Purchase 5 Coin Sets For $92.70 From The Mint This Monday And Get Up To $142.70 Back!

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Update: Applications are no longer being accepted. If you were approved to purchase make sure to purchase these before they sell out.

Please note: This is a paid advertisement which is stickied as the top post, please scroll down for new posts.

Purchase 5 Coin Sets For $92.70 From The Mint This Monday And Get $142.70 Back!

On Monday August 24th at 12:00pm EDT the US Mint will release a limited edition coin set. The purchase is limited to 5 sets per household.

The 5 sets will cost $92.70 shipped with the $17.95 expedited shipping option.

-If you drop off the box at the DCL drop off center in Crown Heights or Los Angeles, you will make a $50 profit by receiving a check for $142.70.

-If you are located in Brooklyn, Lakewood, Monsey, Flushing, Fresh Meadows, Kew Gardens Hills, Far Rockaway, or the 5 Towns, you can choose to have the coins picked up from your house and you will make a $45 profit by receiving a check for $137.70.

-If you are located anywhere else in the US48 you can opt to receive a return shipping label. With this method you will make a $35 profit by receiving a check for $127.70. You’ll need to ship within 2 business days of receiving your expedited order.

Note: Only a limited number of people will be approved for this offer, you must be approved before making a purchase. If you do not receive approval to purchase you will not be reimbursed.

The steps below will explain the process.

1. Register here to purchase the coins.
Detailed instructions will be included in the approval email.

2. At noon on Monday you will purchase the sets and you must have it shipped with expedited shipping to your house.

3. With expedited shipping the sets should arrive at your house later this week. If using return shipping you’ll need to use the provided return label to send in the coins within 2 business days of receiving your expedited order. If you drop-off or pickup you’ll need to complete that by September 2nd.

4. You will receive a receipt from the DCL once your order has been received.

5. Compensation will be sent via check or PayPal typically within 1 week, but no later than 3 weeks from the date of receipt. If you don’t receive payment within 3 weeks you must contact DansDeals within 6 weeks of receiving your receipt.

Full detailed instructions will be provided in the approval email.

Dan’s note:
DansDeals has verified this deal and will refund the original purchase price in the unlikely event of not receiving payment within 3 weeks of receiving your receipt (as described in step 4) from DCL.

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Why do you have to wait 3 weeks for your money? I know it’s not a lot of money and the risk isn’t crazy but…..


Most people will be paid back within the week of drop off.


What is the name of the set? Is there a link or something to know which one we should be buying?


All information will be included in the approval email


If we chose to have it picked up then can we get paid then also?


If ordered on a different account with different cc info, they won’t ship if it’s the same address?


How long should it take to get a approval email?


@JoshBee: It wont even let you put the order through


@sygdet: Why should someone use their money when they can use yours? There is no reason you should not be paid right away.


Too big of a hassle for $40 IMHO

DCL drop off center in Crown Heights

How does the DCL drop off center in Crown Heights work?


I tried this last time, chances of actually getting an order thru is so slim, that i dont think its even worth the time to try, unless your unemployed anyway, which in that case it cant hurt to try….


Which credit card could I use to purchase from the mint? I am aware that citi would probably charge a cash advance fee, what about chase, Barclays and Amex?


what about LA?


what coins are these?


@Daniel: While we plan to pay everyone at the time of dropoff/pickup, we cannot guarantee that.

Queens Buyer

Can it be picked up from KGH, Queens?


What’s this all about? Why should someone pay $50?


Why can’t you pay on drop off?


If you have already registered, you should receive an email from us later this evening.
Here’s a Direct Link to the coins:
They sell for $14.95 x 5 = $74.75 + 17.95 (shipping)= $92.70
Make sure to buy the maximum allowed of 5.
Good Luck!


DCL, Where in Crown Heights is that?


Why do we have to do expedited?


@Izzy probably best to use a CC that gives you some sort of insurance.


Any chance for a LA drop off/pick-up?

healthy skeptism

please accept my question at face value, i do not mean to accuse anyone, but if i understand correctly, someone paid to have this ad which means that when i buy coins from the mint and MAKE money on the deal, the buyer of the add is making money also. when a third party is making money off of the us mint it sounds very fishy…im ready to sign up but would appreciate some clarification on what this is?


@Healthy, there is a limited amount of coins so some collectors might hold on to them long term and see appreciation. If you willing to wait or have a distribution network you could do better but this is legit, happens with limited edition everything. Limited supply = higher demand (hence the profit)


Can we use a different billing/shipping address then the one the CC is registered to?


I assume they paid for the ad because they will be making money from the resale of the sets they purchase from you, not that they will be making money on the initial sale to you.

Dan obviously could answer this.


Yes, I did that last time.

Adir Bimlucha

What if I dont live in the mentioned areas? Any way to still get in on this free $$$?


I have been buying coins for DCL for 5+ years and he has always paid me back within 7 days of me delivering the coins.



Thanks! What do you think about using a P.O. box?


Anyone have data-points regarding using same CC, with same name, across multiple accounts?

Dan, Where is DCL drop off?

Anyone else have an answer to where DCL in Crown Heights drop off is?


Is there a pickup from Kew Garden Hills (Queens) too?


what do i hav 2 do if they are being picked up?? (i live in lakewood)


Why do we have to do expedited? Can it be regular shipping?

Illegal alien

Can you publish deal like these that are applicable to a general following like Los Angeles or Miami folk?

Monsey Lady

What happens if for some reason the coins don’t arrive on time for September 2?


I bought for this man a couple of weeks ago, dropped off at a Jewelry store in Crown Heights and he issued a Paypal check to my Paypal account. Pleasant with constant communication.


@dan Is this considered a cash advance purchase on chase credit cards?


It’s a purchase.


Where is the link to buy? Only the link for the approval form
Is there. Also, how can I commit to sell if I don’t know if I’ll be able to buy it (site crashes, they get sold out).


After applying you’ll get the full instructions.

Obviously if you don’t wind up getting anything then you’re not committing to anything.


This post says Kew Gardens Hills is a pick-up location but the email I got from them does not list KGH. Is that a location for pick-up or not?


Yes, it’s been added.


Doesn’t this sound a bit sketchy ?


That’s why I verified it and made the promise I did in my note above.


How does the dropoff work? Where is the location in crown heights? If there someone to contact via phone?


Have tried to sign up twice today and last night, still no email.


How do I get the return label? Where do I send the DCL order form?


Just registered. If no email, can I still order?


Signed up, no email response


@Boruch: @Josh: If you have still not received the approval email, please search your inbox for DCL. If you dont find the email, send the form again, we will manually send your email.


is there a way to place multiple orders?


Yes, just fill out another form.


what does DCL stand for?


Will the order go through if i use different billing address then of the cc card.


registered, 2 minutes before sale, page not loading


I see that I have “commit” to sell the coins to DCL, Why is that so? and what if I decide to keep it for myself?


page wont load for us mint


lol there website is down!!!


This webpage is not available

ReloadHide details
The connection to catalog.usmint.go


This webpage is not available
this the message on their website trying to order but site not loading


mint website crash


The site crashed lol at least for me…

love dans

mint page to order crushed
does not load


dan is taking over the world!!!!


after 5 minutes he site was down…i was able to make the purchase.

love dans

now added it to card and it will not allow me to change to expedited shipping!!! keeps coing back to budget shipping


Keep trying folks. I got through when I open up the link directly to the product page. Order confirmed!


webpage not responding!!!


got 1oredr of five


wow – after struggling at each step i finally git to place order but after hitting that button it crashed out but now i see cc hit and finally order confirmation:


oh well ebay here we come


where do I accept terms and conditions??


Form seems to require pick-up info…but I have asked for shipping label…what do I do?


right i thought it had changed mine and now order went but regular.

If DCL does not take it Ill go on ebay to sell.

Izzy H

Mint website is slower than a snail


dan are we allowed to order multiple ?
it says 1 order per household/name


Same as last time. Website crash. Some sort of simplified website popped up. I was able to complete the order.


Also there is a $15 fee for the shipping label!

Joe S

Got 1 but that site cannot handle traffic.

Izzy H

After many tries, with Hashem’s help I succeeded. Baruch Hashem


For those thinking of selling on ebay think again. you will be luck if you break even on these


Had to sit and reload each step about 5 times for 5 minutes each but finally made it. The site must have been swarmed.


my order finally went through now


Everyone take a deep breathe. Keep refreshing and you can get it. I managed to do two orders shipping to 2 different addresses and did them one after another no issues. You just need to relax and be willing to hit F5 a few times.


Yeup, doesn’t give you the option of expedited shipping even if it’s available in the pull down menu.

Got through as a guest. Site’s been crashing, so I couldn’t log on.


i have done this on 3 different occasions this time was the hardiest

love dans

B”H finally after like 10 tries took expedited shipping and order went through.
Dan makes uus work HARD for our $$$ ;-))


12:28 successful. 5 sets. Keep on trying if you have not succeeded.


major problems with firefox. ie worked!


I was able to finally place the order for 5 sets to ship to Lakewood, but I never received a confirmation from DCL. I’m not sure if my original request went through to them. Should I still try to reach out to them.. or it’s too late alreasy and I should just keep my coins??


got 10 sets with reg shipping and didnt register can i still get deal?


Got 4 orders through. It’s still available so go get them!


Dan, any options if we got changed to basic shipping?


Its 12:30 and still available!

love dans

@Chossid how did u get 2 orders when it says limit 5 for household??
or if i choose diff ship to address and CC it will go through??



how do you order to 2 different addresses ? can the cc name be the same but have a different address for each one

what now

I selected expedited shipping but when i placed the order it somehow switched back to budget shipping. and my order went thru. so do i get stuck with the coins now or what?


my total was only $79.70


same here i get two of 5 sets at reg shipping whats the story dan????


@love dans, I have company credit cards with different billing and shipping address already in system.
@ira, one was a personal card and the other was a company card so different names and addresses.
@charles, you forgot to expedite shipping.


Doesn’t look like these coins are as rare as the last ones if they are still available



I applied and was approved. And I ordered 5.
Do I need to fill out anything else now?


Do they pick up from your house? And do they pick up on Sunday?


@Mitch, maybe but the system is way more glitch-y than last time…


@Mitch, they have a larger supply of this coin.

love dans

@chossid i also have many Biz CC’s but all billing addresses are the same … have 5 more in my cart, don’t know if i should try and buy with diff name & CC but sames address… will they cancel my first order too??


i’d order more but not getting a confirmation email from DCL to go ahead.


order went through @ budget shipping by mistake. can we still do deal? mint site was awful!


Fix yous shipping speed by calling 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468)

what now

wait 20 mins before u call to change shipping. i was told the order didn’t show up yet


I placed 3 orders of 5 using 3 different credit cards and 3 different addresses, all 3 orders are now “n hold”


@love dans,

I wouldn’t risk it as I once had my orders canceled but your call. There will be more coin deals going forward.

Missing button

Where is the button to go to the next page on the ‘shipping and delivery’ page? I just don’t see a CONTINUE or NEXT or SUBMIT button.


just signed up- when will i get confirmation email of registration or can i just order?

love dans

@chossid thanksa lot. i’ll just stick to that for now, but will get “prepared” with diff addresses on diff CC’s for next time ;-))

Shimmy Atlas

@DCL: I sent in 2 requests to DCL and no response so I ordered them on my own…

Allen Eshmoili

anyone from DCL on here? Are any other approvals to purchase more sets going out at this time?


@shimmyatlas- is that ok?

Shimmy Atlas

@@shimmyatlas: Ok with me. If DCL wants to buy them off me that’s fine if not I see them being sold on ebay so I can sell them myself there…or to someone else here on the thread…


on the mint website it says
Mintage Limit: 90,000 so that is enough for 18,000 sets of 5


hey I never received my email for approval I got 40 coins how does this work???


last tim there was 17,000 and a limit of 2 per house which is around 9,000 sets and it was sold out in minutes, now its 90,000 but 5 per house which is 18,000 sets and its still in stock after 90 minutes…. something is weird here


Dan I don’t understand how this works can you please confirm what to do. I never received the email. From them.


Email them at DCLCoins@gmail.com


Thanks dan I hope this was legitimate. let see if they get back to me.


For all those who mistakingly ordered the slower shipping. the mint will not allow you to edit the order. they only allow cancellation and reordering.


actaully the dont even allow that. they say they cant cancel because its already processing.
Dan, any ideas? Does offer still apply? what if we get them before sep. 2 anyways with the slower shipping?


I just called and got it canceled, I was planing to sell it on eBay, but it does not seem to be such a desired coin like the Eisenhower was.


still no reply do you have a phone number because I ordered for my family and I’m getting concerned .

Missing Button Update

Only let me enter shipping info after I created an account, but then wouldn’t advance to billing page.


Order didnt update to expedited shipping before i realized it was too late. Will DCL still honor it?
If not I can still cancel my order (I called the Mint) but not for much longer, so waiting fro response.


@DCL Seems like there are still more available. Is DCL still offering to purchase them?


For those that did not choose expedited shipping: if it arrives on time, before sep 2nd, which it sold then we will take them. One way to play it safe is if does not ship by Wednesday/Thursday cancel the order.


just read through all the comments and didnt see an answer about locations specifically los angeles. where do I drop them off when they arrive?


I just purchased and was still available


@Yitz: @dvd: please email us at dclcoins@gmail.com


@DCL: Hey I have been trying to get a hold of you. I never received my confirmation and I have 8 sets. Please let me know where I can drop it off


Drop off info will be emailed to you once your order ships


@DCL: my orders say shipped .



Just emailed you. Looking forward to response. Thanx.


What’s the reason for no more then five sets per household ??


I ordered 3 sets of 5 and sent in 3 forms and only got back 2 confirmations from dcl…


dan!! Please advise me on what to do they did not answer my email and answered very vaguely on here on to where to drop off. I have 8 sets and don’t know what to do be most of them are shipped already



There are 2 ways to look at minted coins 1 numismatics (ie: to collect) 2 to buy and sell for a quick buck. The Eisenhower Chronicles coin set (same thing with the Truman chronicles coin set) was/is a Reverse proof coin set and that is why it sold out in the blink of an eye.

This set is an enhanced dollar coin and dollar bill set with a lower mintage.

Unfortunately as a coin collector I was not able to procure the set.


if you did not get it this time and would like to get it from my ,
i have no problems selling it to you.



Just chill as it takes 2 days to arrive so Wednesday if all goes well. They email you most likely tonight or tomorrow of where to drop off. Right now they updating lists etc to see whats happening.

All will be good 🙂



Sorry I was not clear. What I meant to say was that I could not procure the Eisenhower chronicles set. I did buy the 1 Dollar coin set.


We are working our way through the many emails, please be patient.
All necessary info we be sent to you.


Hi everyone,
Just want to say sorry for the confusion and how things went. Everyone who received confirmation prior to ordering will be getting payment. If you ordered without confirmation, there is not anything we can do to help you.


what emails are you talking about? I ordered the 5 sets.
Am I supposed to fill out a form now or wait for instructions?


I made 4 orders of five coins do you want it DCL or I canceled the order



If we choose PayPal, is it the full amount, or do we pay the send money fee?


I did not subscribe can i still be in the deal?


Just wondering why dues dcl ask on the Google form for the email address used for the order?

And how could they track if it shipped already as they are saying they will let you know the drop off location once it ships


@64bit: @64bit: If you send a “personal” payment via a checking account (not credit card) I don’t think you pay a send money fee.


DAN HELP US!!!!!!! We relied on YOU and now I am as if a sheep without a SHEPHERD


I know. Except this isn’t a personal payment.


If you filled out the post order form, all necessary info ie drop off locations and shipping labels will be emailed to you. Please be patient.

@Eric: You have been responded to. If you have further questions please email us at DCLCoins@gmail.com

@abe: @Lip: Please email us at DCLCoins@gmail.com

@64bit: There will not be a fee on your end. You will receive the full amount stated.

@Shaya: This deal has ended.

@??: We can track each order using the Order number and the email address.

@Help: Please email us at DCLCoins@gmail.com with any questions or concerns.

Love dans

sent u an email about when will u P/U ? got an answer today in the email talking of p/u on Aug 1st & 2nd ?? whats going on ??
got the pkg today. hope to hear soon about P/U, thx

Marnin Somerman

UPS shows the packing delivered but no package to be found.
Other packages were waiting for me…makes me think the someone knew it was coming and came and took it…I hope the Mint insured it or I’m out $97. Not very happy right now.


@Love dans: Sep 1st & 2nd
@Marnin Somerman: Responded to email, package will not state it is from the mint, rather it will say it is from “Fulfillment Center”


@DCL i have emailed you in regards to pick up.

I have A package sitting here and waiting for your response!


i haven’t received any emails from dcl coins in a few days. what happened to the expedited shipping and you need it as fast as possible. they haven’t sent further instructions and beginning to worry


I was contacted by DCL & told pickup will be tonight between 7:00 – 11:30….. so far nothing.


This is shady. Cant believe the website defended this unprofessional company that wont respond to any one. Shame on you Dan


I’m not defending anyone. I simply don’t allow companies to run ads like this without getting references, being able to guarantee the validity of the deal, and making sure that people won’t lose their money.

More than that I can’t really do. I can’t force a company to respond to every email, though it does dictate whether I’d take an ad from them in the future.


@Dan: I can appreciate that Dan Thanks for your response. So you know I got multiple sets to multiple locations of the 1 dollar coins and there has not been a response. The other advertiser for the Eisenhower coin was amazing and has been very on top of it.If you can reach out to the second advertiser it would be helpful as a lot of people went on board with this.Thanks Dan


How can I request a pick up from Brooklyn?


Dan I have the coins where do I drop it off in CH?

Love dans

now i get an email that there will be no P/U avail. and should print label and mail in. (i don’t have a printer and i’m not in such good health to leave home to drop box of ups which is 3 miles from me)!!!
like Mike wrote this is totally unprofessional and JUST NOT RIGHT !!
when they give some conditions and according i decide if i want to do it or not they CAN NOT change it afterwords!!!!
very very upsetting b 4 SHABAT


@waiting: We sent out an email with updated info. If you did not receive it, please let us know.

@mike: Thank you for emailing us and giving us the opportunity to make this work for you. We are happy we were able to work this out based on your needs.

@Gav: We responded to your email with all necessary info needed.

@Chaim: CH Shipping Center
478 Albany Ave,
Brooklyn, NY 11203

Monday – Thursday, 8:30 am – 7:00 pm
Sunday, 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Friday, 8:30 am – 2:00 pm
Phone:(718) 771-5000

@Love dans: As we did with Mike, please email us at DCLCoins@gmail.com so that we can make this work for you. We will respond over the weekend and make this work for you.

For any questions or concerns, please email us at DCLCoins@gmail.com



To all people out there, I want to write an excellent postitve reveiw for DCL.

I am in the same situation as all of you, just a regular person trying to make a few quick easy dollars, without too much hassle.

I have been in contact with DCL (Zalman) so far regarding the orders and I feel so comfortable with his “”EXCELLENT”” customer service.

I didn’t either expect to have this change of pickup, however, under these circumstances its the best available option. Come on and be positive about it! It’s a very simple process. Just print a shipping label and put it on the box, and drop it in a UPS drop box on any street.

I am extremely happy with the customer service I have been getting so far. I never heard of DCL before but after this experience I have learned about them that I feel very comfortable and they have my trust. I would recommend them to all my family members.

Very quick responses for my emails. Looking to help and make things work.

Thanks DCL for the opportunity!!!!!!!


I have not had a great customer experience that the previous poster has mentioned. I did the other coin deal with no problems but with DCL I’ve called the number and sent an email to DCL and still have not gotten any response. Since im coming from work and its a bit of a way i would like to know someone will be there to accept the package and get a check. I hope to get a response and plan on following up here if everything works out.


@Yitz: What you write is obnoxious.
What “”EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE”” are you referring to??? Did you get a shipping label yet? Did you get your money yet?? You had never heard of them before, but now you “learned about them that I feel very comfortable and they have my trust”. From what experience did you get this trust? From seeing an ad on DD’s and then them falling off the communication grid and then change up their terms???

You are NOT “in the same situation as all of you”. But I assume you ARE “just a regular person trying to make a few quick easy dollars, without too much hassle”. But not at our expense!

Do you work for DCL??? Dont post stuff that is full of dishonest info attempting to mislead us readers. We trust Dan and we trust everything will be alright. But we Dont trust DCL and their customer service!!


@Stef: As stated in the email you received, someone will be there during those hours. Responded to your second confirming that someone will be there.

@Ronny: Everyone that filled out the post order form received a shipping label.
If you have not, please email us at DCLCoins@gmail.com
We tried looking for an order with the name Ronny, or anything of the sort, and could not find one.


I don’t know you’re experience and I’m just saying mine. I understand that DCL changed from their original process but I received an email explaining it. It makes sense to me. It is your choice to accept that they are trying their best to make it all work out or you can choice to complain. I’m just saying I chose to accept that it has changed. I have communicated with them via email. They were very timely in response and very pleasant in their dealings. I just followed instructions and it seem that I will get my money. I am happy and find them very trustworthy based on my interactions. Trustworthy doesn’t mean nothing changed just means I trust them.

Stop trolling (look up the definition)


@Ronny: and just for the record I don’t work or DCL and never dealt with them before.
I just followed instructions. I feel bad that you’re so upset but based on the last post from DCL it seems you may not be honest by writing a name Ronny that isn’t in their system. Just saying.

And yes I did receive a shipping label. In an extremely timely manner. I originally asked for pickup so I can get the $45 not just $35, an DCL has not changed at my expense. It has cost me nothing. They are paying for my shipping costs. Don’t know you’re arrangements but I can be happy with mine.

Honesty, integrity, trust can be seen very quickly in people. Especially when it comes to business.


@Yitz: of course! You make a redicoulous statement about complete trust from getting an email from a company, and I challenge that and I’m a troll!!
When my money is received I will know that this was a worthy deal. No. I dont judge peoples honesty integrity and trust from an email conversation. Like I said, I trust this deal bc Dan is backing it. Email me all day. Still no trust.
I use a screen name when commenting.


I’m following their instructions to me. I am very satisfied with their customer service. They have so far backed up what they have told me. I’m happy. I’m not an angry man!

I assume I will get my money from them. And believe me I will repost what happens when I get or don’t my money. However, I dont want to be the angry complaining person expecting to not trust people when I have good reason to trust them.

What’s worst case scenario??? They won’t pay??? I always can fall back on Dan’s guarantee (See Dan’s note to the original ad). However, my experience with them so far has been a very trustworthy one. They have thru personal emails shown every effort to make me hapy and accomodate. All you need to do is follow their directions.
Simple! Easy!
And I get an added benefit of a pleasant experience with them as opposed to living upset and not trusting anyone.

If you just look at all their replies in the column itself, all I see is them responding and being as willing to work things out as much as possiblr for each individual. I’m not making it up. Its right there for all to see their responses. I like them.

My review is that they have
“excellent customer service””

For when things go different then plled is when you can give the company a chance to shine wiht their Customer care. In my opinion its :


Thanks DCL for the opportunity.



Check this persons post out.

I have no idea who he is but seems like he had a positive experience with them too!

I had this question http://www.dansdeals.com/archives/72625#comment-1242958

They responded with this:

I’m happy with that. And had email communication since.


Sent an email on 8/27 to DCL asking for a shipping label after getting their approval and still have not gotten any shipping label or heard from them at all. Anyone know what’s going on?


Yes… I did as soon as I got a confirmation of my order.

Love dans

GREAT SERVICE !!!! made good on his word, and understood i can’t leave my house(i did get a shipping label last week) for health reasons.answered every email promptly promised someone will be here to P/U between 5-7 pm and they just P?U 10 minutes ago(5:40pm) and gave a check.
ALL you guys that worry I think u can calm down and 100% sure you’ll get your money


@Yitz: Thanks Yitz for the positive comments.

@yyk: We sent shipping labels to all that requested in the post order form. Perhaps you signed up for approval but did not fill out the post order form?
Either way, please email us at DCLCoins@gmail.com and someone will get back to you promptly.

@Love dans: Happy we were able to make it work for you! and thanks for following up with your updated experience.


I dropped mine off in CH and received checks on the spot. No complaints here 🙂 everything went as offered.


What happened to Monsey pick ups? I emailed them around 10 and it is now 11:13 and DCL has not come by or called.


@Jackie: Awesome!

@G R: We answer all emails in the order they were received. Cant tell by your screen name, but all emails have been answered. If your issue has not been resolved, please email us at DCLCoins@gmail.com


My email sent at 347 pm on September 1st was unanswered.


@Ian: Answered


Got my money so glad it worked out


Received money less than a week after they received my coins (paypal)!


I dropped off my coins today in crown heights. they did not have my check.


@DavidS: Please email us at DCLCoins@gmail.com so we can look into this


Just to follow up on all my previous posts,

I got paid!!

Concerned Customer

My tracking number says my coins were delivered last week Monday (more then a week ago!) and I still never received a confirmation email that they received the coins.


@Concerned Customer:
Have you emailed them to follow up?

Dave V

Coins received by DCL 9/1. No conf. email from them. Emailed DCL 9/8 re this. They said they would look into it. 3 days no answer from DCL.


Thanks for the opportunity to earn some cash. Followed all your directions as listed. My emails were responded to in a timely manner. I received my check on 9/11.

Michael l

My coins were received, but I only got paid for one set. Have tried to contact them multiple times, and have not heard an answer


I have not got paid either. I too have sent multiple emails and have not received a response.

Dan, can you you help?



Thank you! They just emailed me yesterday saying they just got back in town and sent the money.