Now Live! We’re Singing And Dancing Tonight! Join The Incredible HASC Live Show Tonight At 5pm!

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We’re Singing And Dancing Tonight!

And for whom?

For an incredibly heroic and precious part of our nation: Our special kids. The ones who bring light to our eyes and joy to our lives.

These are our campers.

Join us as we sing, dance, and raise these children on our virtual shoulders!

Each one a beacon of light – and each one so deserving of our full support.

Join us starting at 5 P.M. tonight!

Exclusive A Time for Memories pre-show, produced by Suki and Ding and Miriam Wallach: Nochum Segal walks us down memory lane, with live interviews with past ATFM performers and footage from previous shows.

Followed by a complimentary virtual HASC concert hosted by Nachum Segal, made possible by our sponsors.

PLUS! For the first time – live tonight! We welcome you to the Halftime Show at A Time for Music 34. The novel interlude will feature a stirring and theatrical musical production, starring Shulem Lemmer, Eli Schwebel, and most of all… Our campers!


Camp HASC is truly The Show of Shows. A show that must go on.

Click here now to make it happen.

Be there. Be amazed. Be HASC.

Be a part of it at!

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Isn’t working for me


What? Hasc?


BUMP. This deal just got a lot hotter. Avraham Fried just walked out!

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whats the passcode