Traffic Ticket? Not Again! You Can Win With My Tickets NYC!


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-Don’t miss a day of work!

-Avoid points on your License!

-Stop your insurance premiums from going up!

Before you pay that expensive ticket, call us first. Our staff of court-savvy, experienced attorneys has the best success rate for dismissals and reductions. Call us for a FREE consultation.

To learn more visit our website at or call 917-426-2WIN (946).

Speeding, Cell Phone, Stop Sign, Red light tickets… We fight them all. Covering all of NYS, including Catskills, Monsey, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Long Island and more.

“I had a 5 point cell phone ticket. My Tickets NYC were honest and straight forward. They said they would try to beat it and they dismissed it. I would recommend them to beat your ticket, they will try their best.”
Tony A. – Brooklyn, NY

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