Polar Vortex Got You Down? $10,000 Might Cheer You Up! Plus Now You Can Now Save 50% Off Your First Entry!

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Update: You can now save 50% off your first entry with code (limited to the first 150 redemptions): ACTFAST

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ChanceX12 is BACK with another $10,000 to give you! And as a special gift to you, grab 10% off your subscription until tonight at 11:59pm EST, with promo code: TAKE10

Why’s that, you ask? Because it’s bitter cold outside, and we want to make you happy. Because we care. Oh, and also, because we want to support Mesivta Shaarei Adirim.

In case you missed it, here’s how ChanceX12 works:

Participants enroll just once – committed for the year with a $36 monthly donation – but get re-entered into the lottery each month for 12 months. And with only 3,500 tickets available in total, odds of winning come to 1/292.

But HURRY! You don’t have much time! Drawing is tonight at 9:30pm CST.

So, get ready to WIN! head to ChanceX12.com. And remember, enter code TAKE10 to take advantage of this special we’re-being-super-nice-because-it’s-so-brutal-outside offer.

But hurry up – this month’s drawing is TONIGHT 1/31, at 9:30 EST!!! So…GO, GO, GO!

Don’t miss out! Enter at ChanceX12.com.

Maaser money may be used toward the purchase of tickets.

All proceeds from the ChanceX12 raffle will benefit Mesivta Shaarei Adirim, a multidimensional, yeshiva high school that empowers students to be successful—not just in the classroom, but at life. Under the leadership of Rabbi Mordechei Elbaum, Rabbi Avrohom Yitzchak Ausband, and Rabbi Shlomo Caplan, Mesivta Shaarei Adirim is the Midwest affiliate of Mesivta Shaarei Arazim of Monsey and continues to serve as a unique makom Torah for the Midwest community.


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An additional $36 as a monthly expense certainly won’t cheer me up


Thats not a 1/292 chance.

Is the polar vortex making you lose basic math skills

Free Sample, With Replacement

Unless there’s a rule that you can’t win twice, that’s not quite the right derivation. But within rounding, 1/292 is still correct. Each month, you have a 3,499/3,500 chance of NOT winning, so over 12 months you have a (3,499^12)/(3500^12) chance of NEVER winning. That’s about 99.658%, or about a 0.342% chance of winning AT LEAST once. That’s 1 in 292.13. Following the video’s approach suggests it’s 1 in 291.67, or a 0.343% chance of winning EXACTLY once.

But if you’re interested in committing to donate $432 to any worthy cause, whether at once or spread over the course of a year, you probably wouldn’t care much about such a small difference in the chances of winning a prize that’s about 23x what you’re giving.

Without further calculation, I’d say you have a MUCH better chance at guessing my profession based on the above.


A 1 in 3500 chance of winning doesnt make it 1/292 chance if you do it 12 times.