2 Hours Remaining! Have You Donated Yet? 24 Hours Of Thank You To Hatzalah’s Worldwide, Plus Free Concerts All Day!

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Have You Donated Yet? 24 Hours Of Thank You To Hatzalah’s Nationwide, Plus Free Concerts All Day!

Watch the live concert here:

Find your local Hatzalah to donate to here.

It’s the Jewish world’s way of saying thank you. Beginning Lag baomer evening and continuing late into Lag Baomer day (May 11-12), a slew of the top talent in the Jewish music industry will be taking the virtual stage to fuel a 24 hour drive of giving to Hatzalahs around North America. It’s being billed as “Hatzalah-Thon: A Day of Joy, Appreciation, and Giving.”

The lineup continues to grow daily. The most recently updated list includes:

Avraham Fried. Mordechai Shapiro. Benny Friedman. Lipa Schmeltzer. Shmueli Ungar. Chazon Meir Helfgot. Gad Elbaz. Shulem Lemmer. 8th Day Band. Baruch Levine. Eli MarcusUncle Moishy. Mitzvah Boulevard. Freilach Orchestra. Shira Choir.

In an unprecedented display of unity, every Hatzalah in North America is joining forces for one, coordinated drive to raise much needed funds as they battle the Coronavirus in communities across the nation. 

Each local Hatzalah will have its own unique landing page, enabling community members to say thank you to their volunteers who are saving lives daily.

The concert and fundraiser is developed and created by United for Protection, a grassroots initiative started by three Brooklyn-based businessmen to respond to the virus with acts of Jewish unity. Their first project, the Miracle Sefer Torah, united over 300,000 Jews from over 70 countries in the writing of a Torah for protection and health, as per the instruction of Baal Shem Tov in similar circumstances.

Now, they have turned their attention to arguably one of the most important institutions in Jewish communities right now–Hatzalah.

“The non-stop sirens from two weeks ago are still ringing in my ears,” organizer Zalmy Cohen said. “These individuals, they have families, they have their own health to protect, they are volunteers. What they have done and continue to do is awe-inspiring.”

Shloimy Greenwald, also of United for Protection, added, “These Hatzalahs have very heavy costs to ensure they have the best equipment and training. They deserve and need our support at this time, more than ever.”

But the objective of the drive is more than just financial relief. “This day is about three things:  Hakaras hatov, simcha, and achdus,” said Berel Junik, another of the organizers. “On the day of R’ Akiva’s students salvation, we are celebrating our heroic Hatzalahs, we are saying thank you, and we are showing Hashem that we are united now more than ever.”

To learn more about United for Protection and the Hatzalal-Thon, head to Unitedforprotection.com

The following is a list (alphabetical order) of all participating Hatzalahs:

Baltimore, Boro Park, Catskills, Chicago, Crown Heights, Dallas, Detroit, Flatbush, Houston, Hudson County, Hatzolah Air, Jersey Shore, Kiryas Tosh, Lakewood, London, Los Angeles, Lower East Side, Middlesex County, Mill Basin/Canarsie, Monroe/Kiryas Yoel, Monsey, Montreal, New Square, Passaic/Clifton, Philadelphia, Queens, Riverdale, Rockaways/Nassau County, Seagate, South Florida, Staten Island, Toronto, Union County, Upper East Side, Waterbury, Washington Heights, West Side, Williamsburg.

This ad is sponsored in honor of Eli Bryski, keep up your amazing work saving lives!

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I’m so confused since there is a joint number. And then each division has their own. Is it joint or not ?

Regardless all amazing


Each chapter is running their own campaign. And the main number is from all the campaigns together.


The number is joint but you give towards your local chapter.

Very nice program going on on united for protection.com I’m waiting for the shofar of Moshiach and the revelation of Hashem’s kingship over all creation!


I don’t see Williamsburg


You’re not permitted to listen to music until the morning. Around a bonfire celebrating the yartzeit of Rav Shimon bar Yochai is the only halachic exception, period. I’m shocked they would have a concert tonight


It’s not music, its recorded music. Ask you LOR


What’s your source for not listening to music on the night of?


Dave, do you know of a single rabbi that allows recorded music during sefira or the 3 weeks? If yes, then go ahead. I’ve never heard that one before.


There are MANY that do. I’m not saying you should but just pointing out that there are many that do.


Moe, see Chelkas Yaakov 1:62, Rav Yaakov Breisch’s opinion. Also please see opinion of Rav Mordechai Willig. Of course there are certain parameters and situations which permit or discourage it, but there are certainly valid thoughts on recorded music during sefirah.


See Orech Chaim siman pay tzadik

Avigdor Schmeltzer

@Dave see Yoreh Daeh chelek vav simon yud. As well as the Tor and chosen mishpat in footnote


@mOE There are poskim that hold the night before is considered Yom Tov and you are allowed to listen to music.


YM, Rav shmuel kaminetzky shlita in his Sefer kobetz halachos says he sees no justification for music lag baomer night. YM, why in the world should music be different than shaving/haircuts that is clearly assur at night as stated clearly in the Rama siman 493, 2??


Let’s back up a moment:

Where does it say in Shulchan Oruch that music during sefira is prohibited? (Please don’t bring me a Sefer or person from the last 200 years. I’m talking about a universal source, if you get what I mean.)

Besides all the rabbi’s that allow this year music during sefira due to Corona…

Think of the safek pekuach nefesh!


you’re right it says in shulchan aruch that music is ALWAYS assur. People have pushed the limits of heterim over the last while. At least dring sefira the minhag has been not to be meikel so even without saying anything it is assur.


Which Rabbis said that during Corona it is ok to listen to music? Someone told me about a Psak from R’ Herschel SHECHTER shlit’a, so I looked it up. He says that someone who is Depressed because of coronavirus can listen to music if it will help with their depression. Which isn’t a ‘chiddush’ as I would assume that that would also apply to anyone who’s depressed even not from Coronavirus.