Baruch Dayan Emes: Please Learn Mishnayos For Itai Baruch Ben Ariel.

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Click here to learn a mesechta mishnayos.

Update 4/11/22: With much sorrow we regret to inform you of the passing of our Itai Baruch. The family would like to extend their deep thanks to everyone who davened.

If you can please take on to learn a mesechta mishnayos before the shloshim you can do so here.

Click here to learn a mesechta mishnayos.

If you can take a mesechta please post a comment below and share the link with friends and family so we can finish the entire Mishnayos.

Update 3/10/22: “Since our original post, Itai Baruch has made some great improvements including decannulation from the ECMO circuit, Baruch Hashem.

Unfortunately, the past 2 months have not been as stable. He remains intubated and has had two cardiac arrests, seizures, and other complications. Itai Baruch can really use your continued tefilot. We beg you to have his name in mind when learning, reading tehilim, davening, making a bracha, or simply doing a mitzvah in the merit of Hashem providing a refuah sheleima for our son. We would greatly appreciate it if you can share his name with friends and family as well.

He was also named at the Torah since the last post, please take a chapter tehillim here and daven for Itai Baruch ben Dina Shoshana איתי ברוך בן דינה שושנה.”

Originally posted 12/22/21.

“Our son “Baby B” is a triplet born on June 1st at 32 weeks. Unfortunately, he hasn’t had the chance to leave the NICU with his brothers Asher and Yishai. Due to his complex heart defect, he was recently transferred to Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh where he had already undergone 4 heart bypass surgeries and several other procedures. He is currently in the CICU on ECMO and on a ventilator. He can really use tefilot from his extended Jewish family.

We would GREATLY appreciate it if you can have his name in mind when you’re learning, davening, saying tehilim or brachot. Maybe you can do an extra mitzvah, in the merit of Hashem providing a refuah sheleima for our son. You can give charity, speak less Lashon Hara, bake challah for Shabbos, etc… Anything will help! We believe together and with Hashem we can bring our son home.

TINOK BEN DINA SHOSHANAH תינוק בן דינה שושנה

Thank you,

A. Z.”

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If you can take on a yom tehillim to say this Shabbos please post it in the comments below!

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59 Comments On "Baruch Dayan Emes: Please Learn Mishnayos For Itai Baruch Ben Ariel."

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Yom B


Yom 2. Speedy recovery!


Yom 3


Yom ג


Yon gimel, blee nedder

Susan Samet

Yom י״ט

Susan Samet

Day 19. Refuah shelema bimhera iyh


That hospital room reminds me of the PCICU ward we lived in during the first 2 months of my son’s life. Keep davening!
Will bli neder say what I can.
Refuah shelaimah!


I will bli’neder give tzedakah for a refuah shelemah.

It’s also impressive and wholesome to have enough bitachon to sponsor a post asking only for davening and mitzvot, and not linking to a fundraiser. Just that should be an additional zchut for a refuah shelemah.


May Hashem give much strength and may you be zoche to bring him home immediately with complete health and revealed brochos.
Davening for you!!! Stay strong!!


will say tehilim for a speedy refuah!


I can do 120-150

Refuah Shelameh Bekarov!


Yom daled


I will iyh say yom shabbos, refua sheleima bekoroiv!!


I will say yom Shabbat this week


Just saying I gave Tzedakah because of all your comments below just know the zchus you guys get… mi kamocha yisrael


I have triplets which spent a long time in the hospital (NICU), the longest was almost a half a year, and I know it is not easy at all!! At times so challenging to the extent that I started doubting if I will ever bring them home! Bh after many miracles they all did come home, but it took a lot of faith and more importantly trust in the Abishter that brought them home! So please hold on tight! You WILL bring your baby b (beis = Bitachon) home very very soon Iyh! Completely healthy!
Will most definitely Daven and say Tehilim to help make it happen sooner!

Essen est zich

Yom hey


I will bn say Yom daled on shabbat


On Shabbos Yom aleph bn refuah sheleima thank you for the zchus


Will say yom aleph on Shabbos bn thanks for the zchus refuah sheleima


Will say yom Aleah bn thanks for the zchus refuah sheleima


will be”h say yom 20


I will bl’n learn and say tehilim as a zechus for your child! רפואה שלמה בקרוב!


I ca say יום השבת




I will say יום שלישי Refuah Shlaime


I will say Yoim Shishi. refuah shelaime


i will do yom yud alef


Look at how Yidden come together, for a stranger who’s name they don’t even know.

What more could Hashem be waiting for?!

mendel london

What more could Hashem be waiting for?! its not for us to ask this questions, people with questions are called up to heaven for an answer


Actually it is for us to ask, hence the question Ad Mosai.

One of the primary lessons of Pesach Sheini is that Jews need to ask


I already took mitzva to cover the rest of my hair in his zechut. And I’ve been reading tehilim for him. May we hear good news soon.

mendel london



It’s definitely now a great benefit for his neshama.


I’ll say yom Shabbos Bli” neder for a complete refuah Shleimah bkarov


will say tehillim with the family iyh this shabbos refua shleima bekoriv may we only share in simchos together




I’m adding him to my daily tefillot & our community’s Tehillim list. May Hashem hear our tefillot & may he be released soon with a complete refuah!


Keep us updated of God Willing a full recovery, or Chas V’Shalom a left turn.


Please Hashem hear our prayers for him.


Refua shelema! We are having him


B’li neder, I will daven and say Tehillim for your little baby boy. May HaShem, in His Infinite Mercy, grant him a speedy and a complete Refuah, and may you have tremendous nachas from him.


Refua shelema! We are having him In mind

Yael, Gale, Rabbani

My mom will do Yom Shishi and Shabbat.
Gale chanoum ( Rabbani)

Betzalel Reyhanian

Shir hashirim, will be said, followed by a sponsored brachot party, in Betzalel’s (7th graders) class tomorrow B”H, for refoua shelema of Tinok Ben Dina Shoshana Bat Rachel B”H!!!

Chaim yankel

Will learn today’s Daf Yomi as a refuah shleima

Rivkah Slonim

I will begin the second cycle with saying yom rishon. May your baby have a refuah shelaima ukrova.
With love,
Rivky Slonim



Preemi mom

@jj there is a wonderful organization that helps support jewish preemi families. Please pass on this info to the family


Bli neder I will daven for your beautiful son when I light shabbos candles. I will say tehillim as well.
Mazel tov and all brachos to your family!


You have the cutest little boy! Our prayers are with him. He is so pure, my heart goes out to him

sarah lagnado

I say every day that day’s Tehillim, plus a few other chapters each and every day, and the whole book on Shabbat and Yom Tov, besides that day’s.
I put his name on my pages-long Tehillim list and hope that Hahem will listen to all our prayers and all those needing a Refuah will IY”H get one, all the ones in need of a shidduch will find theirs, and all Klal Yisrael’s bakashot answered, with the coming of Mashiach Tzidkeuinu -AMEN!





Would like to point out one of the mishnayos links takes you to a tehillim page.

Tzvi Birkenstocker

BDE. Is there a phone number to call to be menachem avel?


BD”E. So sad. He put up a real fight as did all of you by bringing this to our attention for our tefilos. In his little life he caused so many people to do mitzvos. In that zchus, may your other two little ones have the zchus to bring you as much nachas as the tzaar you are feeling now.


Boruch dayan haemes
Is there a PayPal or cash app we can send gelt to?