Save $20 Off Admission To The Ultimate Kosher Food And Wine Event In New York And Los Angeles This Week!

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Please note: This is a sponsored post.

KWFE New York will take place at Chelsea Piers on Monday, 2/17 from 6:30-9:30pm. It will also feature hundreds of wines that you can taste from over 60 wineries around the world. Plus there will be food from local restaurants like Reserve Cut, Le Marais, UN Plaza Grill, Wall Street Grill, T Fusion, Marani, and more.

KWFE Los Angeles will take place at Hollywood Palladium on Wednesday, 2/19 from 6:00-9:30pm. It will also feature hundreds of wines that you can taste from over 60 wineries around the world. Plus there will be food from local restaurants like Tierra Sur at Herzog Wine Cellars, La Gondola, Charcoal, PSY, and more.

I attended KWFE during a stopover in Miami on my way to Antarctic in December 2018. I met up with my brother JJ, who took his talents to South Beach several years ago, and we had a really amazing time sampling the amazing wines and food.


Any plate that has a built-in wine holder is a winner:


I had a blast at the KWFE Miami event, so I flew out to LA with several friends in February 2019 on a day trip for KWFE LA. We hit up Mensch, Cafe Elite, Fish Grill, Charcoal, and even an iFly indoor skydive before hitting up KWFE and heading back for a red-eye flight back to Cleveland.

It’s a great way to sample hundreds of wines so that you can find new favorites.

Some of the wines are simply out of this world, like Herzog VIII. This is a $200+ bottle of wine! That’s too rich for my blood to buy, but it sure is fun to enjoy!


The food is great too. Korean Beef from Kosh at KWFE Miami:

Slicing London Broil:


Of course Tierra Sur stole the show in LA:


Short rib, foie gras, and veal stuffed lamb from Tierra Sur:


LA VIP Wine Room:


La Gondola’s Prime Rib was also amazing:


I can drink Peraj Ha’abiball day long:


And it’s tough to beat the amazing Napa Valley Cabernet from Covenant:


Another winner of the night was Terra Gratia, what an incredible wine this was:


Capped off with a Wine Jelly Donut from Tierra Sur:


Oh right, we also had Postmates delivery some Beverly Hills Thai to the event to bring back home along with just a few Cafe Elite donuts for the kids. Sure Cleveland already has the best kosher donuts in the world at Unger’s, but cake donuts are a treat here 🙂


Well, I think I just talked myself into a return event for next week. The only question is LA or NYC 😀

Boy do I feel bad for people who don’t know how to play the mileage game though, because these prices are just insane. I’ll miss the day when I can no longer easily get a value of 7 cents per AMEX or Chase point…

What are your favorite kosher wines? Will you be at KWFE NY or LA this year?

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Come to NY 🙂


@Dan We can do a meet up at the event 🙂

Which Credit Card to use?

Curious to know which credit card to use. Does it code as a restaurant, supermarket, etc. anyone know from previous experience?


Going to both! ( :


I see JJ, I see Benny Friedman, but where is Dan? \_(‘.’)_/


Is it worth to pay for VIP? Or just a another scam


I did VIP in LA. Was definitely worthwhile there.


was great seeing you in LA last year – thanks for the photo opp! Will you be there again this year?


Applying the DANSDEAL promo code indicates a $20 discount, but won’t allow the purchase of a single ticket, just two or more. Does that make sense? Also, what does the VIP ticket get you other than being allowed in an hour earlier? Be well.


VIP gives you an extra hour of eating (Also less people)…. Also VIP room in another building 3-5 min walk which has Reserve Cut and more upscale wines.


Questions for people that went to NY event?
1) Is it worth choosing the single ticket of $125?
2) What type of stuff do they serve? Buffet, samples, hors d’ovre style?
3) Do people just ‘wander’ the floor eating at each station and drinking what they want? Or do they have limits or tickets to a certain amount f booths and things you can do?
Thanks to all that can help!


1) If you really like to eat or drink
2) Samples, not really a buffett persay.
3) wandering yidden


thx. Heard they sold out already of tickets


Dan I heard you will be at the NYC event this year!I’m looking fwd to seeing you #VIP

Shawn Lieblich

The promo code is not working. Please advise!



anyone looking to sell a ticket?

Mark R

I just got back from the kfwe in new york and I don’t think I would go again. Anything good ran out pretty quickly and they jammed the venue with as many people they could. You had to push to get around and all this is after we had to wait in line for a half hour to get through security.


Agree. Way too many tickets sold. Should have been at least twice less. Or less $$ per ticket.