A Small, Unique & Fun Auction With Huge Odds!

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Camp Gan Israel of Valencia is holding its 11th Scholarship Auction on May 19.

Prizes include $10k Cash, a fabulous Mexican Getaway, iPhone 13, Breville, Mac Air, Smoker,  toys and more.

Being such a small auction means your chances of winning are great!

Go to www.mycampauction.com and get ready to win big while doing a Mitzvah and giving Maiser.

Unique: Prizes will be updated every other day with the number of tickets purchased, so you can see your odds
Fun: Prizes have Fun incentives that could increase your winnings
Special: Apply the code DAN in your cart to get 30% off of your order
Bonus: Every 10th order (if your order # ends with a 0) receives $50 of auction tickets via email code

Catch the Early Bird Specials Today!

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“Being such a small auction means your chances of winning are great!”

This is not what we believe in- if Hashem wants me to win it can be with 1 ticket just as well as 500 tickets. We don’t put faith in odds or mikreh


But the institution DOES put faith in their ability to get donors excited to join…


Perpetuating the lie


How do we know who/what the institution is putting their faith in? Doing their Hishtadlus doesn’t mean they are putting their faith in something other than Hashem C”V.


True. However Hashem created mathematical equations and probabilities… and wants us to work with them.

Don’t be a negative Nancy

Maybe Hashem wants you to make a “Keli” by purchasing multiple tickets. Maybe if you only buy one ticket your “Keli” isn’t big enough.


Hashem (usually) chooses to run the world within the limits of nature which He created and continues to create.
Another point, it might be a good idea to think again and see if perhaps this is an argument of the Yetzer trying to use ‘faith’ as an excuse to give less Tzedaka…


the entire existence of a Chinese auction is already a demotion in the quality of giving tzedaka.. its definitely less לשם שמים since you know theres a chance you’re going to win something because of doing a mitzvah


I see your perspective, though I feel it’s important to look at what the alternative is.
While it might be less leshaim shamayim, we know the main thing in Tzedaka is not the kavana, it is that the money gets to those who need it (the mitzvah is done even if you lose a coin and a poor man finds it…).
I would agree with your sentiment if the same amount of Tzedaka would be given anyway (assuming other forms of giving Tzedaka are leshaim shamayim), then I’d say yes, it may as well be given leshaim shamayim. However these Chinese auctions are definitely helping motivate people to give more Tzedaka than they would otherwise and that’s the main thing.

Just a side note, I noticed that this particular auction offers a sponsorship option in each section which I assume (I don’t know for sure though) doesn’t win you a prize other than a mitzvah leshaim shamayim:)