Day 103: Moishy Is Still Missing, Help His Parents Pay For Private Investigators, Support Search Volunteers, And More

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Day 103: Moishy Is Still Missing, Help His Parents Pay For Private Investigators, Support Search Volunteers, And More

Please open your heart and donate now.

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A person of interest was recently released on house arrest.

Watch his parents here.

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34 Comments On "Day 103: Moishy Is Still Missing, Help His Parents Pay For Private Investigators, Support Search Volunteers, And More"

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Is this real?

Erika Hamilton

It’s a real advertisement.


I thought I read an article they arrested someone involved in this case.


they did arrest someone involved. police pays all expenses, why collecting funds? any sad event is an opportimity to ask for funds? what for? governement pays for search and has so many staff + dogs combing , many frum volunteers, why tzadaka? what for?

I love kleenex

Parents still need money.


Until a little more then a week ago there was no search even though they have been begging for a police search. Police only got involved due to intense political pressure. Police havent paid for anything. The only searching was being done by private investigators and private search and rescue companies. That costs alot of money. Alot of money.


Dan- do you ensure that these tzedaka situations are legitimate?

I love kleenex

No. They pay money to advertise. It’s not Dan’s responsibility to look into them.


Israel police say it’s suspected as crime. Not terror . Arrest has been made . Not a terror related .


I’m not affiliated but from what I read this kid has been missing for 3 months the police did nothing the parents
Only after the parents hired private detective etc did the police take it seriously … They arrested a few individuals but as far as we know the case is not yet resolved


From what I read in the Ami magazine, it seems like the police are not working full force, sort of on the back burner. The family is trying to pay for private investigators to speed the process.


You read in in the Ami magazine. Is that supposed to mean we can assume the opposite is true.


Not anymore
Am reading dally Israeli paper n watched mother on tv. She says police does all
Why talking when you don’t know ?


Now she is saying that. The police hadn’t moved until a week ago. I am familiar with the family and they have been begging for help for 3 months already… police had done nothing until the news and politics forced them to.


Someone very close to the family said he is not missing but rather cut off connection with his parents, because he is not religious. I’ve actually heard from a few people who know him he is not frum and older than they are saying he is. Weird that they would portray him a certain way and out out pictures of a boy he now looks absolutely nothing like, if he was truly missing.
Even if It was all true, I find it very odd to ask for so much money and also ask for quick donations without saying what it is needed for
Too much doesn’t add up here. They are not telling an accurate story


I agree with you EsDe, something doesn’t seem right.


-Just curious who “someone very close to the family” is?
-If he cut off ties but is not missing the police would’ve said so and would not be looking for him.
-Whether frum or not he is still Jewish and is very possibly in danger so you are still michuyiv to help.
-If he changed his look his face would still be very similar especially with his scar.
-They can’t say what it’s for due to the judge putting a gag order on the case.
-Instead of making more problems just help other yidden and help bring moshiach.

John Beckingham

Agreed that something doesn’t add up here at all.


Why bother with facts “if someone very close to the family said”?
Unfortunately I’m very familiar with rumors & I learned that most of them even from thought to be reliable sources are usually untrue.


I wouldn’t give to this.


you should learn from the almost 50k people who donated for this cause!
They asked for 500k (not sure for what) but people have given over 2.5M and counting!


Wow that’s amazing! Very different stories and causes but remarkable


I guess lack of life insurance isn’t exclusive to the frum community


Nobody is forcing you to give, but what need to you see to turn other people off?

6pack joe

Sounds like another madoff scheme.


i dont think that they kidnapped him for money, i think it was for much worse reasons…


Such as?


Although I agree something is off whether frum or not he is missing and the parents need money to pay for pi’s


what if this is a real cause for people who need real money? What if because someone read your post they decided not to give? I dont know anything about this and I am not offering an opinion. The only opinion I offer is that if you dont have first hand information you should stay quiet. That goes for most things, not just for this. Especially if what you say could possible bring harm to someone else.

John Beckingham

Who’s paying to advertise for this cause?


What is the money actually needed for and why a deadline in the earlier ads?


The police The parents hired a private investigator to search for the boy. even now that the police is halfheartedly doing some searching, they have the private investigator doing his own work and dozens of volunteers combing through the forests around Meron (where the boy was last seen).


I have no knowledge of this family and their situation other than press reports.
I can say that from the word go I suspected that this is a child trying to leave the situation. I have confidence that when he is found IYH safe there will be a rush to protect his privacy and no answers.
I have seen situations like this in frum families in E.Y.


Police pays all expenses?! Absolutely Not! The family is using private investigators after the police was dragging thr matter and didn’t take it serious enough. Moreover, they need to pay part of the volunteers expenses it includes food supplies and accomodations. If someone doesn’t won’t to donate that’s perfectly fine but please don’t spread misinformation.