New! Daily 60-Second Clips On Overcoming The Challenges Of Parenting

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From the renowned educator and parent mentor Rabbi Yakov Horowitz, comes his latest project to help parents worldwide raise successful, self-confident, well-adjusted children in these challenging times.

Follow Bright Beginnings, a new platform where Rabbi Horowitz will draw on his forty years in education, as well as his work in child-abuse prevention and teens-at-risk, to provide insight and practical advice about parenting with daily, under-a-minute clips.

Get advice on:

  • How to understand your teens
  • Keeping your children safe
  • Dealing with the challenges kids face

And more!

All in 60-second videos delivered to you every day on Instagram or WhatsApp.

Follow on Instagram @brightbeginningsforum or send the message “subscribe” to +1 845 540-2414 – to get a daily WhatsApp video!

Become the parent you strive to be. Rabbi Horowitz’s daily videos will give you the tools you need. Follow now!

Instagram: @brightbeginningsforum

WhatsApp: Message “SUBSCRIBE” to +1 845 540-2414

Join today and be inspired!

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