Sponsored: Today! Project Witness 5th International Holocaust Conference, A Don’t Miss Event!

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All Project Witness conferences are fueled by the urgent awareness that the Holocaust represents a devastating era in Jewish history. Over the past 4 years since it started offering annual conferences, Project Witness has assembled experts who have addressed a variety of topics with empathy and expertise.

This year’s conference topic, Plunder and Profit: Pre-War Jewish Property; Post-War Looted Wealth, will undoubtedly give rise to much thought as we review together the tragic losses — physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial — that were meted out to Jews during the Holocaust. Together, we will explore many situations, including the “legalization” of plunder and profit in their various vile manifestations, the modern-day embodiments of Haratzachta, V’Gam Yarashta,  the emotional impact of recovering relics and artifacts, the connections of lost (and/or recovered) objects to the shaping of memories, and the responsa regarding stolen sifrei kodesh.

At this year’s 2021 two-day, 3-session virtual Project Witness Conference on Sunday, February 14 and Monday, February 15, internationally known Holocaust scholars will share their expertise with a distinguished audience from across the United States and the world. Sunday and Monday morning sessions will run from 10 a.m to 1:30 p.m, EST, and on Monday a new Project Witness documentary will be shown at 8:00 p.m. EST. Registration is required, but there is no fee. Please register at ProjectWitness.org or call 718-305-5244 Extension 244.

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