Need An Uber And Don’t Have A Smartphone?

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With Tremp you can order an Uber anywhere in the USA or Canada by text using our fully automated system. Text the word DansDeals to 732-799-6001 for more information.

Key Features: 
  • Fully automated so no need to wait on the phone to speak with someone.
  • Get text updates with the location of your ride.
  • Save your favorite locations.

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31 Comments On "Need An Uber And Don’t Have A Smartphone?"

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No smartphone ?? So how they will see this ad ??

Yes it’s a joke


On a PC, like I just did?















Uncle Runkle



Honest question, who is this service for? I imagine folks without a smartphone would just call a car service…


A lot of twenage kids call their parents with smart phones to order then an uber etc.


For those who live in the blessed world of “No-Smartphone Land”, like our holy Avreichim and others who have chosen to try to live without the distractions and filth of the outside world, this service is a huge help to them. Ubers are cheaper and quicker than car services.


many times your local car service is cheaper then Uber.


Many times not.


I use it every day going & coming from work it works fast (with saved location)
& Wonderful! proud & happy not to use smartphone


Moe, you may not have realized, but you’ve just proven yourself conflicted. You mention “try to live without the distractions and filth of the outside world”. If that were the case, then any facet (or app) related to a smartphone is “filth”, including Uber, YU Torah Shiurim, Torah Anytime, Siddur app, Waze, MyZmanim, and email applications. Costs and time shouldn’t be an issue, because avoiding filth should be considered priceless and preventable with adding some extra thought and time, am I right? I’ll conclude with something I heard in a shiur recently. There are people who find a Pasul sefer Torah, and insists on burying the whole Torah. While others determine, let me bury (repair) only the damaged/Pasul section, and continue to benefit from this sefer Torah. Moe, you taught us a beautiful lesson. Let’s not throw out the entire Sefer Torah. Let’s not dispose of every aspect of technology which can ultimately bring us closer to Tefilah, Lomdus, or preparation for our day. {I don’t have a kosher phone or filter, but there are plenty on the market; remarked by reputable Rabbonim). In the meanwhile, please dial an airport car service for your needs

Liam K. Nuj

Moe only said that he and others have “chosen to try to live without the distractions and filth of the outside world.”
You, Donald, took that statement and created a whole Bar Mitzvah pshetl that Moe must then be of the opinion that EVERYTHING on the internet, including Torah sites, are also “filth”. Moe intimated no such thing.

Just no



Look’s like someone got insulted…. Lot’s of us have smartphones, but we can all agree that living without one is better, even if you have the most kosher and filtered one!


That’s quite the megillas nonsense!!
Seems like your phone isn’t the only thing unfiltered…


Wow! I actually just listened to an interview with Shimon Kolyakov, Co-founder Torah Anytime, and he states clearly, [
1:40:40] “and we always tell people, don’t get a smartphone because of Torah Anytime” and also “when someone tells me they don’t have a smartphone, i ask them for a Bracha”.

A plumber does great things for people, but he gets dirty. There’s plenty of good things to use technology for, but please don’t confuse something good with not possibly being filthy.




Smartphones are distracting, period. A better idea is to keep a filtered or restricted smartphone with the basic conveniences (Waze, banking, etc), besides your regular flip phone.
And even better of course is to keep only a flip phone. In rare cases where people actually really need a smartphone to help other people (or more rare than people think, for business needs), they are effectively giving up their Menuchas Hanefesh for that cause (not saying it’s good or bad but that will be the tradeoff).


used it its really fast and easy!
just wish there would be a way to use amex uber credits


if uber will be cheaper/ more available


Is there an extra charge for this service




10% surcharge minimum $2




Text the word DansDeals to 732-799-6001 for more information.