A New Year. A New And Healthier You? Find Out How United Refuah HealthShare Can Help You!

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New Year. A New and Healthier You?

Thinking of getting healthy and/or cutting costs in 2019? You’re not alone. According to a recent article on Inc.com, top New Year’s resolutions include health and savings goals. But unfortunately, 2019 is only bringing legal changes and rising costs to the rapidly shifting healthcare landscape.

With the elimination of the Individual Mandate of the Affordable Care Act, the membership pool of traditional healthcare system is predicted to become sicker and older, driving higher premiums. That’s because older people are more likely to stick with the system, while younger, healthier people are willing to swallow the risk.
Moreover, while the United States spends drastically more on healthcare than other industrialized countries, people are not healthier. When you compare one of the indicators of healthcare, such as life expectancy, alongside per capita costs, we rank very poorly – between the 30th and 40th in the world!

It’s no wonder then, that the first and only Jewish health-sharing organization, United Refuah HealthShare, is steadily gaining traction – with growing membership in 28 states!

As a non-profit organization, United Refuah HealthShare operates with a low administrative overhead. After the first two months of membership, 86% of each member’s funds goes directly to share medical expenses. Members commit to living healthier lifestyles which generally results in fewer medical incidences, lower costs per medical incident, and much more rapid recoveries. The advisory services offered through United Refuah HealthShare assist members in navigating the healthcare system, to enable members to utilize the best combination of quality and price. And finally, members do not share the expenses for procedures that run contrary to members’ values or are unnecessary.

In addition to sharing in eligible medical expenses, United Refuah HealthShare also offers members complimentary unlimited access to telemedicine with board certified physicians – 24 hours a day. Moreover, members benefit from significant savings on prescriptions, dental services, vision care, and durable medical equipment.

But United Refuah HealthShare is not just about savings. At its core, United Refuah is a thriving community of like-minded people freely supporting one another. Furthermore, it is based on the moral and Torah principles that it is an inherent obligation for members to maintain their health and wellness and to promote the best life possible for themselves and their families.

For more information or to become a member, visit UnitedRefuahHS.org or call 440.772.0700.

United Refuah HealthShare is not an insurance company and does not offer insurance.

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It sounds good. However, I’m a little skeptical about its legitimacy and trustworthiness. Can I, as a father of a family, rely on them in case of an emergency? Wouldn’t it collapse one day?

I would really like to know a little more about this organization.


Read their fine print and if really unsure you should ask a lawyer to translate any clauses. I think there are some absolute limitations with their plan


the 3 big things that i understood from reading the fine print is
1) pre-existing conditions have coverage limitations
2)limit of 1 million per occurrence
3) if you are very reckless i don’t think they cover i think a example given is bungee jumping -if you are hurt bungee jumping i don’t think they cover


Why not per Child + $50, why should someone with one 1 child required to pay the same amount as someone with 4 children?

Each person cost a certain amount of doctor visits why ask a small family to subsidize a larger family, that will only deter smaller families from signing up with this program.


David, to be fair most employer-sponsored health insurance plans have plans based on associate only, associate+ spouse, associate+ children, and associate+ family. Doesn’t matter if you have 1 kid of 8 kids.

Ma nishtana

My family joined and I love the professionalism of the organization. Bills were paid promptly and explained very well