Reunite Your Family In Israel: What Are The New Rules? Do I Qualify To Enter? Let EMA Care Help You Today!

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What are the new rules? Do I qualify to enter? Where can I get the blood and lab tests?

EMA Care is a health services and medical concierge company that has serviced tens of thousands of tourists, students, and VIP tourists.  We have and continue to provide a 24/7 English language telemedicine hotline for health issues while in Israel, Emergency Room attendance/advocacy, and regulatory compliance (exemptions for quarantine, green pass assistance, etc.) for groups and individuals throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Our services include:

  1. Reviewing of the necessary documents (per your purpose of visit). Our team will send you a checklist of the required documents; they will perform a pre-submission review to assure compliance and notify you if something is missing. Our team will also organize the documents in an acceptable format to the Israeli Consulate.
  2. Health Insurance – EMA Care will arrange medical insurance that will cover COVID-19. Our services include:
  • 24/7 English-speaking Medical Hotline – including medical assessment, medical direction, and referrals.
  • ER coverage – a professional bilingual medical advocate will accompany clients in the ER and advocate on their behalf to ensure the best available medical care is received.
  1. Serological testing – EMA Care can provide serological testing at your home or hotel or provide the referral and organization of serological tests at a local lab.

For more info, please contact us here.

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