Save 20% On Covid Rapid Test Kits!

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Save 20% On Covid Rapid Test Kits!

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Get tested at home.

Don’t wait in line. Get results at home in just 5 minutes! 

Also available with free pickup in Queens, NY.

During this critical moment of the Covid-19 pandemic, improved testing procedures is fundamental. Our ability to return to work, school and “normal” life with confidence is predicated on non-invasive testing that yields immediate, reliable results. EasyRapidNow™ is a fast, reliable, affordable rapid nasal swab antigen test that is now available to businesses and brands through DermaCare Line. Our manufacturing partners are producing at a mass scale to keep up with unprecedented worldwide demand.

Disclosure: The test is under review by the FDA for approval by the FDA EUA. Results from Antigen testing should not be used as the sole basis to diagnose or exclude SARS-CoV-2 infection or to inform infection status. EasyRapidNow™ and is not affiliated with BinaxNow™ or Abbott Laboratories. Allied Enterprises, Inc is a reseller of this product and in no way responsible for any statements or guarantees made by the manufacturer.

For Surveillance Use Only.

NOT for use in diagnostic procedures (USA Only).

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May I ask, if these weren’t used to medically or officially diagnose Covid, then what is the purpose of the product?


There are only three at home tests approved by FDA:
BinaxNOW COVID-19 Ag Card Home Test
Ellume Covid-19 Home Test
Lucira COVID-19 All-In-One Test Kit
I’m surprised Dan’s deals is posting this..


Moe, 1. it’s an advertising product. 2. Most airlines, daycares/schools, workplaces, will only accept the negative test from one administered by a supervising agent (such as a doctor, drugstore, Quest Diagnostics). Hawaiian Air uses an at-home saliva test where the test is supervised virtually via a webcam, and mailed in to a lab.

Deal lover

Dave, I don’t even think airlines accept rapid tests at all. They require a PCR negative within 72 hours of flying.

Doctors have told me they don’t waste time on the rapid, with the amount of false positive/negatives it gives.


You are not very likely to get a false positive…if it says positive, you probably are positive.

False negatives — absolutely


Thank Goodness I haven’t needed to be tested of yet. If I really wanted/needed to be tested, practically every drugstore and supermarket are offering them for no cost via the health insurance. I’d go that route.


With all due respect, I am concerned that when YOU use an “advertising product” like this, many people will make assumptions that are not true. In this case, assumptions that could endanger the lives and health of others and themselves. I believe you are viewed in higher esteem and not as one to advertise a product that has not been thoroughly reviewed by appropriate authorities. Thoughts?


Aruba also accepts a test from vault


None of these are avail for purchase unfortunately


Is this fda approved?


I know this promotion is from a paid advertiser, but as a consumer- I’d have to say that (on the surface and at first glance) this has to be one of the worst product offerings I’ve ever seen on DD. 1. Especially with heavier attention shifting towards the vaccine, coupled with the wide availability of testing locations and options, of recent I haven’t witnessed crazy long lines to get a Covid test. That includes the rapid testing. 2. Insurance? No Insurance? Medicare/Medicaid? There are many options for extremely low cost or $0 cost testing at drugstores, city clinics, supermarket pharmacies, urgent care centers, etc. My personal health insurer will mail out a at-home kit for free, shipped same day- next day shipping for a formal diagnosis. Yesterday your product was posted for $50, this morning it’s $35. 3. I understand you quoted a Dr. Cara Osborne, but I have my doubts in the completeness of the doctor’s understanding of the product. Why would a medical professional recommend a product that doesn’t have FDA approval and isn’t an option for medically diagnosing the disease to be used “in populations such as co-workers in a shared space, sports teams”, as the doctor was quoted? A sport’s team, airline, or school would likely need a result from a product that *can* provide a proper diagnosis and is approved by the FDA. I absolutely welcome the promoter to answer my questions, convince me that I am mistaken, and detail how the promoter’s product is the best choice for me.