Traffic Ticket? Not Again! You Can Win With My Tickets NYC!


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-Don’t miss a day of work!

-Avoid points on your License!

-Stop your insurance premiums from going up!

Before you pay that expensive ticket, call us first. Our staff of court-savvy, experienced attorneys has the best success rate for dismissals and reductions. Call us for a FREE consultation.

To learn more visit our website at or call 917-426-2WIN (946).

Speeding, Cell Phone, Stop Sign, Red light tickets… We fight them all. Covering all of NYS, including Catskills, Monsey, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Long Island and more.

“Thank you for fighting my 4 pt speeding ticket. I could not have done it without you. Your expertise in traffic laws was extremely helpful in getting my ticket dismissed.”
Yaakov G. – Staten Island, NY

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Happy customer

Got a ticket for an illegal left. Gavriel won my ticket. No hassle. Great price. I recommend them.


I had a cell phone ticket and a stop sign ticket. It took 6 month but both tickets were dismissed. Two thumbs up. 😀