Raffle To Win $25,000 Has Been Launched!


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Every entry will be entered in the grand prize of $25,000 cash, the 2nd prize of 2 flights to Israel, and the 3rd prize of 4 flights in the US. We are not combined with any other organization in this raffle.

Since 1933, Rabbinical Seminary of America, popularly known as Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim, has been fulfilling its two-fold objective: to provide Jews with an outstanding Torah education of the highest caliber, and to equip them with the training and commitment to serve in leadership positions for Jewish communities throughout the world. RSA is at the forefront of a Torah renaissance, producing the rabbonim, principals, teachers and outreach workers who are revitalizing Jewish life on this continent and beyond. Hundreds of communities worldwide benefit from RSA alumni, and the demand for qualified graduates continues to grow.

Participate here or email: info@rsaraffle.com

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Peter Irrc

Is there a free way to enter? If not, isn’t this an illegal lottery?


When are they opening branches in London?