Purchase A Coin For $86.90 From The Mint And Get $200 Back!

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Update: The offer has now been increased from a $187 payout to a $200 payout for a total of $113.10 profit on this coin guaranteed!

By opting in to this offer, you will automatically receive the highest offer from PFS at the time of shipment.

Please note: This is a sponsored post.

Join this deal here.

On Thursday, November 14th – at 12:00PM ET the US Mint will release a limited edition “American Eagle 2019 One Ounce Silver Enhanced Reverse Proof” coin.

There is a limit of one (1) coin per household. The cost of each coin will be $65.95. After including the $20.95 shipping charge (we are requesting overnight shipping for this deal), each order’s total will be $86.90.

You will have the box shipped to your own house or office and then ship them to PFS Buyers Club with a prepaid FedEx shipping label that we will provide for you.

We will pay you $200 – for a profit of $113.10 per order. You can receive payment via check or Paypal with no fees. This is also an opportunity to earn valuable points/miles on your credit cards!

For full deal details and terms, as well as the ability to opt in to this deal, you must be a PFS Buyers Club Member.

Join PFS Buyers Club here.

There are a limited number of spots available for this deal, so be sure to sign up now. 

We require everyone who opts into this deal to ship their coin to PFS after purchase. There are a limited number of spots and we approve them based on opt-ins fulfilling their agreement, if they successfully purchase a coin. If you plan on opting in, please make sure you can fulfill your end of the agreement to its entirety.

Note: PFS Buyers Club takes full and sole responsibility for the reimbursement of these coins. That includes thousands of happy participants from past deals posted here!

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Raphael Rand

What’s the catch?


There is no catch. PFS has always promptly paid what they promised.

Raphael Rand

What’s in it for them? Why would they not just buy it directly from the Mint? Why pay $100+ for each of them?


As the ad says, “There is a limit of one (1) coin per household.”


As with all PFS deals, they advertise profit based on what they think they can resell the coin at. Opting into one of their deals caps your potential profit but also caps your downside, as well. Works for me as I’m not remotely experienced in buying/selling Mint coins, but YMMV.


It also means you don’t have to deal with scammers on ebay that falsely claim the box was empty.
Not fun!


Is this a vetted deal? Or is this some sort of scam?


PFS has advertised here many, many times without any reported issues. I wouldn’t hesitate to sell to them.


yes so easy and simple they explain everything and always pay super fast


If I opt in but not successful getting one
What happens?


Life goes on.


Underrated reply. lolz


It’s legit. I’ve been doing their deals for a number of years. This happens to be one of the better payouts. Sometimes you don’t get too much over what you paid, but it’s good if you need to achieve a spending level on a new credit card.

Yakov Kaufman

can i signup with 2 emails?


Yes, if you can buy 2.


Do they make you sign for the package when you initially receive it?


I’ve always had to sign from the mint.


Only if its over $300, which in this case you wont


I registered. Can you please post a link to the US mint to have it handy ?


I second the question.
I went through the deal on their site and have no idea how to access the mint deal on the 14th…
Why is there no link to the Mint’s site?


Can I have 2 addresses under 1 account at the US MINT ? And it will let me order for each address once ?


You can use paypal too on us mint to get 5× on freedom


Can I buy it already? Or gotta wait till the 14th ?


it hasnt come out yet


No, as it will be released for purchase on 11/14 at 12pm ET. You have to be ready to buy it exactly at that time because they’ll probably all be sold out within a few minutes.


is PFS & MYS the sme company, or different?




Where do we opt in for the deal?


Via the link in this ad.


Can I buy it already?


no. the whole point is that you have to be ready EXACTLY at 12:00 PM on Nov 14 to buy it


will the mint restrict a second account if the billing address or credit card is the same then the other, or it should work once the shipping address is different?


i have the same question ?


from my experience yes, use different cedit card and a different billing address as long as its in the same zip code youll be fine


“This number should correspond to the number of accounts you have
registered with the US Mint”

I need to create an account by the mint? How do I do that?


PFS provides you a direct link to the mint or go to USMint.gov


How long takes the whole process, from buying till receiving the payment?


I have participated in several deals with PFS and had a good experience each time. Very straightforward and very good communication. That always paid the way they said they would.


A lot of people have asked how to open an account at the us mint


I think the easiest way is to just open your local Yellow Pages.

Wink wink! Maybe try to Google it!


If they have to ask a question like that, then deals like this are not for them. Everything is spelled out. If they can’t pay attention to details then there is almost no point for them to even try to get in on something like this. If one can’t follow directions to a T, which requires a precise sequence of events to be done at a precise moment in time, then stay away. Otherwise they will only end up buying a coin they can’t resell, or not buying a coin and ruining it for others who can follow directions but couldn’t opt-in on the deal because spots were taken up by people who can’t follow directions.

A Helping hand

Any answer to this?


lol what the heck just go to usmint.gov and create an account figure it out its as simple as commenting on dansdeals.com


Read the post y’all. It’s all there. These comments make my head hurt. PFS is legit I’ve had no problems and I’m probably one of the early adopters. The ROI on this offer is just silly good.


hi @dan! thanks for everything! i made already this good deals in the past (of course via #DansDeals!) & had only a good experience, i’m just wondering if you know what exactly means ‘1 per household’? will the mint only allow a second account if the billing address or credit card is different the then the other (from the details in PFS post seems so), or it should be good once the shipping address is different?


i one time tried 1 billing address and they canceled my order just use a different address for billing and shipping maybe u have a cousin who wouldnt mind…


The shipping address and billing address both need to be different, i have 3 separate accounts, one goes to my house with my personal cc, one goes to my business with another cc and one to my parents using my sisters cc


And actually however it should work for a different address etc. will it work to order it from the same account also or only when its a separate 1?


wow. I cant believe a human asked this question… just kidding of coarse u need a 2nd account


I have done several deals with PFS and can attest that they always pay promptly, with no issues.


Is there a way to ship to an apartment building? They always come and say no one was home (they require signature) without even buzzing my apartment and then tell me I need to pick it up from a location 45 minute drive away!


no I had similar problem


This one shouldnt require a signature since its under $300


Thank you, I just registered for PFS and the US Mint and I opted in to give it a try on 11/14. Thank you for the post Dan!


Where did you opt in ? By the mint ?


has any 1 -(i see dan is no more answering on this post) any experience with the mint how their limits is working? like now when they say 1 per household, can i order from the same account to a different address or need to be a separate account?


looking to know the same ?!

always for dan

me too

john speed

do i need to ship it out on friday or i can ship it out on monday and if thats the case than why do i need overnight shipping


gddamn just listen to instructions if u want to get paid


It seems like a pattern in this post. If people cannot read, understand,and follow those instructions, then they should not be even thinking about participating in this.


If I live in a apartment building, is there a issue because there are multiple households in the building?
(For that matter can I order a few coins to a house using multiple apartment numbers?)


PSA. Make sure that everyone in whatever house you are shipping to is aware that this package is coming. Under no circumstances can the outside USPS box be open even slightly or the buyer will not take your coin.

@Dan, are you no longer guaranteeing payment like you have done in the past?


We haven’t guaranteed payment for quite some time. The last several deals all worked out perfectly without the guarantee.


PFS has just increased the payout on this deal, from $100 to $113. (It May go higher.).
I have done four deals with PFS. All went smoothly…..and profitably.


Ok all the questions wow.
Each account should only order once
And each address should only order one per address or your orders from the us mint will get canceled
Also btw the comission was just bumped up


This just received:
Great news!

We have bumped the price for next Thursday’s deal from $187 to $200 per coin!

This should already be reflected on your “My Orders” page.

Additionally, if you have received a competing offer from one of these small/local whatsapp groups, please reply to this email and we will do our best to match it for you.

As always – thanks for your loyalty,

– Aron
PFS Buyers Club

Esti A

How mint limits deal to 1 per household – by name, shipping and/or billing address?

Ed Travel

I have done their deals in past…It is legit…


how do i buy


Click on “Join this deal here.”


how do i buy a coin from the mint is there any link ?


is it possible to use the same cc for multiple addresses (home & office)?


its possible to use the same cc for multiple ordres? (different shipping addresses)?


will the mint accept more then 1 order with same credit card? if shipping is different?


anyone ?


anyone got


i bought 2 coins


is this still going?