov


i used hipsim for a trip to Madrid and found it to be really useful. I was able to browse Google maps the entire time to figure where I was going (especially helpful when a taxi driver tried to “take us for a ride”). Calling the U.S. was easy with the phone card app though I would bet some non technical people may have issues setting it up. But once it was set up calling the U.S. was easy and the calls were clear.


I just used Unlimited Israel on my recent trip to Israel. Terrific customer service! The phone worked like a charm both in Israel and back to the US. There are many useful apps already loaded on the phone and now I am a Waze fan.


My family are very happy customers and highly recommend unlimited israel. Once u try unlimited israel U will c why we all keep on coming back


i used them last peasach and they were incredible. very fast service and once i got to Ben Gurion i put the SIM card in and it works instantly. best company hands down!!


***** 5 stars *****
First class service!


This is the second time I am using Unlimited Israel for a SIM card for my iPhone. Everything is easy and clearly labeled. Their customer service is incomparable, they respond immediately with email or callback! They also delivered the SIM card to my door in Monsey.
I would highly recommend them!


I used the Unlimited SIM card over Pesach and was very pleased with he experience and service.

Call forwarding from my US number to Israel was a really great feature and I had great high speed internet and service everywhere I went in Israel.


Thank you JJ, it was our pleasure may you and Dan have continuous Hatzlocha!


Five *****


Hi Tani:
1. If i buy a sim card, pay $20 one time fee, do i pay $5 per day on top if? 2. i buy the sim card and DON’T use it for one year, do i only loose my number (it’s ok for me) or the sim card is no longer valid (for future use)? Tks


Hey Berel,
The benifit of owning the SIM card is that
You don’t have to pay for back and forth shipping the next time around,
Aswell as keeping your own israel (and American number if purchased)
In regards to loosing your number-
Not necessarily do you lose the number, but Cellcom does ask us to have the number activated at least once a year.

Have a blessed day!

Remember, you can always reach out to sales team at sales@unlimitedisrael.net

Jay Gelman

Unlimited Israel was great to deal with. Their rates were very competitive and they were the only company I could find that could get me reliable service in the Ukraine.
Mendy was great to deal with!! On time delivery of 2 sim cards..I highly recommend them!



Mazel tov!


***became 🙂
Aww thank you Dan! Always nice to get a shout out from you 😉

Dun Fuchs, CPA

Just returned from Israel and gave back the I-phone to the very nice people at Unlimited Israel. The phone usage was unlimited as was the availability of customer service…..which I didn’t need. I recommend this company highly.

Mordechai Perlstein

Used them twice this year. Uman & Israel. Great Service! Great Prices! And above all…these guys have the Greatest Attitudes! Keep it up!

Mary Corey

My husband and I rented SIM cards for our recent 10 day triip to Israel. Easy to install on our Android phones — worked perfectly — easy to remove when we returned to the US. Would recommend to anyone travelling to Israel.


Do these plans for work Uman? $10 a day with unlimited minutes and a phone? Looking to rent a few phones for a group trip to Uman in January.


We have plans for Uman as well.
If you can send us an email or shoot us a call, we will be glad to help.
Sales@unlimitedisrael.net/ 845-371-9800.

Have a blessed day!


The Barrons

We are very impressed by “Unlimited Israel”. They’re willingness to tailor-make a phone plan for our family, will serve us well on our upcoming trip to Israel. Thank you to the staff at “Unlimited Israel” for working with us. We look forward to doing business with you in the future.


Just used the $5 a day Israeli SIM card rental. I was pleasantly surprised to find in this company 3 things that I have not previously found with any telecom company including others offering similar services: Honesty, responsiveness and flexibility. The service was also flawless and the shliach mitzvah gelt a beautiful touch. I have already recommended the service to friends and family.

Lisa Katzki

I leave this referral for ANYONE traveling to Israel.

I am using Unlimited Israel for 2 of my children, now in Israel. My oldest will be there until the end of June (A 1 year program). My youngest is there for another week (Birthright plus 1 week).

With our daughter, the first one there, We looked into several options for service within Israel, including the global plans available through Sprint, our regular service provider. Sprint’s plan was criminally expensive mostly because of the data limitations. For unlimited, it would have been cost prohibitive for us.

For the other services, within Israel, it was impossible to get them to answer the technical questions that I had because my Hebrew wasn’t refined enough and they didn’t have anyone that could help me in English. It was very frustrating just to find out the specifics of the plan.

We were told by several people that they could get sim cards in Israel when they arrived – and that is what we resolved ourselves to doing. It wasn’t optimal, because if an emergency happened, she wouldn’t have phone service once she landed in Israel. So, I kept looking.

Then I found Unlimited Israel, 3 days before our daughter was leaving for a 1 year program – They were like a breath of fresh air!!!!! From the moment that I called, the people that helped me were professional, responsive, reliable and just a pleasure to work with.

They overnighted a sim card for her unlocked phone. It worked perfectly when she arrived in Israel and she phoned us to confirm.

The plan that we have allows unlimited text and calls within Israel. We can Facetime any time. She can call us anytime and we can What’sApp or Facebook message her at anytime – we ask her to call, and she calls. We can be in constant contact – all for a very reasonable price.

I needed to make sure that she had the ability to use GPS and keep in touch with ever changing news reports. This was a safety issue. Unlimited Israel took that worry away by providing dependable, excellent service.

It was hugely handy when the situation in Jerusalem started to change and there were frequent stabbings. We heard the news and were able to message her to avoid Jerusalem. Turns out that she was on a bus, at that moment, planning to change buses in Jerusalem. We told her to not get off there and she was able to reroute her trip and avoid problems in doing so. That was, for us, priceless.

When our son went to participate on his Birthright trip – we phoned Unlimited Israel first. This time, we rented their phone and plan, instead of unlocking his phone and getting a sim card.

He had 1 interruption in service and I phoned their customer service team before the start of business for them (6 am ish their time). I was greeted by someone that was polite, confirmed what my problem and needs were and acted on it immediately. He also gave back up instructions in case there were any additional problems.

My children are my life and their safety in Israel is hugely connected by the ability to stay informed. My choice of plans for our children was not a trivial matter to me.

All I can say is that I wish that all of the vendors that I work with, in business, were as top notch and professional…and responsive…and full service and…as wonderful as the team at Unlimited Israel.

I welcome the opportunity to be a reference for them and answer any questions you may have about the service we received.

I also love that they are socially responsible – we received Mitzvah Gelt with each of our shipments – something to pay forward to those that are less fortunate. I have the utmost respect for Unlimited Israel – they stand head and shoulders above any of the competition.


I rented a sim card from Unlimited for my trip to Israel last month, and I award them five stars for the exceptional service!
I had the sim card mailed to me, and it came well packaged, along with very thoughtful shliach mitzva gelt.
I had a little glitch setting it up when I got to Israel because I thought my phone was unlocked, but that was my fault, they warn you to check beforehand…
The sim card worked perfectly the whole time I was there – phone, text, and internet. The only time I had an issue with internet was when I was on a below-ground level floor in a mountainous area (but probably no one has ever had service there, regardless of the carrier).
I chose the mail back option, and they sent a padded, pre-addressed envelope in which to send it back.
Also, the staff from Unlimited are mentchlich and very helpful, and their website is easy to navigate and understand.
Overall, I can say that I had an excellent experience dealing with Unlimited, I will definitely use them again in the future and recommend their services to anyone traveling to Israel.


I just recently went to Israel for 8 days and rented a SIM card from Unlimited Israel. I could not have been more satisfied with their service, products, packaging, quick responses, and the entire experience! Will definitely use them again!

Shulamith Wegh

Just used Unlimited Israel for my trip last week and cannot praise them enough for their high level of customer service. Lipa was amazing…he walked me through the entire process…so patient, and with one goal, and one goal only..- a happy customer. I was thrilled with the ease of it all, and the price was amazing. I was able to use my IPhone, it was seamless. Would never consider using anyone else!! Great, great service. gReat company!


Great experience, loved the shliach mitzvah money they sent, great touch.
Would definitely use again

Michael Altose

Agree with all the comments above. Customer service is top-notch. They reply to your questions very quickly. In Israel I had an issue and they were on top of it within the hour and didn’t give up until it was solved. I would absolutely plan to use them again.

Dr. Richard G

We used Unlimited Israel on our trip to Israel in February and the sims cards worked flawlessly in both or our I-phone 6s. It was very easy to replace the sims cards and the phones worked the moment we landed in Israel. This is the second time I have used this company and they are undoubtedly the best in the business and the most affordable.
I am very pleased to see that I can use them again this May when I travel to Italy with friends and I am certain that all of us will be getting the new hpsim cards to use in Europe. They are reliable and every claim they made about the Israeli sim cards was accurate. All the charges were exactly as published and I did not have any “surprises” upon my return. They are the best!!!!!!!

Glenn Lerer

I have used Unlimited Israel for a number of trips to Israel….they are by far the best company to deal with.
everything was mailed on time and in great condition.
All questions were answered immediately.

Their Customer Service is outstanding and their prices are excellent!!!


I just used unlimited Israel and the service was fantastic I had excellent service everywhere I went and on top of the that the shipping was super fast!!


I contacted Unlimited Israel about 2-3 weeks before I left the States. My SIM card arrived when I was told it would. I had heard mixed (mostly bad) reviews of using Sprint iPhones in Israel, so I was prepared to have wasted my $75 for my twelve days in Israel on a SIM card. Their directions were incredibly simple. I followed them by removing my SIM card 60 seconds before landing in Tel Aviv, inserting the Unlimited Israel SIM card 30 seconds before landing, turning on my phone… and voila! It worked perfectly. It not only worked perfectly, but it worked great the entire time I was in Israel. The only thing that didn’t go as hoped was texting while in Israel, but I think that is because I didn’t set it up right. I DID have WhatsApp, and Unlimited Israel’s instructions on what to do and what not to do with that app were spot on. Again, twelve days of seamless and problem-free usage of my own phone! The price was great, and the service matched! I highly recommend them!


Unlimited Israel is the only way to go! I wanted to get a Wifi router while I was in Israel for two weeks. It was not only the best price, but they send me the router 3 weeks before my trip and it had chargers and extra batteries. My favorite part is that they included a $1 for tzedakah (charity) to give to someone while I was there. It is a Jewish tradition that my family and I also do, because it is said that if you are traveling with tzedakah you will be protected. I thought that was such a cute touch! When I got home I just mailed the router back, it was so easy! Great customer service, I could always get a hold of someone through the phone or email. I highly recommend them!


Unlimited Israel has amazing customer service!! I am certainly going to call them next time I travel to Israel.



Excellent Customer service from Unlimited Israel. Received my SIM cards quickly and with super clear instructions. Highly recommend!

Daniel Azulay

Having used other companies previously & then using Unlimited Israel (“UI”) several times on the last 2 years of Israel trips, I can recommend the UI service & the products in the US & in Israel. The service is there if you need it (except Shabat & holidays of course), & the product itself is reliable & up to date.


I have been to Israel many times and always had to announce on my voicemail that I’m out of town. Until I found out about “Unlimited Israel” they set me up with a iPhone 6, SIM card as well as a hotspot and a US and Israeli number that I was able to forward my personal US number to and not miss a call. Thank you for your help and amazing service.

I also have to point out the service they give with such a smile and care.


Just used Unlimited Israel for a family trip – several of us used their SIM cards for I-Phones. Friendly service – answered all of our questions, and we received the cards very quickly. Easy to follow directions. No problems with service in Israel. I would certainly use these folks again.


I’m a regular DDFer but not using my “handle” so as to preserve anonymity. I just want to add my compliments to Tani and his service. We used them for a SIM during our last Europe trip (Air Canada glitch) and plan to use them this summer and fall. Prices are competitive. Service is excellent. Attitude is customer-oriented. Very satisfied.


Had a great experience. Customer service is superb from the moment you reach out to them. They go above and beyond to make sure their customers are happy and taken care of. And their prices are very reasonable.
Keep it up!


We have used unlimited Israel now for several trips to Israel . They offer an excellent service. They are prompt. There is actually a human being answering the phone . They are very helpful with answering questions. The value of the phone and SIM card and the coverage is in my opinion the best of all other available. We will continue using unlimited Israel and I highly recommend for all travelers to Israel to use them as well.

David Cooke

I rented three iPhone SIM cards for Israel, and they worked without a hitch. Swapping out the cards was straightforward, and they included pins for the SIM card trays. Calls within Israel and to the US went through properly. Data services for our three cellphones were fast, and good coverage. I also appreciated the company’s commitment to tzedakah, which you’ll see if you order from them.

David Fischer

I rented a phone from Unlimited Israel – everything was as advertised. Good products, excellent customer service. I’d splurge for the return envelope – it was so easy to pack it all up when I came back and pop it in a mailbox.


Rented a SIM card for our 10 day trip to Israel. Everything worked perfectly from the moment we landed in Tel Aviv. We traveled to most parts of Israel and the service was excellent wherever we went. Would highly recommend Unlimited Israel.


Israel Unlimited was perfect. Exactly as advertised and easy to use. Will gladly use them in the future.


Israel Unlimited was great! I got two sims for my Galaxy 7 phones and they worked absolutely perfectly. The instructions included with the sims were precise and easy to follow. Their customer service was excellent. After this experience I will use them exclusively when traveling to Israel.


Wonderful experience! They truly make it easy, and it’s truly UNLIMITED!

We ordered SIM Cards from Lipa for a trip to Israel. He was friendly, and gave us a great deal. We ordered the week before Christmas, and the mail service was unable to get them to us before we left. The Israel Unlimited team leapt into action and delivered new cards to our hotel before our flight even landed.

The instructions were spot on. Far from a technical savant, I was able to pop them and and get them working in a matter of minutes. Looked like a genius to my wife!

Service was solid throughout Isreal. Never a dropped call. Worked everywhere.

Data is unlimited, though it does drop from 4G to 3G or 2G after using more than 6 Gig in a month. My experience was that it dropped down to 3G after using more than 2Gig in a 24 hour period (I was uploading pictures from my camera daily and averaged about 4 gig a day), but it popped right up to 4G again the next period.

I would highly recommend this service to anyone. The price is right, the product is great, and the people are exceptional.

Marlene Widawer

We rented sim cards from Israel Unlimited for two of our kids who traveled to Israel in December 2016. We’ve used other companies before but will now only use Israel Unlimited. Their paperwork was complete and easy to follow. The sim cards arrived on time and worked perfectly when the kids arrived in Israel. And the dollar they sent to be given as charity was an extra special touch that makes this company stand out from the rest.


I used Israel Unlimited in Feb 2017 and I would definitely use them again. They were professional and were quick to respond, they were timely and friendly. I short, they provide the service they offer, and their prices are the best in the Israel SIM market.

Paul Knight

I was visiting Israel for a week in May 2017 and searched the net for options on a sim card to use while I was there. Unlimited Israel were the standout in all departments but it seemed their service was targeted at the United States. Because I live in Australia, I thought that would preclude me from using it. Being as far ahead of my other options as they were, I decided to contact them and see if they would consider sending me a sim. To my surprise, they responded immediately and said they would. From there everything went like clockwork. The sim was flawless and the service from them was exceptional. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Dov F

I was extremely happy with “Unlimited Israel” they provided excellent customer service and excellent cell and data service in all areas. I got a sim to use with a smart phone and a mifi for laptop use and my phone worked way better than my wife’s Verizon travel pass


We travel every year to Israel with our school group and were disappointed that our former vendor had changed their rates, plans and policies. In weeks leading up to our trip, we stumbled upon “Unlimited Israel,” and we haven’t looked back! Their customer service staff is courteous, prompt and so pleasant to work with. “Unlimited Israel” worked to customize publicity materials for our school and took care of all of the details. For the first time ever, there were no complaints from our parent body about our vendor and we truly could not have been happier. We’re grateful for such a positive experience and look forward to working with Nesanel and his team for many years to come!


I’m a 6 year customer. I went in a group of 20 this year and I had the best reception/service the entire trip, up and down the country. Other people used Verizon, T-Mobile, other SIM rental companies, most were extremely dissatisfied. Thank you again, Unlimited Israel team!!!!

Ron Devir

Great service, equipment and features were as described. VERY competitive pricing.

Liba R

Amazing customer service and the phone worked perfectly while I was in Israel! I highly recommend.


We were EXTREMELY pleased with our rental from Unlimited Israel. Kind and professional staff, quick and excellent service, thoughtful touches. Truly a wonderful company. Highly recommended!


very happy with phone i rented really saved my butt


I have used Unlimited Israel twice now. Last year my twins traveled via Birthright to Israel and we got them the sim cards that were unlimited everything. It was flawless. I was nervous for them to know how to switch them out, but they did so easily. They were so happy to have both Israeli phone numbers, and unlimited data and texting. It was worth every penny. This year, one of the twins went to Poland, and then to Israel. I got the Unlimited Israel sim card again, and got the Poland sim card from their sister company. Again flawless! I would recommend them to anyone (and I do!) If there are any questions at all, just call them and they work with you and personalize the service. I don’t get this good of service locally….let alone internationally! I will definitely use again, as both daughters are planning to study abroad this summer. I’d rather not risk it, and go with a proven success! I’m staying with Unlimited Israel!


i have just used them for my trip to Israel . They are wonderful

Ava Bogopulsky

Own a sim with them – and travel every month. I am so pleased with their service, reception is great, much better then my Verizon service!


I’ve gone ahead and rented a SIM card from them. I sure hope they live up to the reviews.


Unlimited Israel was a wonderful company to deal with. They made the whole process so easy. Their instructions were clear. They were truly a pleasure to deal with.


Great experience with Unlimited Israel! The whole process was very easy, reasonable price, and excellent customer support!


just used unlimited Israel – great service and great pricing. had to make a last minute change and they were super helpful. would definitely recommend them.

Mark roizman

Unlimited israel is a very good service. Customers support was prompt and easy to deal with.
Highly recommended.

P. Roth

Love the customer service, the convenience of having a SIM card, the fair price and the ability to communicate without problems.
Will definitely use service again and have already recommended to friends heading out of the country.


I’m on my way to Eilat right now, using this SIM card, and I’ve got no complaints. Highly recommnded: 10/10. Thank you!

Definitely lives up to the reviews.

Samuel Indig

I just came back from Israel yesterday, I originally decided to just use Verizon just like the rest of my group – but first day into the trip, my service was terrible! Literally 1X everywhere.
Luckily enough I brought my Unlimited Israel SIM card which I own, activated. and just like that – I was the only out of my group with service everywhere. (They now know for next time)
Thank you Unlimited Israel!

Elky Gross

It was pretty good service, and yes my friend with verizon had horrible service….


I had a few amazing experiences with Unlimited Israel! I would recommend them to anyone traveling who needs cell access.


I’m back from Israel and I can’t recommend this company enough.

Great cell service throughout Israel (Cellcom).

I recommend paying for “unlimited high speed” ($2 per day). Otherwise, you only get 5 GB of high speed, which is not advisable.

I’m very glad I didn’t bother with Verizon Wireless.

The only thing is that now I’ve got to find a way to donate the dollar (I was too busy while traveling).

David p

Hi, could I use my phone as a hotspot with the unlimited ($2 per day )when i travel to Israel. Here in the USA I have unlimited data with Verizon and use the hotspot daily .


I used my phone as a hotspot with the unlimited high speed ($2 per day), but probably be careful not to abuse that. The only downside is if you get momentarily separated, you’ll have to manually connect again to the hotspot.

If I had to do it again, I’d just get my wife her own SIM card. Less hassle. And always connected.


Rosette, check out Wow. You’ll connect through Iceland. You won’t be in the utmost luxury and comfort, but you’ll get there in one piece for a lower price.


I dunno about one piece. I always worry about low fare airlines (like Frontier).

Tani | Unlimited Israel

@Dan, it was a pleasure servicing you.
Thanks for the shout out at the bottom of the post. Much appreciated!


Really have to say that of all of the experiences I’ve had with Unlimited Israel have been excellent. The equipment they offer is top-notch, as is their customer service. Couldn’t imagine looking anywhere else for phone and SIM rentals… Been using them for years, and have nothing but rave reviews for them!


I have used them more than once both in Israel and the US. Their service is top rated and their product options are many at affordable pricing. If you need a SIM card for Israel or the US I recommend them as your first choice.

Scott Havsy

When traveling to Israel, don’t rely on internet or spoti Wi-Fi, rely on unlimited Israel SIM card for calls to America. Unlimited texting is also included. You can also get additional data plans for those of us that need the Internet. The service is excellent, and the instructions make it so simple I didn’t have to contact them. Next time I go to Israel, unlimited Israel SIM card plan for me.


Unlimited Israel’s pricing was great, but their service was the greatest. Very helpful and easy to contact when I had a technical issue with my phone. Will definitely use again.


Unlimited Israel really took care of me. The phone worked perfectly, was easy, and contributed to a great trip. 5 stars. I will use them again.


I just used Unlimited Israel for a group of 20 people spending 8 days in Israel. UI was SO easy to deal with, their prices couldn’t be beat, and everyone was happy with the phone and data service we had in Israel. We even needed to add someone mid-stream to our group, and Nesanel at UI had already provided me with extra SIM cards to allow for that possibility, so it was smooth as could be…

I can’t recommend them strong enough. I won’t even bother looking anywhere else next time. They’ve earned a customer for the long haul…


Hey, just in time ! Traveling to London.
I’ll need one sim card with unlimited take text and data , and one additional basic phone with unlimited talk & text.
2 questions:
1. Are your plan including calling out to the US ?
2. Are you also providing an American number so people can reach me from the US ?


Fav, it’s all on their website on the front page. Check it out


Don’t know if anyone will read this far down but do not rely on Verizon in Israel was a total disaster waze would not work was always searching was downright dangerous and ridiculous

Glenn Richter

I used Unlimited Israel’s SIM card for four trips to Israel this year, 2018. On one trip, Cellcom service went out for short periods of time, but otherwise the service was fine. My experience with Unlimited Israel this year has been good, without any problems. My rented SIM card arrived in the mail promptly, along with the phone number, so I could notify family & friends in advance. The price was fair. I recommend this company.

Rachelle W

I have used Unlimited Israel several times and each time I marveled at the wonderful service,so much better than any other service that I had used in the past. Calls were clear and it was easy to call the US. If a problem did crop up Unlimited Israel fixed it promptly.
Thank you Unlimited Israel

eli in baltimore

just got back from israel and rented from unlimited israel. for my wife i got her an old flip phone and for me a sim card for an old android that i own.
it was perfect in every way. both phones worked 100%. i recommend all the way.
BTW i keep an old android for israel only and keep israeli apps on the phone. i offer the phone to friends as a gmach phone.


Customer Service is top-notch!! Nesanel is always super fast to respond to emails. Pricing is great! He sent a couple of extra phones with us just in case one of the students didn’t get their phone unlocked. He always goes above and beyond! I am a customer for life! We will definitely use Unlimited Israel again next year and will recommend them to everyone!!

Michael S Kraft

I was very happy with the Unlimited Israel service. The card arrived within just two days of my order, the instructions were clear and the phone worked perfectly throughout Israel. I was very pleased at how easy that was. For those who might say that wifi is everywhere in Israel, that is really not true. Our bus had wifi, but at times it wasn’t working. When out and about, I relied constantly on Google Maps for directions which would not be possible without the local data services. And in most restaurants, you had to wait and ask for the passwords which took time.


how does google fi compare to these services? is fi better?


What is fi? I’m unfamiliar.


I may have commented before (paging @TimT?), but I have to give another big thumbs up to Yoni and Unlimited Israel. They provide superb customer service. Very flexible and accommodating. Wishing you all much joy and chag sameach vkasher.


I have 2 apple iphones model 8. I can get a SIM card from you and put it into the phone and unlimited eeverything for $5 a day?


Hey JB, if your phones are unlocked, that is correct! It would be honor to service you!

Michael Friedman

When my family went to Israel in July, I rented 3 SIM cards and a router from Unlimited
Israel. The service was very good. Ita from
the Monsey, NY office was very helpful. I would highly recommend Unlimited Israel to my friends.


Hi, do you have any coupon for Europe rentals?

Michael K.

This cell phone service provider is simply the best in service and cell clarity in Israel. They went way beyond my expectations…
I needed to get a sim card to my son in Israel right away and get him setup as the provider we set him up with in NY had no reception in the area he’s located in.

After speaking to Ita, from the Monsey NY office, she immediately contacted the Jerusalem office setup the service and have them deliver a sim card to him at Midnight. There were additional charge such as others charged; setup charge, sim card cost, VAT only the monthly cost – for an all unlimited plan – $40. The connection was crystal clear when I was finally able to speak to my son.

They hands down deserve 5 + stars and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone travelling to Israel that needs cell service there.

Michael K.

Correction – There were NO additional charges


For the $5 a day sim card in Israel, can it be set up that when people call my usual US cell number that it will ring on the israeli phone? Could i still use the phone to call israeli numbers? Any way for my US cell number to come up on caller ID when i call to the US?


Absolute assurance you will receive true customer service! My experience with Unlimited Israel the past 3 years has been worry-free for phone rental service. In every study abroad program there has not been one disappointed in customer service or equipment! They deserve an A+ rating in many ways!


Outstanding service before, during and after my Israel trip. Prompt, courteous and helpful service. Quality technology worked perfectly all over the country. Highest recommendation.


I just used their service, and I was extremely satisfied!! Great phones, great service and above all great customer service. I would recomend to everyone!!


do i need the sim card if i have an iphone?

Leah Lederman

Can I buy one now and use it later, for example in June of 2020?

Bella Weintraub

Excellent business in every aspect !
Excellent service
Uber nice people
Patient in explanation of usage
A model company !

Ferne klapper

We had a great experience with Unlimited Israel, Everything arrived well before our trip and worked flawlessly in Israel. Ita was great and answered all my questions very patiently. We will use them again.

Hadassah gold

I rented a sim card from unlimited Israel. I called them the day that I left and they right away arranged for me to be able to pick up the sim card at a time that was convenient for me. All of the employees that I dealt with were courteous and super helpful. When I got to Israel I was able to use the SIM card without any issues. The service was great! The friend that I was with used verizon in Israel and not only did she pay more she also had many issues with her service and got much less for her money! I would most definitely recommend suing Unlimited Israel because you are guaranteed excellent customer service and phone service at an affordable rate.

Hadassah gold

I would reccomend using not suing lol


Fast transaction